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You are a member of an Organization known as the Omega Initiative, a group of human supremacists with a deep seated love of Terran unity and hate of all things Protoss and Zerg, including Terrans who would work with them, such as James Raynor and Sarah Kerrigan. This deep seeded hatred began when a small research team and their escort first encountered the Protoss and Zerg while traveling through a previously unexplored region of the Koprulu Sector. They sent a small diplomatic team to attempt to start a peaceful discussion when the Zerg attacked. Fearing that the Terrans would be infested, they cut them down while killing the Zerg. The survivors, who’d been watching via video feed, were appalled at the unneeded slaughter of their comrades. When they returned to Confederate space, they were locked in war with the Kel-Morian Combine and, indirectly, Umoja, and had no time for the ramblings of a research team who’d been marked as MIA. Thus was born the Omega Initiative.

You are a Phantom, an elite Psionic warrior who's mind and body has been trained and augmented to shatter any defense an opponent has, be it mentally or physically, and kill them without mercy or second thought. The Omega Initiative's home base is on the ice world Borin just outside known space, to Terran, Protoss, and Zerg a like. It was chosen because of it’s constant snow storms that would hide the main compound, or what was exposed of it above ground. The rest is built beneath the ground to help keep it undetected by it’s enemies.

You were born in this installation as a third generation Phantom, your parents being second generation and theirs first generation. Psionic power runs through your family’s blood like a river runs through a valley, and you’re the most powerful generation yet. However, despite all your great power, you’re also the most unstable. Each use of your abilities brings you a step closer to one of two horrible fates. The first of these two is a plunge into insanity, turning on your comrades and attacking anything that gets close, your mind no longer able to tell the difference between friend and foe, reality and illusion. However, you can be saved and many are. Rare is the case where an insane Phantom is beyond help, though they are never truly the same.

However, the second fate, known as Resonating, is permanent and nearly unstoppable once it begins. First your psionic energy builds up to intolerable levels for your body, slowly undoing the fabric of your existence before it reaches lethal levels. From there, your body implodes, giving off first a resonating sound, then leaving a Psionic resonance that will forever mark where you died. This second fate is rare, but not uncommon in third generations. Many of your brothers and sisters have already met this fate. It is not wished upon any of our brave Phantoms.
-Omega Initiative-

Name: Jack Winterfrost
Age: 25
Psionic Specialty: cryomancy (ice) biomancy (self-enhancement)
Weapons: 18" Frostbite Kukri (a psi energy amp in the hilt allows the blade to cause frostbite on contact when activated as well as function like a psi blade) Compact DMR w/ 20mm AP rounds
Armor Appearance: Form-fitting neosteel weave armor. The helm has a blacked-out face plate which is bulletproof along with the rest of the armor save heavy weapons. (navy blue in color, looks like 40k eldar guardian armor)
Training History: Rescued off a planet under attack by the Zerg at the age of 5 when an Omega Operative stumbled across him while in the middle of a mission. A loose cannon from the very beginning, Jack flat out refused to fight against Protoss, claiming that a Dark Templar had saved his life before the Operative had found him. It took several disciplinary lessons and a number of videos of the Tal'darim's handiwork before Jack was willing to fight against Protoss. Still, Jack will prioritize Zerg targets over Protoss ones as he has a pathological hatred of the swarm...

As for his actual training, Jack specialized as brute force assassin, taking down one enemy at a time. Using his cryomancy to freeze enemies in place, Jack will then take them out with a swift thrust with his Kukri or a headshot from his DMR.


Name: Jaran Kell

Age: 26

Psionic Specialty: Screamer. He is capable of generating a psionic "sound" so intense that it can tear through even the strongest, most disciplined defense, inflicting terror, confusion, and psionic "deafness." He also utilizes potent illusions to confuse his enemies, creating false things that look real - or, perhaps more dangerous, real things that seem false. From mere hallucinations to semi-solid "visages," he can surround his foe in a whirl of deadly fiction.

