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So what say you? A post to start us off? I'm sure I could put together a nice opening with nothing to do with the main plot.
I wouldn't say no to that. It would keep the pace going.
A lonely transport zoomed over the empty dirt road, raising a large plume of dust behind it. It was a dull grey, and bore no distinguishing markings.

Vehicles were exceptionally rare on Darkova... sure they existed, but only the rich and the military had access to them. And the vespine gas you needed to make them run? Let's just say it was cheaper to own a horse and feed for a year it than it was to own a car.

Anyway, back to our transport. It just so happened to be carrying one a few of the most dangerous humans alive. Inquisitors.

Don't get me wrong, monster hunters are definitely scary people. But inquisitors? Downright terrifying.
So far as people knew, inquisitors only visited settlements if they were in pursuit of a witch or if the witch was in said town.

The first was ok, so long as no one looked suspicious. The second... That meant an inquisitor was likely to discharge his weapon inside city limits... And that the witch was likely to respond with some sort of fire. Read: Dangerous to the locals.

---More later---
This is the PRP though...Not the main thread...
Let's see... so far we've got me, Zanon, TLM, Luma, SF's wip & morrjo's wip...
If and when those two get their char's finished, then I'd say we'll have enough to start.
Very true. It wasn't numbers I was worried about, it was activity levels.
Ehh... the bar's just been slow in general.
Perhaps we make drinks half off in the bar for a short amount of time? XD
I finished the Mad Priest of Fire.

I'm just gonna post another character here.

Name: Nefas
Age: 19

Appearance: Nefas' face is fine and sharp featured.

Formerly his hair is a snow white and spiked up and pointing backwards. His irises are bright orange and his pupils themselves are like a void, and instead of reflecting images, they seem to disappear and be sucked into the pupils. His right arm is the biggest oddity of his body. At the shoulder it begins to darken and grey and by the bicep is pitch black. His fingers have turned into talons and small sharp spikes seem to point out of the knuckles on Nefas' hands. His elbow also shares such a spike. Running along the arm are orange lines and gather into what seems like a sigil on the back of his hand and runs down his claws. This demonic arm is thicker than a human arm by several millimeters.

Now Nefas' hair is simple short hair that is white with brown streaks running through it. His eyes are a dull orange, coloured similarly to almond eyes, just with the orange tinge really. His pupils aren't quite as dark anymore, and simply don't reflect images. The spikes across his Demonic arm are somewhat dull and about a centimeter shorter than before. Everything else remains the same.

Nefas wears a black chestplate underneath a brown hardened leather vest and wears khaki pants with thick steel toed boots underneath. To make up for the lack of thickness and defense on his left arm Nefas also wears a black bracer and a pauldron there.

Weapons: Demonic Arm
It is hard and thick, and impossible to break through, due to its substance and make. The talons and spikes that it holds are sturdy and able to pierce through and slice through most armours. It is also the conduit for the sinister abilities that Nefas wields. However, it can be wieldy.

Demon-Fire: Nefas summons a powerful flame around his demonic arm. He can choose to either launch it or use it to enhance his attacking capability. Both have the chance to leave the stricken opponent(s) burning.

Plague of Taint: Summoning the devilries of illness, Nefas strikes his opponent with a plague, dealing great damage overtime if they are biological, and a good amount to mechanical. If a biological opponent dies during the effects of the plague, or from them, they will turn into a Tainted One, becoming a servant of Nefas until the energies that run through the zombified corpse cause it to be destroyed.

Shadow Phase: Using the supernatural abilities of the darkness, Nefas turns himself or another invisible. If they attack while in this state, they will deal a large amount of damage due to the shadow energies they are cloaked in, but they will lose their invisibility.

Backstory: There is next to nothing known of Nefas history. The demon tainted boy just awoke one day, his home decimated. He become something evil, A being that tread both the path of benevolence and mortality, as well as the path of devilry and inhuman life. He knew not his name, his home, or what had happened. He knew what he was, what must have done this, and that he could not give in. He named himself Nefas. A Latin word for atrocity, abomination, crime, sin, and wickedness. All of these now applied to him.

