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A quiet beeping noise from my HUD informed me immediately that something was wrong and I slowly open my eyes to the sound, taking stock of what was around me. To my immediate left and right were the corpses of people who'd not been so fortunate as I, some being impaled by large steel spikes, others having their bodies and heads twisted at awkward angles. Groaning in pain, my head not being spared the pain of a headache, I come to the realization I have no idea why I'm on this ship or who I am other than my name.

Jer...Jerus...Jerus Joranis. Interesting name I have. Now then, what's it mean... Finding a way to unbuckle myself from my seat, I slowly stand up and look around, checking under my seat for anything helpful. I'm surprised to find two scythes that look awfully familiar, though I couldn't place why, and a machine pistol I felt attached to, something else I couldn't place. Pulling them out, I look at my waist and find that there are two positions on it for the placement of the scythes. Putting them carefully there, I easily find the holster for the machine pistol just behind the right hand scythe.

Convenient. Somehow I get the feeling I like convenient... Shaking my head at the odd thought, I approach an emergency exit and attempt to open it, fighting with it for a good ten minutes before finally getting it to fly open, letting it land with a soft crunch in the Snow. Why did I have to crash in snow... Looking out the now open doorway, I discover myself in the middle of a tundra and sigh in defeat. "Great. Just great." Looking at my armor, my sigh turns into a growl of annoyance, the armor painted blood red with black highlights.

"I'm gonna stick out like a bloody sore thumb!" Grumbling slightly to myself, I smile slightly at the realization that I was alone for the time being, though quickly frown afterwords as I realized I couldn't figure out why that made me happy. Jumping the three feet it was to the snowy ground and landing in the soft, white blanket, I begin to look for others who might have survived verbally. "Hello?! Anyone else alive out there?!"
OOC: SF your second char in the Boreal forest?

Not really waiting for an answer I turn and walk to the crashed ship. It wasn't the best but it was also better than nothing and hopefully it would provide a place to warm up a little and possibly see about fixing my suit a little.
Kristina stands on the uppermost branches of a new tree, kneeling down and observing a man with a sword out. Blades. Old fashion. Primitive. She thinks with a bit of arrogance, and wonders where it came from. She shakes her head and looks around, seeing another pall of smoke rise from the marsh, and more, faintly, in the distance.
I sheath my blade on my back in its respected place. Then I climb a tree to get a visual of the area, and see someone else is here. Not really sure what to do in this situation I can only wave and say "Hello?" My voice is a slightly muffled, but still clear and deep behind my mask.
Kristina gives no reply to the man, looking down at him. The armor looks familiar. I wonder how..... She thinks to herself. She kneels down, still keeping an eye on the man, but she looks away toward the smoke. "Might be more." She says aloud.
"Right." I say, looking towards the smoke. "I'm going to head towards that smoke, you can join me if you wish, if not, well we all have our paths." I say dropping down and making my way towards the smoke.

As I near the crashed ship I hear several gunshots coming from the opposite direction which causes me to spin around again. "What was that?" I ask backing up a little so my back was pressed to the slightly warm metal of the ship.
Kristina drops down, catching the tree part of the way down and landing without injury. She draws her SMG, and quietly follows along.
Following along, I tilt my head to listen as the gunshots go off;
"I'm not sure... We'd better take a look at your gear before we go looking for trouble though. I wouldn't trust that armor in a firefight right now."
I say, carefully picking my way into the wreckage.
As we go the marsh grass starts to become blanketed with snow, and more coniferous trees are around. "Did you hear those shots?"
For Don, there is darkness. Then slowly consciousness comes to him, blinding light filling his world.

He grunts in discomfort as his eyes slowly adjust to his new surroundings. He sees... legs?

I'm sitting...

Don shifts his gaze up, and discovers his location. A small body of water lay before him, small lilly pads scattered among it.

Then feeling comes to him, his back suddenly feeling massively uncomfortable. A quick glance behind him revealed a dark oak that he was propped against.

Why am I here?

After a couple minutes of resting, Donovan attempts to stand up. It's an effort, but slowly he's able to lean on his right leg, and push himself up to a standing position where he leans on the oak. After the herculean effort was finished, he quietly watches the lake, the urgency of the situation slowly coming to him.

Where do I go now?

Donovan's eyes widen in terror for a second

Who... Who AM I?!?
"Yeah I don't even trust it out in this weather." I say looking over the hull and finding a mostly intact hatch. "Hey looks like this will let us inside." I say working to open the hatch. As I do my suit deeps at me about dropping internal temperatures again. "I know you damn piece of shtako!"
Helping Oraia wrestle the hatch open, I flip my visor down as a wave of smoke comes billowing out. Once the initial wave passes, I take a look around; scorch marks cover everything, and there are numerous holes in the walls from what looks like bullets.
"Yes. Keep alert." Kristina remarks, cycling through vision settings on her HE suit before checking that her electric gauntlets still work. She turns her attention ahead again, and asks "Another group of survivors....?"
Don now has enough strength to stand normally, and begins to look around the marsh, noticing the now steady snowfall that has begun.

His vision not fully returned, he can't quite make out a figure of a person he sees in the distance.

I'm not sure who I am... but if that's another person they might?

Don opts to lift his right hand up and wave slowly.
As Zeb helps Oraia, 4 men drop down from trees above. 2 have pistols and another has a crude sword made from metal scrap and some animal skin. The last has 2 knives made out of what looks like large teeth or tusks, and is armored with similar material. The two gunners begin to fire, whilst the swordsmen charges them.

IC: "We've got some company... Stick to the shadows." I say drawing my sword and charging silently, barely leaving a track in the snow. I also become slightly transparent without my noticing.

OOC: For those in this fight (Jester, Warhawk, TLM and I) here is where you will find out about your abilities on a very basic level. To the rest of you, your time will come soon.
Kristina advances quietly, swapping hands for her SMG and aiming down the sights, lining up her shot with the closest gunner's head. She stops and fires a quick burst, almost without thought or reason.
Don raises an eyebrow as the figure in the distance suddenly darts out of view.

Huh. Must be in a hurry?
One falls, the other directs his attention to her, but is immediately impaled by a black sword from the back. The sword turns and cuts out his side then returns from above and he is cut in half.
That was fun... But, how did I do that...?
My eyes glow behind my face plate and with a wave of my hand the one that had the makeshift sword goes flying into a tree with a sickening snap as he is also impaled on his sword.

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