Weapons: He primarily wields his lance, a slender yet strong metal pole six feet in length. He can ignite the tip with energy, and potentially extend it into a psi-blade of up to three feet in length. His armor's left wrist conceals a blade eight inches in length, which is doused in a potent neurotoxin. This toxin will stop a Terran's heart in four seconds, paralyze a Templar in twelve, and cause local cellular damage in a Zerg. His right wrist contains a launcher that fires darts tipped with the same substance. The cartridge embedded in his wrist holds three darts. The launcher takes several seconds to build a magnetic charge significant enough to propel the projectile a decent distance.

Armor Appearance: Ultralight grey power armor designed with mobility in mind. His suit is primarily psionically powered, and allows him to move with great speed. The white and black line/dot/hexagon/whattheheckisthat patterns on his armor let him weave illusions or force fields around himself with greater than usual ease.

Training History: The "screamer" concept was originally envisioned as a crowd control specialist, and trained to use a powerful psionic "scream" that could cause severe brain damage in non-psionic targets when directly focused, could break through the defenses of psionics, and could render a large number of psionically weak opponents inert. He was initially made to fight groups of enemies and disciplined in continuing his scream regardless of distractions. His screamer training was suspended for several years, however, when it became apparent that the backlash from the screams caused unusual mental patterns in screamers. Many children went insane, their minds perpetually filled with the maddening 'sound' of their own screaming. Jaran was among the survivors, who were mostly trained in illusion, as their fragile emotional structures were unable to handle more violent subjects. Most who were transferred to combat training suffered nervous breakdowns, a few of which ended in killing sprees.

After several years, the screamers were gradually eased back onto the original program, this time with greater caution - and a different goal in mind. During the series of unfortunate events caused by the mental deterioration of the screamers, Omega became aware of the necessity to have countermeasures available for dealing with insane Phantoms or, potentially, traitors. Screamers were now trained to focus their attack on a single target, breaking down its mental defenses and causing panic and irrational behavior. Jaran quickly developed an aggressive form of attack; he would use his scream to attack an enemy directly, while confusing them with illusions. The sudden shift in reality, coupled with the mental weakness brought on by the scream, would cause intense disorientation. Jaran would then move in and strike directly with his lance, attempting to begin and end the bloodshed in a single blow. This proved extremely effective against opponents such as Ghosts and large Zerg, though the illusions were notably less effective against Protoss, particularly when they were in numbers. He was eventually moved on to usage against rogue Phantoms along with the other Screamers.

Though conditioning has improved, the original batch of Screamers have always been prone to insanity. While Jaran's faculties remain optimal, he has been forced to hunt down more than one of his brothers and sisters in training, an experience horrifying enough when you don't have to face the Scream...

Name: Kevin Harris Sev
Age: 21
Psionic Specialty: High-end Telekinesis. This includes the capability to compress or expand objects with ease, or even more devastating; a kinetic blast. Kevin is also capable of average telepathy and even precognition.

Weapons: Retractable Gauntlet blade located on top of his wrist. It is roughly 15cm long in appearance past the wrist. Utilizes a bolt rifle outfitted with a scope. It fires 15mm bolts at supersonic speeds. The scope can switch modes between thermal, to see through snowstorms, smoke, thin walls in which people are leaning against, etc. Normal, allowing easy vision in good climates. And of course infrared, allowing clear vision during dark periods of time or corridors without light.

Armor Appearance: A powerful cross between mobility and bulk, the armour has a certain litheness to it with most joints having opened up into a nanoweave from a thicker, yet still relatively thin, plates of metal. The gauntlets are thicker than what you would expect to make room for the weapon that hides within The helmet comes down over the operators eyes without a visor, and instead relying upon a neural hookup to the suit giving vision through cameras located in front of the eyes. However these lenses are much smaller, providing smaller targets, still protect the same amount as the rest of the helmet, and each one provides greater vision than what a human is capable of. The colour scheme is black with a crimson lining on the armour. There are also white emblems of the Omega Initiative located on the right shoulder.

Training History: Kevin Sev first began his training against the average things, being pushed to the very edge before he unleashed his Psionics almost every time. He had no control over it during these times. Slowly he gained a grasp of it, creeping towards his strength in Telekinetics. By age eight Kevin had finally gained some control, allowing a focus of simple parlor tricks such as lifting and throwing with his mind and predicting the movement of the enemy; however it was taxing for the young boy.

