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Giving the falling objects one last look, I follow after Korozain, eager to get inside before the rocks started hitting the ground;
"You realize that the wreck isn't going to save us if one of those things lands on it, right?..."

Damn it's been quiet.
"Better than standing outside..." I say running in just behind him. "Hopefully the atmosphere can weaken then enough to where it won't kill us..."

OOC: Yeah. It has. Still don't know what to do with Zarkun
I enter the wreck a moment after Korozain and close the door. "Yeah ... anyone know where that other person went?" I ask doing a quick head count as I set my rifle down on the bench I'd been on last time. "And I suggest we see if there is anything we can salvage ... such as ration packs, ammo or anything else." I shake my head a little after saying that last bit.
Kristina watches the rocks, tracking possible sites where they would land and holstering her SMG. She dropped down from the tree, and with winged feet, she ran like hell away from the site. She glanced up occasionally to update where the rocks might land, but otherwise, she kept her eyes forward and moved as quickly as possible to avoid becoming a splatter mark on the ground.
"No, but I imagine she can take care of herself..." I begin rummaging through some of the debris, trying to find anything useful.
I sigh, having decided through my uncertainty, "I suppose we should." Pulling my head down out of the broken roof, still rather miffed about it, and exit, my hand on my Tachi and duck out of the shelter. My senses felt surprisingly sharp, making me very aware of my immediate vicinity. A bright exploding light brings my attention to the sky. Rocks falling from the sky had made contact with the atmosphere, breaking apart into fragments and covered in light as they burned from the friction they met. Shuddering at the thought of what would happen if one were to land anywhere near me I return my attention to the area around me, but all appeared still, yet...
Digging though the wreckage of the ship, I dig up a couple of power cells for my rifle, a number of badly damage guns of a similar model a few medical supplies and some E-rats;
"The crash cleared this ship out pretty good."
I comment aloud.
Noting the collision of the two pieces of large space debris, I growl and push Oswald forward, urging him faster. "Let's go, let's go, double time! I'd rather not be in the open when that debris storm hits us!" Sprinting through the trees, I spot a ship through the branches as we get closer to the smoke, sighing in relief. "There it is! There's our survival!" Picking up the pace, I leap a little higher, the scythe again, whipping out and catching a branch for a pivot point and swinging out into the clearing with the ship in it. "Hey! Is anyone in there?!"

I hadn't slowed down for anything and I was about to, the image of Oswald and myself getting turned into swiss cheese too prominent in my mind to do anything other than run and yell. "If you're in there, open up! I'd rather not die from falling rocks!"
God damn, if you actually know how to get around, trees are definitely a preferred way of travel. Oswald grumbled admirably in his mind about how far behind he was compared to man he had met up with. Joranis or something if he recalled the name right. Though if only because of the man's armour striking up such a contrast with the dead brown and white across the area, the marksman was able to arrive a full minute after his partner, huffing and puffing through the thick, cold air. "Don't... you... know.... about.... pacing... yourself?" he managed to get out between breaths. Oswald brushed his hand against his revolver, but decided his rifle might be a better choice. He moves his hand up his back to his rifle stock and pulls it around over his shoulder, it would be a pain, but if he could set himself up against that low tree branch he would get a pretty good view of the area.
As someone starts yelling outside, my head snaps up;
...we've got company...
I think to myself, dropping back into the shadows, rifle sights resting on the door. With a free hand, I gesture to Korozain for him to open the door and slowly.
I'm yelling and running. I have never once said I was pounding on the door.
OOC: finals are over! thanks korozain for rping for me


Don sprints with the others, unsure of what's going on. A couple of hasty introductions and in an instant he was with this group. It was a lot take in.

Still, even with the urgency of the situation, the words rang.

I'm a... hero..
OOC: good to see you two back! Now let us continue,vZarkun for the sake of continuing lets say you know I :)

I give Zeb a nod, then cautiously walk over, and slowly open the door, my hand on the hilt of my blade. "Whoever you are, I pray for your sake you are friendly..."

DM: the first wave of debris starts hitting the ground, they aren't big, but if one hits you, you won't get back up.
A hand instinctively grabbing the grip of of machine pistol with the other grabbing a scythe, I listen to the thuds and push my body to move faster. If we don't pick up the pace we're gonna get flattened. With the wind whistling around me and my sprinting body. The door was opening slowly and the sounds of the meteors hitting was very loud in my ears.

"MOVE!" Forcing my way through the door, I tumble a bit after knocking someone over but manage to come up the my pistol aimed at the slight sound of breathing coming from a darkened corner and my scythe poised to block any melee strikes from the other person I'd bowled over. "Now, before we all panic and try and kill each other, which, in my book would be fine, more of a lone wolf anyways, why don't we talk things out at gun and blade point first."
Oswald sighs. he had just gotten his rifle set up too. Putting it away with another audible sigh, he walks glumly towards the door, pulling out his revolver as he does so, nudging his way in and lifting his arm, almost yelling at them to drop the weapons and let him take what he wanted. Where the hell'd that come from? The marksman had to bite his tongue to keep him from yelling it. Obviously he had been in this situation before. Or similar to it. "I agree, talk it down diplomatically so I don't have to waste some bullets on ya."


The rocks were falling, and they were leaving craters, and shock waves, and just a whole lot of bull!@#$ I really didn't want to deal with right then and there. I sighed, not caring whether or not the man followed me, I wasn't responsible for him. I didn't even know if I could have him as an ally yet. So it didn't matter what happened to him for the moment. I would have to strike him as a possible enemy if anything else at the moment, as much as I disliked it. I was stumbling as some debris began to hit the earth near me, sending tufts of grass and dirt flying and turning half the water to steam, and the other half splashing over the area, scolding hot. I had seen fire to the North, might as well head for it, maybe I could find some sort of shelter in the more plentiful trees anyways.
Sliding to my feet, I slip out of the shadows, still blending in quite well;
"That would be nice. You two are obviously in better shape than the schmucks we ran into outside."
I say calmly, my sights never leaving the black and red death themed fellow.
My pistol follows the man as he steps out, never wavering or shaking, the barrel simply tracing the man's head. "You're certainly more human than the wolf-crab-polar bear thing I fought earlier. Truce?"
Feeling like he hadn't added enough to the conversation Oswald simply says. "I ain't see anything deranged or !@#$ed up except this guy," shrugging his shoulders as he made a gesture in Joranis' direction. My revolver not lowering and lined up perfectly with Korozain's throat, even if it didn't kill, it would stop him pretty quick, maybe leave me without the psychopath.
Donovan stumbles in after them, his distracted mind causing him to be slightly behind.

"What'd I miss?" He says, stepping through the shanty doorway.

His eyes widen at the sight of raised weapons. Under his cloak, Don's hands feel for his twin submachine guns.

"Are uhh... are we fighting or?" Don questions, looking from one person to another for answers.
Kristina leaps out of the way, narrowly avoiding a rock that was about to crash into her. She rolls before continuing her sprint, peeking back to see the rocks and to see if any more were to crash. Making progress, she realizes that some part of her had moved her almost on instinct, evading a tree before it smacked right into her. She turns her focus back forward, getting close to leaving the area most of them were hitting.

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