Can't promoted plat to diamond?? Advice plz

Hi all,

i really need some advice if you can help me to understand.

I play in SEA region, i got stuck to plat for ages until now and i always rank 1 with high score with more wins and loss less (like now i got 76/26), i beat several times diamond and when i saw some noob getting diamond so fast with only 10 wins and loss 0 well that's not fair why not me.

Anyone can advice me is it blizz problem or i should i have faith? lol

I don't know. Maybe if there will be another ladder lock, you'll be promoted after that ladder lock?

League isn't exactly a measurement of skill (That's what they tell me).
So, always look forward to improve your game.

Maybe that other guy was a Diamond, a few seasons ago?

You can leave your league and do that league placement match again.
When you open the ladder from your profile, and see your rank compared to others, you'd probably see a "leave league" button in there.

I once got unfairly high on my league. Got to Plat on Teams, and couldn't beat my opponents. I left league, and did the placement match, and it readjusted me to Gold..... And that was enough for me. Though, Bronze should be where I belong, really.
zeragul i think u always pair up with high leaguer, which result u are being favored every match up.
Thx i just got promoted to diamond.

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