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I HATH RETURNED....that and the fact that i happened to check the forums at the exact time that this RP was restarting....Also...i bid everybody hello :)
Well get a character up you.
Very well, it is done. Btw, i'm going to make a fresh start with a new character. It will have some similarities to Michael but a different personality, weapons, etc.

Name: Arden Bechtel (random name generator ftw)

Age: 28

Weapons: Aureola, Keeper of Light (One handed sword, imbued with power of light. Forged by ancient ancestors and passed down through generations).

Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle (Multiple ammunition capabilities, powerful at any range)

Automatic Pistol (Fast fire rate, deadly at short range, can switch to semi-automatic)

Abilities: Ranged Expertise(passive): Due to extensive training at a young age, Arden is capable of using any standard ranged weapon.

Invoke (Active): Arden channels energy through Aureola, giving it extra damage vs demons and any other creature of the night for a short period of time.

Silence (Passive): Through years of stealth training, Arden has learned how to move silently as if it was second nature.

Backstory: The last of his bloodline and family, Arden was the sole survivor of an attack by a large demon horde on his family's ancient manor on Darkova at the age of 15. Remembering his survival training given to him at his childhood, he scavenged the wreckage for the one sole object he knew would survive, the sword Aureola forged by his ancestors. He had admired the blade on the mantle of the main dining room for much time. Taking the blade in his grasp, along with a few memorabilia and other weapons he had on him at that time, he went off into the streets of Darkova, searching for demons to hunt down and kill, so as to carry on his family's cause. One night in an inn, his room was secretly entered by Alistair and left a letter on his desk. Upon waking up, he finds the letter and sets off.

Appearance: 5' 9" Uniform jet black hair, brown eyes, skin a light color. A thin person, with slightly muscular arms. He seems to have a slight look of alert on his face at all times, as if he is expecting to be attacked any moment. He has a small scar behind his ear. He wears a leather cloak most of the time with some other gear that a soldier would have. His sword sheath is slung on his back, there are several pockets on the inside of his cloak for holding spare weapon cartridges. His pistol is holstered on his right side, and his sniper rifle is slung on his back as well, albeit on the side to Aureola's sheath, so as to not get tangled up.

Personality: Arden tends to stay out of the way, preferring stealth and observation to straight up combat, and only fights when necessary. Most of the time, he tends to just avoid unnecessary fights or prolonged fights. Normally, he just finds a secluded location and takes out his targets with his sniper rifle w/ a silencer.

Aureola is a 4 foot long sword, with runes along the blade and the hilt expertly crafted as if it was for an art show. The blade glows faintly. The sword is double-edged and looks similar to a hybrid of a longsword and a broadsword. http://www.deviantart.com/art/Rothelim-107942549

It is done.

EDIT: Sword description edited
EDIT2: Personality section added.
EDIT3: Came up with an additional backstory for Aureola, will introduce when time is right.
EDIT4: Put in link showing what Aureola sort of looks like.
Can I get exactly what kind of sword it is? For example, Argost is a single edged long sword.
gonna do a rework of Helen ... mostly just a name change and might clean up a few things if I can think of them.
Well, i've created my character. Due to time constraints on my computer (accursed parental controls), that will be all for today.

Name: Father Kevin Sacerdos
Age: 29

Weapons Ignis Dei-
A small ceremonial dagger, no longer than a foot. The metal of which it is forged of is gold. In the middle of the guard there is a large shining red ruby. The leather that wraps around the hilt is red. There is the detail of a chalice with a flame burning detailed in red upon the pommel.


Holy Blaze (Active)-
Father Sacerdos forms a large sphere of holy flame. He launches it across towards his enemies, leaving a burning trail in its wake that causes no damage to the natural things of the world.

