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Project Unity: In the later years of Earth, the Moon was moving away at a drastic pace. Soon, Earth's tides were getting to uncontrollable, that humans had to do something. This something was moving the moon, back into place. The project consisted of installing 5 Vespene powered engines on sides of the moon to bring it back into its place from the 21st century era. They would get the gas from a large group of people from the Koprulu, considering Humanity had no where else to go in that sector seeing it was just a wasteland from all the wars at this point.

They had representatives of remaining factions of humanity come to show how humanity can unite once more to save their home. The ship they came on attracted mass amounts of Zerg due to the concentration of the precious gas. The Zerg, also attracted Protoss, seeing that they wanted to cleanse them. The factions land, and create outposts on the moon, to get ready for the operation, because this had just now became a defense mission for them. Of all the factions, the NR seemed to be the main force aside from the United Humanity Alliance.

After a few years had passed, the operation was ready to commence. The Protoss and Zerg had lost, and humanity would recuperate and thrive once more.
Or so they thought.
The thrusters were uncontrollably powerful. They had found out later that most of the Vespene had actually been Terrazine, and the ratio to Terrazine - Vespene was 10terrazine -1 grams of vespene gas.

The concentration of the Terrazine caused almost all personnel to go insane, and things had only gotten worse. They managed to turn off the engines, but most of the operators were ravaged by the Zerg or the insane humans, for the majority of the Protoss had decided the moon would destroy the coming infestation. They were wrong.

The impact was slowed just enough, that the moon instead, merged with earth, it is now like a tumor on the face of the Earth, gaining parts of the Earth's characteristics, but not naturally.

Biomes were together, and animal species were mixed. The impact zone had become a dark spot on the faces of the moon and Earth. This area has not been explored, and it should never be explored. They say that when things walk in there, they come out the other side twisted, and mutated...

There was also many ancient structures that were underground, and have been revealed from the moons new features. Teams who went inside never came out...

Many camps were destroyed, and after the years, the (Labeled: Sins) insane men had built camps, and even bases, or just took over the ones they had found. They destroyed any remaining humanity left on Earth and the Moon. (God knows how it is on the face of our home).

I, Doctor Yanato, write this report on the Project: Unity. As the biggest mistake in human history. To anyone who finds this log. Please know. There is no hope for our corrupted race. I will see you in hell.

-Doctor Roushi Yanato

The year is 5978. The Protoss and the Zerg have been dormant for centuries after the Tribes Conflict, the Epic Wars, and the Damnation Age. Humanity is "In deep crap" currently. All factions have collapsed, and resources are thin. This time has been entitled as the Dark Epoch. Very few planets are hospitable, colonies are hard to be sustained, and people live in lives that were previously beyond inhumane, but is now the standard. De-Evolution is an understatement.
As the Sins have become the majority of humanity left, the few who have their mild smidgens of sanity, and humanity, are all that is left for humanity. A small group of people, this group are descendants of once great peoples in the time of mankind's golden age. They can be humanities salvation, or mankind's damnation.
This is Their Story.
Name: Kristina
Build: Light
Descendant: None. Clone product of Alexander Thalmus, little-known thief, assassin and psionic.
Description: Thin, stands around 5’ 8”. Little is known about appearance, as she remains in her suit all the time.
Suit has thin, slanted red eyes with no easily visible mouth or nose. Armor appears black or a very dark brown, lining the fore-arms, chest, and shins. No signs of personal symbols or a kill tally. Designed more for function over form.
Starting Gear: Virus Explosive Rifle, Sigma HE Suit with OCELOT Gauntlets*, C-5L Submachine Gun
Skills: Electrokinentic, charge given by suit; Telepathy; Infiltration; Assassination; Scouting
Backstory: ”The best assassin and thief is not the mostly famous, but the least-well known.”
These were the first words heard when Kristina, fourth clone of assassin Alexander Thalmus, was able to understand, and the one which comes closest to the original, with most of the other clones either dying early or finding life in a less deadly and less violent role. Trained from almost the moment she left the cloning tube, she prefers isolation and observation over working in large groups; however, she accepts any aid given, knowing that the original didn’t always work alone.

