Roleplay of the Zerg, take 2

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*The Undermind is nearing his journey. He knows that when it is done, the zerg will be unstoppable.*

Undermind: Almost.....there...

*The Undermind suddenly roars back to life, and quickly seizes the Argus Stone, using it to revive The Overmind*

Overmind: Behold, my long silence is now broken, and I am made whole once more. The Argus Stone now lies within our clutches, and with it's power, we shall be able to forge an endless number of armies, and endless number of soldiers, and an endless number of zerg. We shall not stop until the entire universe is devoured by our swarm. Arise, my children.

*The Overmind uses the Argus Stone to make billions of Leviathans, each one teeming with billions of Zerg. The Overmind sends them to destroy Khalazar and his armada.*

Undermind: What if the armada loses. The casualties would be greater than ever before.

Overmind: With the Argus Stone within my possession, our new armada is merely a scouting party in comparison to the infinity of Zerg I shall soon unleash.

*These words mean one thing: The Zerg MIGHT be the dominant faction in the roleplay.*
*Already, massive zerg armadas, big enough to be swarms of their own, invade neighboring galaxies, beginning an age of Universal conquest for the zerg. The infinite fleets begin to rapidly assimilate the dominant predators of the planets they invade, growing the swarm with every moment. Within the fleets are many Zerg/Flood and Zerg/Tyranid hybrids, reminding us that the Flood and Tyranids were both assimilated by the swarm. Because the flood, zerg and tyranids were powerful and terrifying by themselves, imagine a combination of all 3. Thus, The Zerg Swarm officially ascends to the name spoken by the Overmind during the Fall of Aiur: The Eternal Swarm has been Born.*

Note: This means the Zerg Swarm faction is now The Eternal Swarm, because of it's genetic purity and virtually infinite troops.
Hivemind: Hmmmm the zerg are becoming strong.
Is Anuzarg even doing the roleplay anymore?
*Having completed it's ultimate mission, The Overmind returns to Zerus and creates a nest on top of Zurvan's remains. The Overmind then uses the Argus stone to make the swarm three times larger than before. An endless stream of zerg emerge from the stone and colonize every planet in their path. The Zerg Collective spreads so far, The Overmind's sight and other senses spread across the infinite cosmos. Nothing can stop them now.*
Except maybe a plot twist
Reminder: The Flood and Tyranids were both assimilated by the Zerg Swarm when the Overmind devoured the Gravemind and when one of the Hive-Fleets was consumed by the Essence Collecter. That doesn't mean the Tyranids are all enslaved by the Overmind. The Overmind just has their Genetic coding.
*On Zerus, The Overmind is having a major evolutionary growth spurt, growing rabidly in intelligence and power as more and more races are assimilated into The Eternal Swarm. The Overmind is going into a dormant state of metamorphosis so that it's evolution can go more smoothly. While the Overmind rests, The Undermind leads the zerg in their invasion of the Universe.*
Hello ?
A Xel'Naga relic hidden in galaxy HR-287-rd, third arm, fires a beam into every black hole in the universe, creating massive explosions of the same energy from the relic used to deinfest Kerrigan, destroying al Zerg except a lucky few on the occasional random planet, turned feral by the death of all but one higher Zerg creature, an overlord, whose capabilities are not nearly powerful enough to control more than a few Zerg.
Ahhhhh, TYRANIDS!!!!!!! We have a problem.......
Have you considered joining the rest of the roleplaying community here in JRB? We'd be glad to have you all.
I am only going to do one, as my time is limited and I do want to still play regular SC2. I am already applying to one RP, and that is enough for me.
I knew about you, Maverick. I meant the others.
Ok. Was not sure.
Undermind, contact Anuzarg to get him back into the roleplay NOW!
Okay, first of all, if you want me to do something. don't tell me to do it. Ask politely. Secound of all, if you want something done, do it yourself! Besides, I don't know how to find Anuzarg.
Ok, sry bout that, I have a idea! Add Anuzarg as a friend and if he is on ask him if he would like to come back to the roleplay while i ask Kani! So we could do that as we can be on a different times.
How do I add Anuzarg as a friend?

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