Upon Darkova he found himself, bending the wills of the others around them to make them see him for something else, still an abomination, but at least he did not appear a demon, but partially cybernetic. His arm masked from demonic to robotic rather easily, he showed those around them what they wanted to see and believe, but it was no easy task for the boy. Eventually, during a bounty hunt he had begun to do for money, as it was all he could do, Nefas was intercepted by an unstable Priest who was on his way to Van Helsing. Quickly and easily over powered, mainly from surprise and a very, chaotic interdimensional power, Nefas was not killed surprisingly, but rather captured, the priest mumbling something along the lines as a gift for the great monster slayer, prompting a sigh of relief from Nefas on their journey. At least he would not be killed by the insane Catholic zealot but rather someone of a high strength and power.

Impressive. I believe you may have out done yourself this time. Well done. Serious(ish) with just the right amount of chaos and dark humor. Perfect.
Thank you.

But where is this dark humor you speak of? Is it the inbreeding?
Yeah, I guess.

Is Altun coming back or have we seen the last of our archangel?

gah... I'll throw Seraphim in, but he'll infrequent and mainly cameo. His little sister on the other hand...


Name: Seraphim Dante
Age: 32
- Avenger (heirloom): A katana whose blade is made of pure light. However, something sinister resides within it.
- Angel's Breath: a pistol sized holy oil flamethrower with an adjustable flame spread.
- Stormcaller: a psi-lightning rod about 18" long. Doubles as an 'electrified' mace in close quarters.
- "Satchel": A good-sized belt pouch with a number of peculiar properties, namely it's impossibly large storage space.
- Psi Boost: (active) Temporarily enhances his reflexes, strength, toughness, eyesight, sense of smell, etc.
- Extensive Training: (passive) In addition to having trained with his father & the Van Helsings, Seraphim is also an experienced medic and mechanic.
- Veteran Hunter: (passive) Seraphim has been fighting & slaying monsters for many years and as such, has build up quite a bit of skill in the art of monster hunting.
Appearance: 6' 6", lithe but solidly build, piercing blue eyes, long blond hair held back in a ponytail. Dressed in drab utilitarian clothing with a hooded coat/cloak hybrid.


Name: Elisabeth Dante ("Liz" for short)
Age: 21
- Duo Gladium: (heirloom) A twin pair of sabers originating all the way back to United States Civil War on Old Earth.
- Twin Machine Pistols: Use silvered rounds.
- Blade Host: An extensive array of small daggers & knives all of which are silvered & balanced for throwing.
- Cat's Grace: (passive w/ active) Liz has an innate knowledge of her surroundings and is extremely athletic to the point of pulling off seemingly impossible stunts.
- Truesight: (toggled active) If she's focused and paying enough attention, Liz can see through any illusion or disguise.
- Acrobatic Fighter: (passive) Liz is ambidextrous with excellent hand-eye coordination allowing her to fight effectively even while pulling off insane stunts.
Appearance: 5' 10", lithe and athletic, chocolate brown eyes, short cropped blond hair dyed black & red. Dressed almost exclusively in black, she wears a leather jacket, knee-high boots, a pair of jeans and a red teeshirt.
SF, I must ask where the mad priest's sheet is.
Page 2, post 27, Father Kevin Sacerdos.
02/23/2014 10:06 PMPosted by Warhawk
Is Altun coming back or have we seen the last of our archangel?

As soon as he finishes chasing Ravener.... In the RP neither of us has posted on in months.
I absolutely despise trashing back-stories and small worlds I weave. I've modified Din slightly, and removed his wand, and he no longer carries anything that he would be able to use to wield his craft. His back story (and shenanigans!) can still apply while disallowing him from using magic in any serious circumstances.

The bullets for his magnum can be removed if you so choose. He only has two in total. Would you be willing to give him another go, Zarkun?
Seems good now, morrjo. SF, they both check out.
I assume this means we can finally start?
Seraphim & Elisabeth more or less done. Still need to write up their backstories.
I'll start it tomorrow. Today is a bit...busy.

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