*OCELOT Gauntlets allow users to climb vertical surfaces and even remain stationary on a wall, or even leap from one wall to the other to climb. OCELOT Gauntlets also feature a built-in electric shock unit, modifiable at the discretion of the user.
Name: Jerus Joranis

Race: Terran

Body build: Lithe, muscular

Descendant: Joranis, Jericho Joranis-First Blood Letter

Description: Jerus is a member of the Blood Letters, a group of people who use blood based powers and drink the blood of a slain foe, increasing their power. When on a blood covered battle field, they could absorb the blood to give them a temporary boost in power or heal wounds faster. He and other Blood Letters were fighting to protect their sanctuary on the planet of Hellna when Jerus was called away. Is somewhat blood thirsty and always looking for a good fight. Prefers solitude by will work with others if necessary. Don't interrupt him during his training or rituals or you might find yourself a bit bruised and bloodied. Wears black and blood red armor with small spikes on the shoulders and a skull shaped helmet. When not wearing the helmet, his hair is white with blood red eyes.

Skills: Master hand to hand combatant, expert marksman, blade master, and bloodmancer

Weapon: Spritus Raptor, a double sided scythe that allows for focus bloodmancer attacks (Think Darksiders 2), Mortifer, a machine pistol that fires life draining rounds.
Character Name: Oraia Raynor
Race: Terran (part zerg) [NOT infested]
Build: athletic (Light-Average)
Descendent: Jimmy Raynor and Sarah Kerrigan
Description: Oraia has a few zerg tendrils entwined with her fiery red medium length hair (think HotS Kerrigan but with her normal hair as well and fewer tendrils) which she keeps tied back in a pony tail. She stands about 5’5”, has brown eyes, lightly tanned skin, a mark of Erini on her left shoulder blade [] and has a psi index of 10.
Personality: Oraia is a bit laid back but will follow orders, shy around people she doesn’t know, once she gets to know someone she is very friendly and hates the zerg even when she controls them.
Starting Gear: Modified Warp Sword, Assault Rifle[] and missing a few plates on the chest and limbs.
Skills: Mechanic, Psionic. Survival Skills, mixed martial arts, infiltration, field repairs, rapid regeneration, control zerg, telekinesis and telepathy
Backstory: Born aboard the Hyperion III.


Name: Nathaniel Minerv

Build: Nathaniel is rather lithe, but still muscular, placing him at a medium build.

Descendant: Nathaniel's ancestor is Kayla Minerv and an unknown man.

Description: Nathaniel has a skinny build but good muscle mass. His hair is a dark brown, stylized rather neat and short. HIs eyes are a deep green colour. His skin is pale from lack of UV ray exposure. He lacks a mustache or beard. He stands at a respectable 5' 11".

Starting Gear: Traditional looking Tachi made of a well refined substance suitable for combat in the days of Neo Steel and Ultralisk carapace. Nathaniel is also equipped with a 10mm Semi-Automatic Burst Scoped Rifle, allowing for him to have range.

As for armour: However there is slightly more actually a little bit more armour than there is there, leaving mainly just joints open, and covered in a tight psi-weave found in the suits of Ghosts and Spectres. Oh, and lose second set of arms.

Skills: Psionic capabilities, especially gifted in augmentation and pyrokinesis. He is a decent shot and expert melee specialist.

Backstory: I really don't feel like coming up for him right now. Perhaps another time.

Name: Oswald Harrolds

Build: Oswald has a very light build.

Descendant: A battlefield commander who took part in the defensive against the Protoss and Zerg during Project Unity.


Starting Gear: A BOSUN FN92 Rifle that has been modified to be made more powerful and relevant. Oswald also has a high caliber revolver in case of closer situations.

He is clad in an old Hostile Environment Suit.

Skills: Masterful marksman and tracker.

Backstory: Again, don't feel like it right now.
Name: Jeremiah Williams-Smith (Goes by Zeb)

Build: Medium

Descendant: Distantly related to Alexander Williams, the first Commander-in-Chief of the New Republic's military.

