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SneakMind: "M-My name? It's... Hm... Donovan. But I prefer, s-sorry if I disturbed you, just wondering if there was a place I could shelter in..." I say, timidly and still a bit shaky.

IC: I lightly smile behind my mask, and shake his hand. "Pleasure to meet you, Zeb." I say taking a seat afterwards.
I sigh. The man would like pose no threat as long as I kept my eye on him. I close my hand, the flame extinguishing. "Very well, just, be careful." I hold my arm out, pointing towards the doorway into the little tree fort.
"T-Thank you. I forgot to ask, what's your name?" I say walking in.
"Na-" I stop myself. Nath didn't sound right. I would go with Nathe, it still didn't sound perfect, my name had more syllables, but it sounded much more fluid than Nath. "As far as I know, my name is Nathe." I follow behind the man, the darkness even worse inside the small abode, the roof and trees not really helping at all, and I really didn't feel like expending my energy to create a flame. Especially since I could set the entire place on fire.
"Hm, okay. How did you end up here? I just kind of woke up..."
"I sadly don't know. Perhaps I was flung free of some sort of ship, perhaps I passed out here. Maybe someone dropped me here to be left for dead. I have no idea." I sigh, rubbing my temple.
I nod and sit in silence, thinking why am I here...

DM: Near the ship crash, footsteps, shouting, and... perhaps a vehicle? is heard. Whatever it may be, it will not bode well.

For the few in the marsh, the trees rustle unnaturally, as there is no wind, and sounds more violent than what wind could cause.
At the sounds outside, my head perks up;
"After our last bunch of visitors, I'm going to be skeptical about the friendliness of whoever's out there... Korozain, shall we take a look?"
I ask, one hand unconsciously resting on the grip of my gun.
"Yeah." I say with a nod. Checking the gear I have on me, and notice a little black and silver rectangular device with purple lining along it. It's slightly bigger than the hilt of a blade, just a bit bigger in width and length.

"Wonder what this is... Maybe a grenade? We'll see what it does..." I say, putting in it's place. "Tread carefully." I step outside and climb back up to the top to get a lookout on the area. "I don't see anything, and they seem a bit far, but they are getting closer."
Kristina looks toward the ship, and asks "Anyone else in there, and are they mobile?" She removes the SMG from her leg, and becomes aware of a faint growling in the back of her mind. She tilts her head to the side, as if confused, and tries to focus on it, but it disappears as quickly as it arrives. She shakes her head, and without making a sound, advances to a nearby tree.
I turn quickly an put my hand on the hilt of my sword as I do, but realize it was the woman I met when I first woke up. "One more inside, I think she's fine." I say assuming she see's Zeb. I look at her, and think.

Something seems familiar about her... I know I don't know her. But what she does... Can't quite put my finger on it...

I turn and keep watching.
Making my way out into the snow, I kneel there for a moment, letting my smart-camo adjust. Within a few moments I almost completely disappear in the snow, my armor colored identically;
"Alright, let's go take a closer look."
I say, nodding to Korozain.
"What is that sound?" I say, bolting up right, causing me to smash my head against the canvas I had built, breaking it apart of course. I curse quietly and try to see from within the miniature grove, my off hand lighting aflame and my main gripping the blade of my Tachi.
I nod and jump down. I don't understand my power yet and try, but do not achieve my minor cloaking. I move up slowly and in a low position, the sounds getting louder.

"I... I don't know. Should we go check it out?" I say, ready to unholster my SMGs.
I exit the craft my helmet automatically resealing as I do so. I close the hatch on the ship to try and keep some of the heat in. "What's going on?" I ask quietly while moving over towards Korozain and drawing my rifle.
Kristina grips onto the nearest tree, climbing up it as if she was in zero-gravity. She disappears among the leaves, drawing the scope of her Virus Rifle and using it to try and spot the incoming people. She reaches for her SMG, ready to draw it at a moment's notice, with the growling returning to the back of her mind.
"Not sure. All I know is that we have company. It's friendliness has yet to be determined."
I say shaking my head before moving forward in almost complete silence despite the snow.
I follow close behind Zeb, then stop. "Wait... It stopped..."

The footsteps, the shouting, the vehicle. All, stopped.
"What happened?"

DM: Everyone is compelled to look into the sky, the 2 large rock fragments are colliding. The impact is bright, and makes it seem like day time for a moment, and all the debris begins falling down... One, notably large fragment, drifts off west away from the many others.
"I have no idea... but whatever that was, it can't be good..."
I say, pointing up.
"Fekk..." I say, looking up. "We gotta get back to the ship." I begin running back, whatever army was getting close to us has to wait, a shower of space rock was going to begin soon.

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