"You are worthless" Kevin would always hear, even up to age ten. He had never gained respect due to his fear of his own powers, due to his lack of energy or will. He fought and fought, tried harder than all the ones who had their powers come naturally. None of it got pride from his parents. Well, not until he took it. When Kevin's body began maturing into one of an adult, it unleashed his strength. Kevin dominated with powerful blasts of telekinetic energy, his rifles ripping through the mechanical enemies, his blade never faltering. His life filled with lackings of love, empathy, care, pride all hardened him. Turned him into a cold killing machine; perhaps even one of the most lethal, if it weren't for recklessness. Kevin finally gained respect, he had finally gained his parents pride. This had no meaning to him any longer.

Live specimens, primarily Terran, were brought out for his training. The teenage boy had no trouble destroying such simple soldiers. The training sessions always ended bloody. Kevin was on the brink of pure insanity, but never did he tip over into it. Nearly all of his partners when in group exercises were somewhat unnerved by being near such a Phantom, thinking Kevin might turn and kill them. One particular session that caused this nervousness was one training session against a young Ghost.

Kevin's capabilities made perfect for fighting almost anything, especially in melee combat, as he could see an enemies movements before they were executed, and death among his comrades leaves him unscathed. This does not mean he is against preserving their lives. Stealth and assassination is not a strong suit due to his tendencies to bloodier situations. Recklessness is a big problem for Kevin, leaving him open to attacks.
-Omega Initiative-

Name: Lindsey 'Shock' Koori
Age: 21
Psionic Specialty: Electro-Magne-Kinetic, Technopathic and Mechnopathic
Weapons: primarily uses twin psi-plasma sabers with a gold colored core and a flowing crimson red that looks like blood flowing on an old metal sword, two M-9 Tempest SMG's with extended clip and made of the lightest materials possible for short to medium range and a Black Widow sniper rifle with extended barrel and enhanced scope. her ship also contains a variety of other weapons but she doesn't use often.
Armor Appearance: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/intel/inteldetail/7cc37738-aafa-4479-a1a0-b08e9433fd76/pathfinder?category=armor painted primarily a dark violet with gold accents(where it is orange in the picture). her SMG's clip to the armor on her legs while her sabers clip under or to the side of her forearm. the armor has a complex yet easy to maintain series of capacitors and generators built in that keep the armor from being damaged while her primary psionic ability is in use.
Training History: Lindsey has fought extensively against zerg and protoss. She started off one on one against the usual botlings and zealbots. She quickly moved on to fighting large groups of both in combat training usually eradicating them quickly with blasts of electro-magnetic energy or bits of mechnopathic and technopathic abilities.

She graduated to fighting actual zerg and protoss when she turned 8. At first it was just small fledgling hive clusters or Protoss outposts but she quickly started fighting more and harder forces. She especially liked to fight the Protoss and their mechs since it gave her a chance to inspect their tech from time to time.

When she was 19 she was sent to an old confederate space platform around an energetic binary star. The platform had been abandoned shortly after the guild wars then 'acquired' by the initiative and used as research outpost for a few years before again being abandoned around when the first great war started. In 2502 she was sent to retrieve some data from the platform with a small squad under her command. Two other phantoms were sent with her along with several 'standard infantry'. A Protoss Carrier had decided to investigate the platform and the initiative didn't want any data left on the station falling into the hands of the Protoss.

Lindsey and her squad managed to get onto the station without being shot down. She and the other two Phantoms split up to more quickly collect the data while the standard infantry set up at a bottle neck to hold back the Protoss for as long as they could. Lindsey and the other two Phantoms managed to retrieve all of the data before the Protoss could get a hold of any of it. Lindsey had been on her way to help the rest of her squad pull back when she was engaged by a couple stalkers that she dealt with after a quick bout of combat. By the time Lindsey finished the stalkers she was just in time to see her squad be massacred by a number of zealots, some High Templar and two Immortals.

In a fit of conflicting emotions she drew every bit of power from the station and Protoss that she could forming it into a large Electrical storm that destroyed the Protoss force and the station. Lindsey barely managed to make it to the Vulcan before the station completely came apart. The ship was damaged and quickly lost power to everything except the emergency beacon. A few day's later Lindsey was found alone floating in the ship barely alive thanks to her armor.