Description: A solid 6 feet tall, Zeb has short cropped dirty blond hair and sharp hazel eyes. Wears standard military clothes (camo cargo pants, teeshirt, combat boots, fingerless work gloves)

Starting Gear:
- Omni modrifle: A fully modifiable energy gun that can go from an anti-infantry carbine to an anti-tank rifle in 30 seconds, providing that one has all the correct parts that is. Zeb's OMR will come with a pulse barrel, reflex sights and a stock. (Other parts include: flechette barrel, mag barrel, power amp, sniper scope and other tactical gear)

- Mil-spec Omni-tool: The modern military man's Swiss Army Knife.

- Med-kit

- Stealth combat armor: A suit of light combat armor that is made with sound-dampening materials and has a smart-camo paint. (a color-changing paint that automatically adopts the colors of the surrounding area.

Skills: Field medicine, Marksmanship, Survivalist, Infiltration, other military & utility training.

Backstory: A NR combat medic and later a spec ops commando...



Name: Donovan "Don" Iver

Build: Medium

Descendant: The legendary midnight vigilante Rowan Iver and his wife Lola Avaja.

Description: Donovan is 25 and stands at 6', with a build that is expected of a 25 year old man. He has black rustled hair and hazel eyes, and prefers to wear a black cloak that covers his body. Underneath it is a utility belt that holds several important items.

Donovan is sometimes dramatic, and shares Rowan Iver's love of heroism and justice. However, in this doomed age, even Donovan has had to come to accept the harsh realities of the world they lived in a bit more.

Starting Gear: Donovan prefers to rely on his psionics and cover for most protection, favoring speed. He wears a light bulletproof vest as well as some padding, and wears a flameproof black cloak that he can sometimes toss at his enemies to surprise them.

Donovan possesses a pair of submachine guns that can be wielded each with one hand and a pair of stun knuckles that emit up to millions of volts of electricity per punch, easily killing in one swipe.

He also has a utility belt that has 4 smoke grenades to create some confusion.

Skills: Donovan greatest strength is his fighting skills. Every martial-art he found "street-worthy" he picked up and mastered.

Donovan was gifted with Psionic powers from Lola Avaja who was a potential ghost, and although it not in the same league as the strongest psionics he possesses a form of psychokinesis that allows him to prevent gunfire for a quick instance, allowing him to get in close with his knuckle tasers.

Backstory: When his home city rioted in the face of what seemed like the end of the Earth, Rowan Iver, an accomplished engineer and martial artist, set out to fix the city himself. Drawing inspiration from his fictional childhood heroes, he donned a dark-colored costume and hunted criminals by night using his martial-arts prowess and his own inventions. Even generations later, people recognize the name of Rowan.

Donovan's upbringing was far more bleak, as in his time now humanity seems doomed for extinction, yet he grew up believing that if he could live up to the name of Rowan, he could save humanity.
Characters Continued:
Name: Kain "Korozain" Orin

Build: Light

Descendant: Orin Family, Zein "Korozain" Orin, Shade Gheist Legend

Description: Tall, moderately muscled. Black, short spiked hair. (Uses a natural tree sap for "hairgel") Dark Tan skin, mild facial hair (thin beard around mouth). Wears a thin, durable metal obsidian like armor. Armor is ornate, and a sacred model to the Orin Family. His sword is holstered on his back.
Personality wise, he is very distant from other people but once he trusts you, he'll speak to you. He tends to tell jokes a lot, mainly very dark sense of humor. Mercy, love, compassion. All are lost concepts to him. Known mental issues in the past...
Sword: (Like this pretty much but more like a straight katana)

Skills: Dark Arts, long melee weapons(staffs or spears) Marksmanship, Agile.
[Dark Arts is a fighting style used by psionics of the Shade Gheists that normally involves kicks or joint(like elbows and knees) attacks, also allows the fighter to use a dark energy and cast attacks (requires a lot of energy and willpower to do.]
Weapon: Family blade, Ebonsteel katana (4 1/2 ft. long blade), SGMR-14 Rifle, capable of Burst, Full, and semi-automatic fire. Can be loaded with a variety of ammunition, when in full auto, fire rate increase is significant, but velocity lowers, and vice versa for semi auto fire.

