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I just want to remind everyone that we continue to closely monitor the change we implemented to league boundaries on the ladder with Patch 2.1. We've seen continued progress toward our intended league sizes, although the system is still subject to further adjustment if necessary.

We've followed your feedback on this issue very closely throughout this process, and we greatly appreciate your understanding as we get closer to our goal for the shape of the leagues. Please don’t hesitate to let us know how it’s going for you on the ladder.

You have our thanks!
Thanks for the promotion, Love the work your doing blizzard ! ♥
I've been promoted back to masters. All is well!
Come on let's get moving with those TvP changes please.
I feel the leagues are either easier now or im just better then i thought lol. i felt i was plat level not diamond tho haha
Thanks. Hopefully PvT is your next priority.
Inter-league automated tournaments to give large bonus' to MMR, sort of like bonus xp weekends or w/e but with skill being the deciding factor, rather than playing more/less on ladder.
"I'm high plat"
"I'm low plat but have a top 5 plat tournament finish"
Creates more equality between players and a more definitive view of a player's relative skill and improvement. Promotions are a good milestone of achievement, but is far too static to be motivating more than when it is imminent.
Thanks David Kim!
I think it's fixed. I got my promotion after two games and I've heard similar stories from my friends. GJ Blizzard!
I'd like to just say something...

I started Starcraft, learning about leagues.
My most anticipated goal was reaching "Top 2% Masters".
Although before all the problems, it was easy to reach that, as I assume it was more than 2%,
I think being "Top 2% " should be more special. It was hard to actually find masters with the problem, which seemed like God to all the others.

However, I hope the fix fixed :)
Well It's nice to see I'm not in Gold anymore, but It took a dozen games while hanging around top 8 Gold to promote me to Platinum finally x.x and it's good to see I'm fighting Plat/Diamond opponents. Will update you further on the next update but I do agree the system needs a tweak and I think Demotions need to come back in.
Thank u guys for real this issue was really bumming me out sc2 is easily top 2 or 3 favorite games and i havnt felt any kind of fun or competition rather in some time do to league issues and mostly stopped playing altogether thank u for communicating and taking steps to ensure a better play experience for all =D see u all on the ladder
Good work. I think players will come back to the ladder now. Including myself. Glad you are listening to us Blizzard.
The ladder has been very enjoyable for me recently. There has certainly been a shift in who I'm playing, for the better.
01/28/2014 05:55 PMPosted by Caelestis
I've been promoted back to masters. All is well!

according to masters has not or has barely changed at all and bronze has dropped by like 4 % and then diamond went up by like 1-2 %
28-8 in random 2s. FOREVER DIAMOND auuuuuuuuuuuuuuughh!=

I just hope there's no more of this bull nonsense decay. I literally spent the previous ladder season just repromoting all my leagues to masters. And that took somewhere around 300 games total. It was extremely exhausting.
Thank, back to platine on eu. Now let's work on this tvp !
I don't understand why the ladder needs to be adjusted. Don't you only need so many points to be in a certain ranking? Is there some sort of anomaly where players keep losing to others and falling into a certain league with no espcape?
Great work on the leagues! Nothing is perfect but happy to see you guys are open to change and feedback (even though most the feedback is rude and unhelpful)

Things are definitely better then what they were, and thanks for the updates and posts.
I know League are better now. Top Plat hopefully I can get to diamond soon.

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