Summon Faxis, the Fire Elemental
A young fire elemental with the capability to create flames of destructive energy. Upon defeat or having used up its essence, it will explode in blasphemous heat, fire, and destruction. However this is minor compared to most fire elementals. http://javi-ure.deviantart.com/art/Fire-elemental-152966805

The Spanish Inquisition (Active)-
Kevin Sacerdos is a loyal Catholic, albeit a bit mad, allowing him to call upon the interdimensional power of the Spanish Inquisition. The being that guides the creation of the universe rolls his die of power, telling the results of the Inquisition. The roll equivalent to zero or less is absolutely useless, one to two causes great pain, three to four is an instant and painful death, and a five or higher is a conversion to Sacerdos' side of Catholicism.

Appearance: Kevin Sacerdos is a white man garbed in white robes. Across the robes are golden threads of decals and on his waist is a red cord in which he holds his dagger. His eyes are a rather rusty brown and his hair a golden blonde. He holds no beard or mustache and has no visible deformities.

Backstory: The Sacerdos' were Catholics since its benevolence came along, all the way back to Rome. Upon being arrested for their beliefs by the UPL they were among the many sent off. They found themselves on the beautiful and supernatural world of Darkova, in which their gift with fire was much appreciated. Thanks to their valiant efforts the primary religion on Darkova, as long as you discount Atheism as such, is Catholicism. They would fight off the beasts of the night and create warmth for the families. Eventually the most recently born son, who was sadly somewhat inbred, was chosen to go when the call for defenders of Darkova was sent out. Kevin was the only one available, and besides, maybe he would learn responsibility! Maybe. Possibly. Okay, probably not. But it could teach him better fighting! Maybe...

Hell, they just wanted to find a reason to get rid of him.
02/11/2014 04:57 PMPosted by Lumamaster
The sword is double-edged and looks similar to a hybrid of a longsword and a broadsword.

That is called a bastard or hand and a half sword.

SF, to answer you DA question, at the very least something melee related. The rest is optional.
Name: Destiny Everin
Age: 25
Weapons: Twin .44 magnums with interchangeable ammo, .45 Cal Gunblade that fires HP AP rounds made of an Adamantium/Vibranium compound (Similar to that of Captain America's Shield), large 'Spartan-style' Round shield of the same compound, Shurimakto
Abilities: Master Smith(Passive possibly with active components), Marksman(Passive), Brutal Striker(Active)
Backstory: Her family dates back to before Darkova was settled and they came in one of the early waves of settlers. The Everin family are master smiths and monster hunters. Destiny has trained in both since about 5 years of age. Alistair came to her home seeking a hunter from the Everin family. Her parents were too old to help and her two brothers (Twins) didn't want to hunt which left Destiny. She agreed and set out for Helsing manor with her twin magnums and gunblade/shield combo.
Appearance: Shoulder length brown hair, 5'10", Well toned Athletic build, upper body looks a bit like a body builder from being a blacksmith, usually wears jeans and T-shirt, wears leather and mail armor in battle, Family crest tattooed over left shoulder blade, wears a necklace related to the ancient Greek Goddess of the Hunt Artemis.
Shurimakto (Shuri): An ancient sword that dates to before Humans even left Earth. The sword has survived undamaged for so long because it is made of Adamantium and has an ancient Kyuubi demon bound to it. The Kyuubi has long since been 'domesticated' and is extremely loyal to whoever of the Everin family wields the blade. From time to time when allowed Shuri, the blade was named after her, will mostly separate herself from the blade and take her original form (large 3-tailed arctic fox) or a humanoid form (Human female that appears to be about 20 but with fox ears, 3 tails, and silver hair). If Shuri touches the sword she is drawn into it and thus can never wield it. Shuri can only go about a half mile away from the sword before feeling extreme pain and a very powerful urge to return to it. If Shuri remains outside the half mile radius for more than 15 minutes the magic that binds her to the blade will forcibly return her to her 'home' inside the blade. Shuri can share her power with others but that ability is usually left unutilized.
I do hope we see a return of Noct. He always added a flair of seriousness to the RP.
EDIT: I see that we are going slow today....
EDIT2: And today as well...
Caffeine rush-hour five; Post all the things!

Name: Din Westermouth

Age: 19

Backstory(Westermouth Thaumaturges): Thaumaturges could be called a type of wizard, or perhaps even wielders of things uniquely arcane. From the perspective of one looking into their society such people could only be called madmen, messing with the very forces and core aspects of the world, and ones that others could say that the Thaumaturges themselves can barely understand!

