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Hi guys,

I've recently stumbled across Day9 who was suggested to me by a friend. I loved watching his videos but never played SC2.

I recently got the game after feeling inspired by some of his videos and the way he talks about the game. But it seems i have no friends that i can learn from and play with who still want to pick up the game. I guess I'm looking for some mates who can show me the ropes, put up with some nooby behavior and just have fun.
You may or may not be able to find somebody here. JoeyRay's is the unofficial RP section of the SC forums, and a number of us can't actually play SC2 right now (myself included)

However SpacePirate (if life is taking up too much of his time) would probably be willing to give you some pointers, as well as a few others 'round here.
Todays my day off, I'd love to play some games with you! :D

Add me, I'll add you too :)
Awesome - I'll add you tonight if I get a chance. Would be awesome to play with the same people regularly :)

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