Name: Kalen Price
Race: Terran
Affiliation: To no one. He is an independent contractor of death.
Age: 37

Weapons: C-27 Minigun "Smiles" and R-22 Grenade Launcher "Frowns". They are utilized on a heavily modified version of the 5-4 ARS dubbed "Therapy" by Kalen. These modifications include the replacement of the Punisher Grenade Launchers and a much larger and bulkier suit period to accommodate Kalen's greater size and strength than the average Marauder. This suit also includes modified factories in the armour to produce ammunition for the weapons used by "Therapy". The soles include a short burst rocket propulsion system, allowing for the odd evasive action.

Psionics: Lacking in Psionic strength, however, is uniquely unable to be detected by Psionic scans. To teeps, he does not exist.
Appearance: Kalen stands at 8' 7", covered in a tons of muscle. He has a black crew cut with green eyes. His skin is dark, though not quite yet black.

Backstory: Kalen Price, his entire being genetically modified while still in the womb. Growth promoters, adrenaline, and steroids to name a few things injected into him as a fetus. Kalen's development nearly killed his mother from the intensive amount of energy he leeched off of her. Then he was separated raised in a controlled environment that put him through rigorous trials from a young age. All of this was part of an experiment to make the perfect super soldier.

They failed in one crucial department; loyalty. Kalen had become fully grown by age seventeen, he stood at 8' 7", towering over any other person he met. His entire body was toned in muscle, not a flap of fat in sight. After a live combat test using "Therapy", Kalen went rogue. His first action, to kill the men that made him have such a harsh existence. To leave him devoid of anything. They had created a super soldier, and this super soldier had turned.

"Therapy" tore through the meager defenses presented against her, "Smiles" tearing apart any security forces, and "Frowns" destroying walls and equipment that Kalen did not like. Once the super soldier was done, he had no where to go. He had nothing to drive him. He returned to the hangar in which he began his rampage and thought. The man thought of what the most capable job he would be able to do. One of mayhem and destruction. One where he got payed to do what he did best and now loved. He would become a mercenary. A gun for hire. A wandering man to do all the dirty work.

Taking payment of resources for ammunition as well as food and water for sustainment, Kalen wandered as a reaper of death, and soon became hired as part of the Omega Initiative. He served two roles, someone to study to modify the next generation of Phantoms to the point of indestructibility, and to fight along side with the Psionic super soldiers of the Omega Initiative.
-Omega Initiative-

Name: David Alrotovich
Age: 22 years
Psionic Specialty: Psionic Overgeneration, Sheer brute force and Shielding
Weapons: T.R.Ex. Shell cannon, Semi-Man-Portable chaingun, Twin machine pistols, 8' Dynanum combat blade
Armor Appearance: Azure wisps generally trail wherever sharp bits of his suit cut into the air, and when shielding is active the suit is covered in a blue and polygonal glow. David is often seen without the helmet outside of combat or official buisness.

Training History: One of the two unique cases of failures in the Phantom Project, David was raised from a young age on the handling and application of heavy weaponry. Throughout his youth, it was noted he held neither desire nor aptitude for psionics; while others would rely on their incredible abilities, David would often try to complete whatever was presented to him in a mundane matter, struggling by with quick wit and an unforeseen seen tenacity. When questioned why, the young psion would often say that something held him back, an instinctual desire to avoid his abilities.

However, a rigged test by the Initiative finally managed to force David to rely on his engineered powers. Being unused for nearly nineteen years of his life, his explosive abilities were raw and unfocused- completing the test, but triggering an unforeseen consequence in him: he began to Resonate.

Perhaps due to that tenacity he was known for or sheer desire to live, David managed to somehow stave off the incredible buildup of energy. The damage had already been done, but the rate of which that psionic energy built up was greatly reduced. He now survives in a constant state none too unlike Resonation, his mind and body constantly pumping out psionic energy at a steady rate. Sadly, the stress and pressure provided by the constant influx of power wrecks any fine-grain control he may have over his abilities, forcing him to rely on simple blasts of power or semi-electric discharges to solve problems he may face. However, the nature of this power makes it incredibly easy to fashion into simple bulk shields and easily-tapped fields of power, making him incredibly potent for supporting other Phantoms.

