War Pigs: Origins, III

Joeyray's Bar
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Unable to just lie in wait I get up from the bed and start to wander about the ship with a bad limp since my knee hadn't healed enough just yet.
I walk with the group of War Pigs but stay quiet for now as I didn't have much to say.

I get some stuff in the med bay set up and then work to find someone to finish healing James.
"Oh, we're definitely the most dangerous people around." Steven confirmed as they drew closer to his apartment complex. They finally reached his small room and piled in. It was small, but big enough for them to each have their own space on the floor.

"We can lie low here. If I'm not back by tomorrow, Makins killed me. Consider it my final effort to get us out of the slums. If I am back tomorrow... We'll go from there."

Without another word, Brock sealed the door. Natalie stepped towards him and shouted for him to wait. His footsteps could be heard down the hall.

"B*stard..." Natalie swore under her breath.
Alison simply shakes her head;
"If he wants to throw himself into a snake pit, that's his prerogative, not mine. Steve, where's the nearest ATM and bar? I could use something to drink."
I wander about the streets of the area not sure what to do right at the moment.
Rob leans on a wall with his hand, shaking. In a couple seconds he erupts with laughter, letting it echo throughout the room.

"Y-yeah, that's the Cap alright," he says still shaking with laughter, "What a dictator. Can't lie and say I'm unhappy though,

Rob flops down on a cushy chair, pulling out his magnum and a cloth. He polishes it before beginning again.

"You know Alison, I thought you'd have more of a reaction. I mean, it's not really your prerogative, you're right, but if this works out we'll be working for the Confederacy again. I thought you wanted to defect? Not that it matters now I guess."

Rob shrugs.

Rob leans back, continuing to polish his gun. He stares at the door that shut close when Brock left.

Well, good luck.
Alison shakes her head;
"I doubt his plan is going to work, especially given that we were fired upon by a Confed fleet with a Confed IFF in our ship. Somebody high up obviously wants us dead."
"So far as I know, only Makins would WANT us dead, for some reason or another. Cover up maybe." I sigh and glare at the door. If you die, I'll kill you. You mean an awful lot to us Pigs. "Let's face it, the Confederacy's days are numbered."
"I see your guys' points, but I'm not sure why we're bothering with this debate again," Rob says, twirling his gun.

"Brock's going, whether we want him to or not. The door's locked, hence we're stuck in this room."
"I don't think Brock can lock it. I mean, it is Svenson's apartment."
OOC: idk, it said Brock sealed the door and Natalie pounded against it so it was implied that it's locked
Poke Poke. MarkThaneKriosTheSpacePirate, a response to Alison please. (post #64)
Breath of LIFE! This will be resuming as of right now. So sorry for the extended month long delay and such. I'll re-write the last few minutes so that we can get back into the groove with minimal confusion and discomfort from our previous interactions.


Steven Svenson adjusted his stance to a more relaxed one. The Captain would go work out their issues with the Confederacy and they would leave his life forever. Or, the Captain will die and the War Pigs will leave his life forever. Either way, Svenson was home with a completely clean slate.

"Uuh- Closest bar?" Before Svenson's mind could create a map in his head, Natalie interrupted his thoughts in objection to Alison.

"Alison, are you sure you want to be hungover for tomorrow? I don't even think it's a good idea for us to leave this room -- even for James to go to the hospital." Natalie was already feeling worried for the Captain, but tried to push it to the back of her mind. He obviously had to do this and it was his way of showing us he cared. Even if it meant suicide.

"No, alcohol probably isn't a good idea. We should stay put."
I grunt and head for the door, looking back at Svenson. "Sorry, but there are a couple of us who disagree. Svenson, closest bar." The whole point in coming here was to talk things out amongst ourselves before letting anyone go anywhere and now the Captain, even though he meant well, was going to get himself shot anyways. Well, I figured to hell with it, he wanted to take a firing squad alone, let him, because he clearly didn't listen to the Pigs.

Opening the door and letting Alison out first, I wait for Svenson's reply.
"Wasn't planning on having anything alcoholic. I only get drunk if I've got somewhere safe to do it.. not to mention a reason as well. Neither of which is here or now. Becides, I need to stretch my legs."
Alison replies, heading for the door.
A pepperoni pizza still sounded good. Natalie hesitated, but soon gave in, following Steve out the door while he led the way past Hank.

"Okay, but seriously, I don't want to haul any of your asses back to the apartment. We have a big day tomorrow, one way or another."
OOC: Ok I presume by the almighty powers of the DM everyone is in the apartment.

"I'm all for going to the bar." I pipe in standing up and following Hank and the others.
Svenson proceeded to lead the way out of the apartment complex down the street. The mining town had little to offer and small corporate buildings were at every turn until they reached a certain ATM.

"Okay, here we are." Svenson said with a short smile.
I raise an eyebrow at the man, my temper not in the mood for jokes. "You've got about ten seconds to explain what you're up to before I punch you in the nose. I'm not in the mood for this kind of sh!t."
I believe you misunderstood my meaning of ATM. Ya'know, a machine where you can take money out of the bank for a small fee?

Tell me if you want to edit and then I will do so appropriately :)


"What?" Steve approached the machine first and punched in a pin number. It spit out the appropriate credits. "I left my wallet back on Tyrador."

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