Background: Kain is the descendant of the founder of the Republic of Zerin's renowned yet shrouded society of assassins and soldiers of the darkness, the Shade Gheists. Kain was easily noted as the man's kin. His finesse in battle showed a kind of grace, one would see in nature, but more the savagery of a killer. Kain is known to be distant but very blunt and truthful. But he knows common respect. To those he considers friend, he can be a very kind soul to, but to anyone marked an enemy. They will not live for long...
You will start in 3 different regions. Behind a few large hills and rock formations(tundra). A boreal forest, blanketed in snow. And a marsh area.

Weather you start near a crash site of some site, or just wake up is up to you.

You may now post.
Do we all have amnesia, or is that optional?
OOC: You all have amnesia. Forgot to bring that up, yes, you all will not remember anything about yourselves except your name, but barely.
01/20/2014 06:55 PMPosted by Korozain
A boreal forest, blanketed in snow.

Waking up with a groan, I prop myself up on one elbow and wipe my faceplate clean, the world slowly coming into focus.
...snow & trees... and lots of it... everywhere...
Slowly getting to my feet, I roll my shoulder and take a look around. Behind me sits the gently smoldering wreak of some aircraft and a pair of skid marks in the snow sliding away from it. One lead to where I was standing, the other one went past me and into a shallow snowdrift at the base of tree...

To whomever.

For what Zeb's armor looks roughly like:

Something like that but the whole thing changes color depending on where he is. (white for a snow environ)
I groan and shift slightly, a thin layer of snow falling off my back and arms. "Uggh ... what the hell?" I murmur to myself as I slowly groggily open my eyes and pull myself to my feet. I was surrounded by trees and snow on all sides. Though there was a charred wreck not far away with a number of downed trees under and around it. As I survey my surroundings and slowly head toward the wreck a fuzzy static filled HUD pops up flashing numerous warnings.

Warning: Armor integrity low.
Main armor: 10%
Synth-Weave suit 75%
Warning: Suit Temperature low.
Warning: Suit power 25% switching to power saver.
Warning: Ammo Capacity low: one clip remaining

OOC: for the hud think Iron Man 1 where he is fighting with Obidia(not sure how to spell it meh) and his Arc reactor is on low and everything is spasming out. also can remove the warning stuff if you want koro
Kristina climbs out of her pod, the crash only making her dizzy before she quickly recovers. She looks around, eyeing the swampy grounds and the muted sounds of creatures. A smell reaches her, although the suit filters most of it out and identifies it. It bleated at her, displaying the information but she dismisses it, already knowing a dead lizard was burnt and crushed close by, floating on water.

She pulls her SMG out of the pod, collected several dirty grey clips and putting them in pockets. She sets the SMG on the pod, and pulls out her Virus Rifle. She looks at it for a moment, unable to remember how she knew the name, or why she was down on the planet. She coldly filters the thought away, gathering the rest of the ammo and holstering the rifle on her back. She grabs the SMG, and clicks the safety off.

She opens up a new display, showing that the water wouldn't be healthy to drink. Well, of course. And here I was hoping that it would be spring water. She thinks to herself, turning away from the pod and toward the trees. Kristina holsters the SMG as well, then climbs up to the top of the tree, looking around to get the lay of the land and to find a taller tree.
Spotting an armored figure stagger free of the snow, I head over in their direction, waving;
"Hey! I see I'm not the only one who survived the crash!"
erm if that is to oraia she wasn't in a snow bank ... just laying face down in the snow ... and she's in the forest area ... I saw no mention of the forest in your last post war ... just saying ...
I went off of the snow and crashed ship in your post, thats all. I can change either of my posts if you want.
I mentioned trees like ... five times in that post ... meh I'd honestly change the second one ... unless you want them to start in the same area then I'd change your original a bit ... but I don't really care
IC: I wake up to drops of water landing on my forehead. I'm in a pod of some kind. Buttons, gauges and meters everywhere, and a bit of water is seeping through.
Where am I...? I look to the left and see a blinking icon. [WATER], and below it a Depth Meter shows -10 meters.