They hold a relationship with a pair of beings known only as the Lords of Certainty and Miracles, their ancient history pointing towards a pact made between their primarch and 'The Lord of Miracles' for the sake of arcane knowledge. Their primarch, a man by the name of Afforestes Westermouth, created and wove the existence of the Westermouth Thaumaturge Family through research and experiments conducted by himself, laying the foundation of their current lives. Though many don the Westermouth name, only an incredibly minuscule fraction of their three-hundred strong family are considered genetic relatives with one another, as the overwhelming whole of the band are made up of those who move into the group from the outside world.

The Westermouth group live high within a mountain overlooking a small coastal village, whom their neighbors are often seen as partners in trade and assistants-slash-rescuers for their signature silly antics. It is rather often that one would see one of the purple-clad miracle workers dashing down from the mountaintops, chased by some sort of tentacled monstrosity hellbent on consuming its maker. Such events happen worryingly often, alongside a variety of explosions and virtual rainbows of animate fires with similarly Technicolor smoke.

Should you ever ask those within the little coastal village of such souls, they would offer many different opinions on the topic of their estranged mountaintop neighbors; Some say that the Westermouths are a group of harmless madmen, others calling them innocent children at heart who play and toy with truly strange things. However, their positive impact on their neighbors cannot be denied, as the plodding of many a golem's footsteps and the gentle hum of living lights so show.

However, there seems to be recent rumors floating about of their demise. Their coastal neighbors seem to have fallen silent in their normal tirade, and the Westermouths no longer seem to be seen openly around Darkova. More worryingly yet is the disappearance of those sent to investigate, their bodies never found, their very existences ceasing upon entering the silent, ever-hungry mountain.

Backstory(Din): From a young age, Din was often seen toying with the equipment prevalent around the Westermouth mountain with a nearly inhuman passion. Like many others whom toiled to learn the craft, he had his fair share of things explode violently in his face. Such is the reason he is practically blind, shielding his eyes with an enchanted blindfold to allow him to see in a different manner than others. He seems to have departed his hometown for the sake of meeting with someone for desperately required help, but has yet to find anyone up to the task.

It should be noted that he is one of the last bloodline descendants of Afforestes Westermouth, such a heritage proven by his eerie purple eyes. There seems to be an off feeling permeating his being, something noted only to exist within those of his bloodline. Stranger still is its incredible diluted strength within him when compared to those before him, casting a nearly Eldritch aura about him and driving people away from him upon a simple instinctual fear.

Appearance: Six-foot four, with a lithe build tapered for speed and precision. Din has brown hair and purple eyes often hidden beneath a dark-gray blindfold, woven golden thread dressing its outsides. He has a pair of parallel slashed scars on the left side of his neck and is seen draped in deep purple and black robes, often accented with golden trim or stitching. It should be noted that the robes which, despite being as soft as silk, are harder than neosteel. They can only be penetrated with incredible force behind every blow, and enchantments woven into the garments both repair damage dealt to them over a long period as well as cushion their wearer from a significant percentage of the force. Their rate of repair would be significantly higher, but a lack of essence of which to draw on disallows any greater abilities.

He carries a pair of gold-chained crimson crystals braced against his forearms. The crystals very slowly dull as time passes, and require a recharging ritual to remain active. For what purpose, he seems to be reluctant to speak of.

Thaumaturge: Din, by nature and history of his art has a nasty habit of making mistakes. Though his apparatus reduce and eliminate the chance of such an event happen, Lady Luck has often decided to be fickle to the poor man. Things explode for him upon your discretion, whether for the sake of comedy or balance.

???: Being the last descendant of Afforestes Westermouth, the power that was once spread about equally in the members of his family now has percolated into him. It is this ability that gives him that off putting aura, and quite frequently drives those seeking his companionship away.

