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It seems like each swarm level after level 30 gives you 10 achievement points
Is this intentional? If it is, I don't see the title of the achievement in my latest history.
Hello? Anyone else getting this?
What about now
noticed extra achievement points too, didnt know where it come from
I track my achievements carefully. I'm showing extra points in matchmaking. I should have 630 points and are currently showing 650. I noticed it 2 days ago when i had an extra 10 in matchmaking. yesterday I gained an exploration achievement and woke up this morning to another 10 pointsin matchmaking. I have yet to gain a zerg level but have gained a terran and a protoss level. My last matchmaking acheivement as on 21 jan 14 and was 100 wins as a random player.

This will be a low priority, unfortunately since it does not affect actual game play.

Update: Confirmed: When you gain a new race level beyond 30, you get 10 achievement points. just leveled as zerg, checked points - new points, and showing up in matchmaking.
same here. (on the eu account)

on na i havent watch on it.
Bug or new feature?? I'd like to think the latter! ;D
does not work as intended- bug. I did a couple of years as a QA software tester. =) Freebies are nice but I want to earn all my points, even if I cheesed a some of them ... i still did the work
Finally people reply.
I waited until I was sure of what was causing it before I reported. You get more attention when you can say here is a bug and here is what causes it. Developers get an idea of where in the code to look for the problem.

Here's something to be checked: Do you get extra achievement points below level 30 when you level up? tested it, leveled to 17 zerg no extra achievement points
How can I test when I was 30-30-30 to begin with
1) check points especially matchmaking
2) level up a race to 31
3) recheck points
4) check matchmaking points earned vs total displayed on achievements page. there should be a 10 point increase in matchmaking points. The increase happens immediately. I was at 30-30-30 also. top levels are now 35 for all races, overall of 105.

if you see something different, please post.
I think you get 10 points when you reach level 32....

If you check your rewards, then go into decals; hover over the carbot decals and you will see they come with 10 achievement points. (although I haven't been able to find these achievements in the achievement list)

I think you may also get another 10 when you reach level 35 judging from the portrait.

I was at 5460 achievement points at the start of the week and I have shot up to 5470 without my knowledge of achieving anything. My levels are 31-32-30 - so would certainly follow that those mystery 10 points came from leveling to 32.
I see what you're saying, and I agree that it appears we get 10 bonus points at 32 even for each race. let me point out that I am at 32-32-33 levels now. I am also at 70 points over what I have calculated . Using your statement I should be at 10 points for each level 32 or 30 points. How do you account for the extra 40?
here are my matchmaking points shown (700) vs calculated (630).

1v1 Unranked/Ranked -0
Team Unranked /Ranked -0
Competitive -0
Very Easy AI - 80
Medium AI -30
Harder AI -10
Elite AI -0
Race vs AI -190
Economy -110
Unranked/Ranked -80
Melee -130
level 32x3 -30
new total 660

Even with the 10 points awarded for level 32 - the math is off. If you use 10 points for every level over 30 the totals add up.
Good catch on the 10 points awarded at 32 though, perhaps some one fatfingered 31 instead of 32 . :)

BTW, Zergalicious- your matchmaking points are of by 40 not 10. 0/0/0/150/110/110/50/240/110/90/130=990 and you have 1030 matchmaking points.
01/26/2014 07:56 AMPosted by EvilEmperor

BTW, Zergalicious- your matchmaking points are of by 40 not 10. 0/0/0/150/110/110/50/240/110/90/130=990 and you have 1030 matchmaking points.

My levels are now 32-33-30 and I now have 1040 matchmaking points - which means 50 "extra" points... so 10 for each level. I noticed I did jump from 5480 to 5490 as I hit level 33 Zerg.

So, in conclusion, it does appear we now get 10 points per level... whether that is a bug and we're only supposed to get 10 at 32 and 35 is anyone's guess... or maybe the fact it doesn't show up in the achievements is an oversight or they ran out of time and deemed it less important than getting 2.1 out sooner.

Anyways, that's my brain power exhausted for today. *goes off hugging the extra achievement points* my precious...
Ohhh so that's the explanation for my ghost points. I double checked the date for my last achievements and I couldn't even think of where those came from.
i can confirm you are getting extra 10 pts per lvl up each race starting from 31...
Hey guys,

This is unintended and is being looked into as we speak.

Thanks for your reports!

It's totally alright and fine and OK if this doesn't get fixed... ;)
02/11/2014 02:19 PMPosted by Zergalicious
It's totally alright and fine and OK if this doesn't get fixed... ;)
Exactly! hhahahahaahah

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