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Kristina looks at the ship, and says "Maybe. I don't know how far I ran when the rocks fell. Sure seemed like a long distance." She picks up the pace, keeping with Nathe, occasionally looking at him to check to make sure he wasn't going to drop anytime soon.
Stretching my arms out, I appraise the area around us, noting the many small craters created by the falling meteors before looking at the ship. "You know, I'm honestly gonna have to say we move on and find new shelter. That metal can't take another pelting."
I nod, sizing up the land next to Jerus;
"That, and the wreak isn't going to stay warm much longer... The only question is this; Which direction do we go? North or south?"
I rolled my eyes at her worry of me. It wasn't anything lethal, just, painful. Maybe a little bad for my left arm, but it wasn't gonna kill me. I hear the voice as we end up near the crash. "North or South?"

"Depends on whether you want to freeze or not. I approached from the South and there was some sort of marsh down there." I answer to the person who was completely unaware of my presence, or existence as I clamber over a small snow drift.
Ignoring the person who'd just spoke, I point south. "I came from the north and all there was was rock outcroppings and snow. South is probably the best thing to do at this point. Or we could go west or east."
I nod, heading back in to grab the food;
"South it is then."
"So you're going to ignore east and west? Any reason for that?"
Don hops off the wall, stuffing his weapons within his cloak. He turns away from the group as he heads toward the door.

"Flip a coin guys, we should get going as soon as possible."
"IF, and note I say if, this place has even a remotely standard environment, a change in latitude is what will have the biggest change in the environment and temperature... Given all the snow, it's probable we're towards one of this planets northern or southern poles. As a change in longitude won't get us any closer to the equator, we need to head north of south."
"Fine then. Head up North and freeze your !@# off. I'll be heading back to the temperate marsh after I've fished something out of my shoulder. I was hoping to find people. But from your ignorance, I'll guess you are unreasonable," I say to them as I head over to a nearby tree and cut off a limb of wood and then go and find a place around the crashed ship. "Anybody have a knife? Preferably surgical?"


Oswald zones out as their arguing, oblivious to the guy who just arrived. He set down his rifle and laid himself down on his belly behind it after having painted a target on a tree. He takes aim at it and clicks the target as the target, the mini crosshair used to alert as to where to shoot perfectly in the middle of the big main crosshair. The marksman fires and it tears straight through the tree, the bullseye missed by half a centimeter. Harris grumbles as he heads back into the ship and begins fumbling with the scope.
Crap...alright, let me edit my previous post. I came from the north.
"The south sounds a little better than going north. I for one would rather not freeze to death in an empty waste land of snow."
"Agreed." I say, "Let's get moving shall we? Hopefully we can find some kind of settlement here, or some stable shelter..."
I nod, checking the power cell on my rifle;
...98%... should be good for a while then...
"I'll take point. With my suit's active camo and sound dampeners I should be able to spot anything before it spots me... Anybody got a working com system?..."
"May I please get a knife first?" I politely ask them, "My sword isn't really made for digging chunks of stuff out of someone's body but rather causing chunks of everything to fall out."
Taking a running sprint at the nearest tree, I climb up it to a higher up branch, catching the branch and swinging up and around onto it and looking down at the group. "I don't need technology to remain silent. And for your knife, does it look like I carry one?"
Kristina watches the group, but doesn't speak. She turns and heads to the south, SMG in hand. Her thoughts turn back to the cause of the growling that she heard a while ago. Is there something else in this suit with me, or did it come with the ability to control electricity? She thinks, glancing around as she moves.
I take a look at the newcomer;
"Sorry, Can't say that I do... what do you need it for?"
Wouldn't your omni tool have a knife function?

"I need to dig something out of my shoulder," I state to the man, mentally rolling my eyes, I had essentially just said that there was something I needed to dig out.
"Sorry, all I got are these."

Don holds up his stun knuckles.

"Best I can do is punch it out of your shoulder."

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