Name: Josephine Dalvaran
Age: 21 years
Psionic Specialty: Psionic Vampirism, Mental Overrides and Neuropathy
Weapons: FLASHLIGHT Tesla-Laser System, A.P.H.V.U.D.D. Assault Rifle, Retractable electrified wrist knives with fingertip electrodes
Armor Appearance: Fitted Spectre-like armor, with emphasis on sharpness and finesse in opposition to David's bulk and strength. Red seems to be the predominant color in the armor's design.

Training History: The second of two failure cases produced by the Phantom Project, Josephine was noted for incredibly fine-grain control over even the slightest of psionic energies. At the tender age of sixteen, she had already managed to mentally overwhelm and control a captured ghost, turning the former soldier into little more than a puppet to her will. As time went on these skills began to sharpen even more, allowing for control of the very minds of the soldiers that she stood against, and even rending apart any psionic constructs or abilities deployed against her simply by disrupting those that tried to create them. Tests against Zerg were particularly promising, showing both incredible ease and efficiency while controlling ever-growing numbers. This control unfortunately fails miserably against Protoss.

Strangely, while her aptitude grew, her psionic index ratings began to fall. Eventually she was barely able to muster the will to take over even simple animals, and swiftly fell into a coma brought about by an unknown cause. A few tests showed that her mind had simply shut down, and sent her brain into a self-induced coma along with it. After a week and a half of being little more than a vegetable, she awoke and began attacking researchers and staff, leaving a line of comatose, if mostly unharmed bodies behind.

The rampage ceased after encountering one David Alrotovich, whose presence was enough to halt whatever animalistic instinct that had been driving her. An after-incident investigation revealed that her brain and body were incapable of producing any degree of usable psionic energy, and the deficit had driven her to begin tearing it away from others, simply in order to remain active and aware.


Name: "Mad Max" Maxine Booker
Race: Terran
Affiliation: Mercenary
Age: 25
Weapons & Equipment: Assorted. (shotguns, various rifles, sidearms, small(ish) blades, flamethrowers, grenade launcher inc. attachment versions, chainfist (40k)) She has a wide arsenal of weapons in her warp capable gunship, FUBARed. Primarily uses a chainfist gauntlet with an attached grenade launcher, flamethrower and/or shotgun as well as a assault rifle or DMR. Always carries a 10mm handgun for emergency purposes.
Backstory: A character of a merc with a reliable but colorful reputation who's past changes everytime she tells it.

The blizzards of the ice world Borin had always been particularly cold, the winds bringing temperatures that were barely above zero degrees to well below, sometimes plummeting as low as -103 degrees Fahrenheit and below. Today's storm was no less unforgiving, bringing the temperature down to -88 degrees and still dropping with visibility at less than five feet. Patrol Alpha 45, or the Nighthawks as they called themselves, were still out in the middle of it when mission control came over their COMs.

{Nighthawks, this is mission control. Sensors indicate a small Tal'darim fleet has just exited warp above the planet and is sending a scouting party to investigate the planet's surface. Return to base. I repeat, return to base.} Not hesitating, the six Hydra Marines break into a jog back the way they'd come, knowing they had a minimum of about five minutes before the first Warp Prism arrived on the surface. As they jog back, they begin sending word to outposts further out than them, including the Phantom run outpost Cardinal. You are the third generation Phantoms of Cardinal. Welcome to the Initiative.

You may now post.
Soooo we just start out in the Phantom outpost?

ALSO: Is 'Mad Max' with or against Omega Initiative?
I'm assuming she's against for now. That was one reason I needed a backstory. Also, yes, you start out with the outpost, news of the impending scouting team having just reached you.
Ok... Heh heh, why not. I'll have her tag along with Aximus. She seems the type to hang around a terran-weaponized Protoss Immortal. (providing that's OK with you Zanon. Aximus doesn't seem the type to have any problems with an eccentric merc.)
Further questions to the PRP please. IC's here please.
May I ask where Vai'kel is?

