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Tobi Van Helsing walked the halls of the New Hellsing Mannor alone, having just finished a hunt in the small town of Hergon. There had been three banshees, two Barrow Wights and a small horde of Zombies. This was not a good thing. "The creatures are getting restless. This is the third horde attack this week alone." Heading to the armory, he grabs more ammunition for his pistols, carefully replacing the nearly empty ammo belts missing clips and then appraising the half finished pair he was smithing himself. "I can't do this alone, not with this many in one week. Alistair!" Out of the darkness, a man who looks to be in his late thirties , wearing a set of casual clothes with a black duster and black warlock's hat, appears, a pistol of his own on his waist and a sword across his back. He had a slight crazed look and feel to him, and his aura was darker than even the most evil creatures most hunters had met, short of a Greater Demon.

"You called master?"

"Pull up a list of the descendants of all the greatest monster hunters of their time." Noticing Alistair's confused look, he levels a gaze with Alistair. "There are too many hordes and not enough hunters, Alistair. I need help." The man simply nods in understanding and vanishes back into the shadows of the manor's halls, leaving Tobi to contemplate what he was doing. It's time things began in earnest... When Alistair returns with the list, Tobi nods.

"Good, now either send a letter or visit each family personally. I want no mistakes." Alistair gives an excited nod and vanishes once more.

This is still pushing the boundries, but you'll understand once we get going. I will be DMing this one as well as having a character, similar to how PKA was done, and I hope you have fun with it. You are Terran only, though if you so chose and I approve, you may later become a creature of the night.

Weapons (At least one melee is required, can have family weapon, or I can give it to you. Family weapon will not require blessing.):
Abilities: (No more than three, please clarify passives and actives)
Backstory (Must include how Alistair contacted you and how your family is related to Darkova):
Appearance: (There will be an archive)

Yes I'm giving this another go because, well, we can do SO MUCH with this if people will stay interested and I can stay focused. If this in turn kills off another RP, so be it.

Name: Malek Bancroft

Age: 20

- Umbran Eryx; a pair of 'multi-tool' gauntlets/bracers (retractable katars, wrist crossbows, climbing gear) Heirloom; silvered & rune-marked
- Boltshot
- Cloak of shadows
- Thieves tools
- Basic clothing (cloth/leather armor)
- Assorted equipment and other gear.

- Crit Strike (active)
- Survivalist (passive)
- Scoundrel (passive)

Backstory: Orphaned by a brutal monster attack at a young age, Malek was taken in by a wandering group of gypsies, entertainers & scoundrels. With them, he grew up, learning their trade and traveling all over Darkova. Here Malek would have stayed had he not discovered Umbran Eryx.

In his early teens, Malek found them and an unusual cloak on the long picked clean bones of their previous owner. That was the last night he spent with the wandering troupe. In the morning he was gone, the gauntlets with him. Since then Malek has wandered Darkova, practicing his talents and developing others but not always on the right side of the law.

Appearance: 5' 6"; Lean and heavily tanned with a number of scars partially visible from around his clothes; A dirty mat of black hair; Shifty bright green eyes; Appears jaded and wary. His clothes are of the ordinary utilitarian sort, picked for their ability to blend into a crowd.

Notes & Details:
Cloak of shadows: A mysterious cloak that that has the ability to make its wearer go unnoticed. It doesn't work if the wearer is being watched or against the strong minded. (Bosses, etc.)

Umbran Eryx: Mounted on the back of the arm, the katars are 9" long and a good 3" wide at the base. The wrist crossbows fire a trio of metal spikes; not very accurate but highly effective at close range. The Climbing gear consists of climbing claws (think like what Jango Fett uses to keep from falling off the edge of the landing pad on Kamino after he fights Obi-Wan) and a retractable grappling gun.

Boltshot: A cross between a high-powered slingshot and a compound bow. Uses silvered arrows.


While not too bad, I'm hoping we see Seraphim return. It just wouldn't feel like DH without him. However, two things, there is technically no magic on Darkova. Most of it is dark and twisted. And the bracers...maybe separate the grappling claw to it's own thing. Seems like you're going for a Jango Fett medieval style.
Ehh... Seraphim may make an honorary appearance at some point, but I don't feel like giving him another full reboot.

As for the 'magic', it's actually not from Malek himself, his powers come from Umbran Eryx and the power leaking out of them. One also has to remember that this guy isn't exactly what one would call a knight in shining armor, though he isn't evil either.

Becides if you're worried about his magic being OP, note the untrained aspect of it. There's your built-in GM counter right there. If Malek's magic is getting out of hand, just have it backfire on him.

And yes, I am kind of going for a medieval style Jango Fett.
all you need is the Smart Wire, what Jango uses to tie up Obi-wan in their battle on Kamino :P
Right, now that I have the time.

I stand by what I said on the magic. It's not that I'm worried about OP. It's that I'd rather we stick to the base of magic is inherently evil because of it's general source, regardless of his magic's source. The only "good" magic is holy magic, which isn't really magic.

On the topic of Seraphim, why not just reuse one of the versions you have already? I couldn't figure out why you rebooted him last time.
Glad to see this is up again. I will likely submit my Which Hunter/Inquisitor. Just because I needed to organize my character stuff, I went back and found the posts I made about him.

Please read and enjoy.

Intro: There and Gone

Part 1: Business is Personal

Part 2: Reflections

Part 3: Mind the Wolves

Part 4: Thoughts of the Enemy

Part 5: A Sad Song

Part 6: A Joke at your Expense
02/08/2014 01:15 PMPosted by Zarkun
On the topic of Seraphim, why not just reuse one of the versions you have already? I couldn't figure out why you rebooted him last time.

I dislike reusing an identical character in a reboot. It feels too much like trying to recapture the same magic from the first one. I'd much rather create something new.

Alright, made edits to Malek.
Screw it, I'll try again. Though, I don't trust myself. However, I am doing something... different.
I may try this again.
I may throw my lots in. I have an idea for a Thaumaturge named Din Westermouth I'll field, perhaps.
01/30/2014 04:11 PMPosted by Warhawk

I'm assuming this is just a spelling error. I think you were looking for silvered. Could be wrong. As for you Morrjo, I shall miss Noct, but I understand.
Thank you, fixed that.
Seems alright, though a last name would help, if you don't mind.
Doesn't have one, at least one that he can remember. His direct bloodline has never been monster hunters. It's all from Umbran Eryx.
Fair enough, but...for my sake? So I'm not making it up for you. We all know how that went with Graal.

A fair point.

He's Malek Bancroft now.
Works for me. NEXT!

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