Suffice to say, it already has a name, but unless a certain Arc I have in mind takes place (Or Din is put in truly life-threatening danger), it won't make an appearance at all, and most likely won't have any influence. I won't name it, because the very second I do, some awful and spoilery details will spill out concerning much more than just Din. I understand you won't like it, Zarkun, but I ask that you at least keep this one secret.

Blood-taint(???): There seems to be something present within the young Thaumaturge, draining the crystals he wears of their crimson glow and himself of his strength. Should their healthy red glows begin to dim dangerously low, Din becomes increasingly feral and impulsive, growing a rather concerning bloodlust. Should they finally crumble to dust irrepairably... Well. The result won't be pretty.

Blade of Azolius (Eirloom, Sword): An ancient blade said to have come from Terra (Earth), it hums with the feeling of an object that has withstood the tests of time. It also has what can only be called an odd structure, one side of the blade is sharp like a classic broadsword, the other being saw-toothed and jagged. Stranger yet is its incredible lack of weight: Even a thin man like Din can swing it at incredible speeds and happily cleave beasts in two.

Magnus Arcus (Handgun): The problem with enchanting gunpowder-based ammunition with essence was that the gunpower's fire would act as a catalyst for essences to mix and contaminate, leading to unwanted, and sometimes catastrophic results. Din solved the problem by enchanting the bullets beforehand, and then using the essence of motion mixed with the essence of energy to propel the projectiles out of the gun's barrel. The bullets themselves have the unique property of homing in on targets that he specifies with a laser under-slung the pistol's barrel, but the considerable size of each round and the recoil makes aiming often difficult.

It appears to be based off of the Desert Eagle, but has a few ports and gizmos added on top of the dark-gray and gold frame. Due to his time spent away from the Westermouth Mountain, he no longer has the capability of creating any more of his handgun's unique bullets. At the time of arriving at the Helsing manor, he only has two in total; no more, no less. Luckily, it can take standard ammunition, and it is far from picky as to what it can fire.
So Zarkun, what is the story with the wolf war? Did it end? Is it still on but something more important is happening soon?
Indeed, I would like to know what the main plot point will be this time.
Sorry bro, but no magic. Malek wasn't allowed any, so I doubt Zarkun will make an exception for you...
That is true, you can't really start with magic as a given. Abilities are acceptable though.
Thaumaturges don't have magic in the sense that they wield arcane abilities. Their 'magic', if it could be called that is the manipulation of the natural world, not relying on some evil or outside force.

For instance, a mage would use an internal reservoir of mana to throw a fireball, whereas a thaumaturge would use the essence of heat or fire captured beforehand. If caught without their tools, a Thaumaturge is just a regular man with no special abilities.
02/15/2014 10:16 PMPosted by Zanon
So Zarkun, what is the story with the wolf war? Did it end? Is it still on but something more important is happening soon?

We'll be starting similarly to last time, but the Manor Siege will take place a little sooner. Let's just say the Were Wars will still happen, though not like the last time. Anyways, things are building up to a major...event, let's say. Something fairly terrible even by Noct's standards. As for your Thaumaturge...the idea is unique, true, but not quite DH. You see, I'm asking for more of a monster hunter esque character, which is why magic isn't allowed. Thaumaturgy is a type of magic which draws it's power from essence. It is, at it's base level, still magic. SF is using a priest type person gifted with the ability to use holy fire. It's a gift from God, not magic. He requires prayer energy to use it. However, I never said his person had to be of sound mind.
Thaumaturgy doesn't just draw the essence out of thin air, it has to be extracted beforehand from actual solid matter and either imbued (how the wand would store power), or stored in liquid form (essence). Magic has a lack of knowledge of its absolute base functions, whereas Thaumaturgy would be closer to technology than anything, if having a more arcane bent to its form and function.
I know what Thaumaturgy is, morrjo. I didn't say it in my previous post because I assumed, rightly so it would seem, you did as well. I'm still gonna have to say no. Thaumaturgy is still a form of magic and I defined magic when talking it over with War. I normally wouldn't care, but this is one of those cases where I must stand by what I've said.
And now we shall wait for the others to post their characters.....that and im bored.

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