Kevin had only been walking for the past couple of weeks. He had healed for the most part, leaving a nasty scar where he had been hit during the fight. The Phantom had been incapable of most torso and upper leg movement for the most part without blinding pain, forcing him to relax his muscle back into a resting position. Though now that he was back up and onto his feet, Kevin was hasty to try and get himself back into combat simulations, but he hadn't been considered well enough since the injury. Well, up until today. Sev moved through the hallways briskly, and anyone who decided to be in his way, he shoved past. Nothing would slow Kevin down on his way to his goal.

The heavy brute woke up, slamming his head against the roof as he tried to stand up from his bed, causing a string of curses to flow out in a nice creative manner, mainly insulting the facility and the people who built it, though a few towards the man who had hired him. When Kalen stood up this time he slowed his rise, causing him to be slouching quite a bit as he made his way to his clothing, having trouble putting his shirt on with the ceiling being so low, or rather him being overwhelmingly large. Kalen continued out the door, heading for the garage. One of the few places he could stand at full height in the accursed facility. Still he asked himself why he hadn't moved all his stuff in there, and as the large man arrived, he remembered. It was far too loud in here.
"Great. Something else to worry about other than just this !@#$ing cold." I grumble as I listen to the news and clean my prized sniper rifle. I was wearing my Suit minus my helmet which was resting beside me on the bench I was sitting on in the mess hall. No one else was really around so I pick up my helmet and put it on before placing my rifle on my back and heading to a guard post to see what I could help with.
Jack cracks one eye open as the report comes in and then slides his feet off the bench, sitting up;
"Heh... Tal'darim... Them I can fight..."
He murmurs to himself as he slips his helmet on and checks his DMR & and Kukri.

Jaran remembered Protoss. It had been some time since he trained against them, something he avoided at all costs.

It had been early in the Screamer program, right when the subjects began to fail, one by one. He had been one of the first.

When he rose into the ring, he could see his enemies arranged around him in a circle. Zealots. He knew Zealots. It had been a nasty surprise when the mere Zealbots had been replaced with live subjects. The real ones were far worse than the fake ones, and that first one had been so fast, so strong...

As the stasis fields around the Zealots began to deteriorate and the Protoss began to shift, Jaran began screaming. It was a rude awakening for the Templar. Two fell to their knees, clutching their heads. A few others staggered, trying to free their minds from the terrible 'noise.' The strongest willed forced themselves forward toward what they perceived to be the enemy, the source of the Scream. One was faster than the others. He attacked, but Jaran evaded easily. The Protoss was too slow, his thoughts too corrupted. The lance slid into the alien's flesh and out again, and the warrior fell.

He dispatched the others, one by one. They fought back, but the Scream was too much. They were too weak to fight. As the others charged unsteadily, one remained utterly still. This surprised him, because he had seen that one, knew what it was. A High Templar. It should have had the strongest will. It should have been flinging lightning and death, but instead it did nothing. As the last of the Zealots slid to the floor, Jaran turned towards the lone survivor. It was still as impassive as ever. Warily, he stepped towards it, expecting a trap. He clutched his lance tightly. This was unnerving. Something was wrong. His concentration slipped, and the Scream waned. Gripped with fear, he summoned up his will power for another burst, but the Protoss did not move.

Not a trap?

Why won't you fight? he thought furiously. You're going to die anyways!

The High Templar focused those terrible, fiery eyes on him.

Why should I fight? One might say that it is better to die in battle, but I think it better to die in war.

A battle is the same thing as a war.

No, the Protoss said gently. It is not. I could attack you now, and I might kill you, thus winning the battle... but no. I would give up the war. The war is more important. Killing you will not work. You will be revived, or I will be disabled before I can slay you. It is better to not fight at all. By fighting you, I help to train you. I help prepare you to kill more of my brethren. Besides, how can I kill you? You are only a child, a child being made into a machine. There would be no glory in your death.

The watchers were growing impatient. Jaran could feel it.

"What do I do? He won't fight."

"Just finish it then," a voice said. "Finish him off."

Jaran stepped forward, raised his lance, and started to scream... and as he did so, the Protoss gripped him suddenly by the temples with both hands. He felt a horrible presence the feeling of another mind inside his own. He felt everything the High Templar could feel. He learned everything he knew.

And he heard something.

The Scream.

And a voice.

Welcome to the war, it said.