Am I underwater? I won-
My thought is broken by more water starting to pour into the pod. As a sudden reflex I hit a button to my right and the pod bursts open, and the belts crossing my chest release and I swim to the surface, seeing I'm in a kind of marsh area. I hear something near me, and draw the sword on my back. When I calm down, I think of what just happened, how I became so alert. I look at the armor I'm wearing.

Who am I?

OOC: If you start in the same biome as someone, you will eventually meet up at some point. And do try to make it abundantly clear, just want to say that to everyone.
Edited my first post. Don't see the point in starting by one's self. RPs without char interaction die quickly.
I stop and turn the warp blade on my wrist sputtering to life for a moment before dying out. Another warning pops up.
Blade generator disabled. please re-align emitter.
I grumble about all the warnings but sigh and look over at the other person. "Hi ... erm ... sorry about ... what ever I just did you startled me." I shiver a little as another warning beeps about the temperature dropping below recommended safe levels.
Flipping up my faceplate, I give the other person a careful look;
"You look like hell, or at least your armor does."
I state, offering her a handshake;
I pause mid sentence, stopping to remember my name;
...Jeremiah Williams-Smith... just say Zeb, so much simpler...
"I ... O-Oraia ..." I shake his hand a little warily. "C-can we move inside? I think there's something wrong with my armor's environmental controls ..." I say, gesturing to the crashed ship, before suddenly getting a bit confused about what I just said.
I jolted upwards, startled and alert. Where ever I was, it was extremely moist, the ground was like a sponge. The bulrushes were sticking from the ground, the wind rustling them, causing a sound similar to a rain stick. A stunning realization came to fruition. I had been so surprised I had not noticed this at first, I had no recollection of my past. The only thing I could find about myself was a single memory. Although this memory was blurry and trying to decipher it was like trying to read the words in a low quality image. It was near impossible to decipher. Even without being able to see it, I knew it must have been my name. Pronouncing it as I attempted to figure it out was really starting to help. "Na..." the sound went on as I tried to find the rest. Whenever I screwed up, I knew it, if only because it did not feel familiar to my tongue. "Nad-, damn it, no..." Persistent in trying to figure it out, I continued. "Nath... Yeah... Nath..." With knowing only that I gave up, the sun had already moved in the sky and I couldn't sit there all day trying to find out my name. I was oblivious to the dangers out there.

Having pushed myself up to my feet, which was surprisingly hard due to the soft ground, I began looking for shelter. That was the first thing I needed. Judging from the full feeling in my stomach, I could survive a while without food, and there was water all around me. It was a marshy landscape, that ensured there would be plenty of wildlife here anyways. Quickly I began scouring, but there was no where to hide in this landscape. With a sigh I moved towards on of the few patches of trees here. The tree's weren't very thick or tall, but they would have to do for now. I could like fashion a roof from the grasses and bulrushes around the area, perhaps get a bit of walling up through the other tree patches, easily done using the blade I carried at my side. Something I knew was called a Tachi. I wasn't entirely thrilled about damaging the ecosystem, as it could cause a loss of some potential food, but I needed a way to shelter myself from the elements.

I could see the smoke in the distance, but I would rather have a definite residence up before I went exploring. Besides, I had already been strewing together some bulrushes, I wasn't gonna leave a job half assed. After I had all the other more important tasks done, I would probably do this again whenever I was free for a solid floor and something to do.
= = = = =

Oswald found himself hanging upside down out of a tree when he came to, Shaking his head Oswald looked up to find himself tangled up in a parachute that had gotten itself stuck into a tree. The only thought going through his mind at that particular moment was something like, Seriously, a parachute? Why would I choose a parachute to come down here? Is someone playing a cruel joke? He sighed, pulling the revolver from its sheath and begins to fire away at the string. Oswald, clearly not expecting to hit so quickly, plummeted towards the ground, barely able to twist his body in time to land on his side, to reduce the damage as much as possible. With the pain coursing through his body he yells out, "GOD DAMN IT!"

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