Balance Update and Daedalus Point Fix Today

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02/05/2014 01:06 AMPosted by Delusional
Dear Blizzard, from the Protoss. As you know we are all looking forward to 25% less whinging from Terran but do you mind giving us a little advanced warning next time? just like a day or two so we know when where going to have to change our style of play against mech and what have you, thanks.


The Protoss

Code S started earlier today, so it was probably done so that everyone played on the same patch.
This is fine for the pros....would be nice to have some balance for lower level players too (yes if affects everyone...)

Overcharge should be like 20 seconds and most....
I stated in the OP the problem sac'ing my overlord had at that point. Since he was telegraphing gateway all-in, I couldn't spare the build time or minerals for another overlord, as I thought I had to get down defense right away.

I should of, however, sent it in at 8 minutes when I realized he wasn't x-gating me. At that point though, it probably wouldn't have mattered, as the all-in would have been at my door as soon as I seen his robo.

yea a lot of stuff protoss does is very annoying, on my zerg account i went 12-0 against protoss until i played one that did a gateway expand into like 8-9 gate with double warp prism, warping them in non stop, i couldnt micro 2 groups of roaches at the same time and all the lings would die, had to move my workers a lot, had no gas for banes.
02/04/2014 02:19 PMPosted by JiayoJames
02/04/2014 02:00 PMPosted by Icw
Why is this game being balanced around wall-offs vs zerg? Is this not a strategy game where people come up with creative solutions anymore?

Why wouldn't it be? If zerglings get in your natural it doesn't usually end well...........................................

I remember way back in the day playing BW when games didn't revolve around making sure people could build a wall to protect their base.

SC2 shouldn't have been any different. Now EVERY !@#$ing map has a ramp, natural, and a choke point. That nullifies a lot of early aggression from all races. Just look at how that mindset affects Zerg. They used to be the "rush" race, where you constantly pressured (hell, they coined a verb!) - in SC2 they're the "if I rush I'm doing an all in and it means I'll die unless I finish it immediately" race.

This game has a lot of fundamental problems that small tweaks like this patch just gloss over. I believe most people who played BW heavily years ago know exactly where I'm coming from.

The only uplifting thing here is DK's comment on wanting to move away from deathballs and toward smaller, more rapid tactical battles. That says to me that maybe - just maybe - they get it and are trying to work that back into the game.

I know people will scream "But this isn't BW!" and to that I say, BW is the heart and soul of SC2. The designers bring that back to the game, and they'll have a 10 year classic on their hands.

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