He awoke a month later. That was when he had broken.



Jaran hoped not.
David awoke from his half-sleep, simply lying in bed while he still had the chance. Warm and feeling secure, he simply couldn't muster the strength to leave his room quite yet. While he was here- still slumbering- the stresses of life simply slipped away. No longer was life about surviving one macabre training session to the next, or pulling himself back from the haze of red pain he bore every day.

Or fighting off those insane scientists in powered armor, hellbent on taking their 'samples' and administering their !@#$%^- 'tests'.

Sitting up in his cot, he took note of the faint sound of the shower accompanied by the barely visible trail of steam ebbing from under the door. With a hiss of pain (courtesy of a large bruise, a stark reminder) and a swing of his legs he begins doing up his boots and passes the time with a few stretches, pausing only to take note of the faint grumble from his starved stomach.

Eying the shower door with an air of annoyance and drumming his fingers in impatience, he couldn't help but think;

Christ, Jose. Couldn't you hurry it up a bit?


That just isn't right.

You failure.

Hurry up and die already!

Words were just that. Meaningless. Hollow. Sounds that just got repeated time and time again. So why, even far from unique... Such little things stung so much...?

"Fah..." a voice sighed.

Piping hot water sluiced down from the shower head, a small miracle given that this icy Hellhole's lone water heater had a higher chance of failure than brain-dead tool doing pure physics. But sure enough, the little portable unit that David had somehow come across managed to service its pair of patrons well.

With a half-sleepy grumble, Josephine scrubbed away at a small cut in her leg, courtesy of a particularly lucky (or perhaps more likely insane) marine. Why he had chose to charge with a knife rather than use his trusty C-16 was a question for the ages...

Her train of thoughts were interrupted by a trio of annoyed knocks on the door.

"Oi, slowpoke! Hurry up and get out here! I'm starving alive out here!" David yelled into the shower room, eager to get something to eat.


Part deux tomorrow.
Would like to point out that the outpost is equipped with it's own water heater. Several in fact. The Initiative is pretty dug in.

DM: As the Phantoms, and mercenary, awake and begin their daily routine, albeit with knowledge of the Tal'darim force in orbit around their planet, any in the halls could see Hydra marines, Phoenixes, and Cerberus' moving through the halls to their posts on the walls and in the towers around the outpost. An announcement comes over the intercoms.

[Attention Phantom Team Zeus, report to the briefing room. I repeat Phantom Team Zeus.]

OOC: This would be you guys.
01/22/2014 07:18 PMPosted by Zarkun
Would like to point out that the outpost is equipped with it's own water heater. Several in fact. The Initiative is pretty dug in.

DM: As the Phantoms, and mercenary, awake and begin their daily routine, albeit with knowledge of the Tal'darim force in orbit around their planet, any in the halls could see Hydra marines, Phoenixes, and Cerberus' moving through the halls to their posts on the walls and in the towers around the outpost. An announcement comes over the intercoms.

[Attention Phantom Team Zeus, report to the briefing room. I repeat Phantom Team Zeus.]

OOC: This would be you guys.
Kevin smiles. No tedious training routine and straight into live combat, hell yeah! The Phantom shoved his way past people, moving as quick as he could without straining himself too much trying to make it to the briefing room. He could already imagine wreaking havoc on the Tal'darim that dared come close. He would have a lot of fun taking them down. He just hoped that the One who nearly killed him wasn't there...

Kalen sighed, he had just gotten to a place where he could stretch, and now he had to go back into the hallways. God damn it. Even though he had to head to the briefing room he wanted to check on his baby first. When he had gotten back he had the suit repainted after they repaired it, he didn't want any of it to seem like there was a scratch. Looking at it, the brute knew that his precious "Therapy" was alright, and ready to go. Approaching the doorway back into the halls, Kalen sighed once more, looking back into the hangar. He stooped back into the halls and began walking towards the room where he had been briefed a few times, though not as often as most of the residents here.
Slinging his rifle over his shoulder, Jack weaves his way through the organized chaos of the base, slipping quietly into the briefing room;
"Winterfrost present."
"Jaran Kell, present and awaiting orders."
"Shock here." I say entering the briefing room and taking a seat.

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