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So, simply because I'm trying to get these up and running again, I'm going to list a couple of sites I built and run for the soul purpose of RPing. If there's any questions, I'd prefer you ask them here.

http://themultiversetheory.webs.com/-Fair warning, Jester doesn't much like me because of this site, but life goes on.

http://floriuschronicles.webs.com/-This one...well, let's just say that it's for those who like Sonic, Megaman ZX, and Mario. Of course, they're all fan made characters.
How... In the world... Do you create a decent character in the Sonic, Megaman and mario universes? I mean seriously... Seriously........ Seriously?

And, why doesn't Jester like you very much for a site with one RP?
Because my police force in charge of the multiverse cross roads were uber units that were supposed to be able to handle things from any universe. They would have barely appeared and it was their job.
What were they like?

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