Blub blub.

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I'm a tiny fish. Blub.
Oh, you're still alive. Been a while, welcome back.
Welcome back TC just in time for Zark's RP
Well I'll be damned. It's been a while TC. Welcome back.

(SF, Kay-Oh! plz)
Had to scan my ID to change my password. Now soon, I will get HotS. Thanks for keeping Quote of the Day alive. I've been getting Nostalgic for Starcraft. I've been watching Husky Starcraft and all of his let's plays. Including his Starcraft 1, Half Life 2, Black Mesa, and Heart of the Swarm let's plays. I gave up waiting to see HotS so I figured watching Husky was the most acceptable way to watch him.
Glad to see you again and glad to hear you'll be getting back into the game. We hope you'll join us for RPing again. There's a certain one you started we never finished. (Ahem, Conscientia)
!@#$, you still want to do that. I had so much trouble getting anyone involved and it was leading it. Though I suppose I was expecting to have a lot more control over it than I did.
Well, we were still learning our own limits. I'd enjoy taking another jab at it if you're willing to DM it again. It actually could coincide with my RP Those Who Watch from the Shadows.
Here's a fun game for you. Find my last post on the site, before I forgot the answer to my security question.

And I'll consider it.

Lastly, can you change your security question?
Should be able to, it's in your account settings.
Yes but only from the main battle net site
Also, your game is cheating. However, it was in Conscientia before you dropped off the grid. Wait, no, it was your Internet's Triumphs.
It was the latter zark.
Thought so. Can't use post history cause they wiped it...
Really now... Didn't know that.
Mine, yours, his, everyone's got wiped. Don't know when either.
Ah, well, I thought I was hacked, because I couldn't get my password to work and I forgot my childhood nickname. I think I just freaking remembered it though. How annoying.
I played your game and won. Now redo Conscientia XD

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