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Timeline of Humanity:
Human tribes established.
First cities created
First contact with the elves and Cycian

4700?-4350?, The Lost Age
1. The Emperor unites humanity under his banner.
2. A calamity nearly wipes out the Cycian. This calamity also hits the humans and elves
3. Magic is taught to humans by the Elves to confront this calamity

1. The Dwarves, sporadically seen outside, come out in much greater force. They make small trade outposts outside.
2. Humans have splintered into many different factions as warlords use everything exert their influence.
3. The Elves retreat back to their forests
4. Over the years, the Cycian refugees band together and begin construction for a new home called Lessarn where their capital once stood.

3800-3700: War of the Three Kings
1. Three men of power-Hahnium Jan, Peter Verian, and Leoric Basil-claim sovereignty over the crown. Human land is split into three territories.
2. The Cycian refuses to receive any diplomats from either “kings” citing that they were in the process of rebuilding.
3. Hahnium's is the first to fall under Peter's force. Rather than face humiliation under Peter's hand, Hahnium chooses to commit suicide at Galdoon's Bane.
4. Peter's kingdom is nearly twice as large as Leoric. However, a series of disastrous military campaigns alongside an untimely famine forces him to pull back.
5. Both Peter and Leoric pass away within months of each other. Their heirs, John Verian and Agar Basil continue their fight. A clan of dwarves, the Ironeaters decide to give aid to Agar when he saves their clan leader.
6. The Battle at Tyrn Field leaves 25,000 dead in total. John is shot through the heart by an unknown archer.
7. Though Agar emerges victorious and becomes King at 3684, he deals with insurgents in his kingdom for another 12 years.
8. The Ironeater dwarves receive a generous gift in precious metals and stones. They forge Agar a runesword in return and head back for their homes

3600-3000: Golden Age
1. The Academy is established to formalize the teaching of magic and has an oversight committee by the government. Teachers are restricted in what they can research and teach by the gov't who fear a potential mage uprising.
2. The Basil monarchy screens for potential magicians.
3. Peace time for nearly 600 years. Technology, culture, and the like flourish. Stronger diplomatic relations made between remaining dwarves and elves and Cycian
4. The Cycian reestablishes a third of their former boundaries.
5. The Basil dynasty continues through the Golden Age
6. Agar's runesword is lost.
7. Some Cycian territory is annexed. The Cycian are unable to take action but protest. They are ignored. Trade ports are closed off with the Cycian.
8. Hostilities begin with the Dwarven clans over several key mines. The clans take control of the mines and seals the entrances to the mines with stone. The Dwarves begin to recede from the surface.

2900-2500: Age of Magic
1. The Academy body sends a petition to remove regulations. Reluctantly after much deliberation, the regulations are lifted.
2. New schools of magic are explored with a zealous fervor, necromancy and demonology especially.
3. The Elves send a letter warning them of the dangers.
4. The Committee, impressed but more horrified by what they see is occuring, decides to step in and institutes stricter oversight. They are ignored. Sending troops to enforce this decree, the mages confirms their fear: they rebel and brazenly kill the enforcers. The Mage War War begins.
5. Three years pass and with the help of Elves and a number of defectors, the rebellious mages are put down. Their wonton abuse of magic resulted in the death of 200,000 and allowed the presence of the Nether regions to seep in. Surviving renegade mages are stripped of their magic.
6. A list of Forbidden Schools of Magic are created. The Academy is opened several year later.
7. Tragedy strike the Basil Dynasty as the last Basil dies without a heir and the remainder of the royal family are swept by the sea.
8. The Ravens, an organization dedicated to hunting down renegade wizards, is created. The Oath is created to instill a sense of restraint. It also holds every mage to not interfere unless it is an absolute necessity because of the terrible damage they can do.
9. As the barriers between this world and the nether regions are weakened, its corrupting energies and inhabitants occasionally seep out into Haruyn in portals.
10. The major dwarf clans disappear altogether. Only a few clans maintain contact with the outside world.

2400-2000: Cold War
Five great human powers emerge after the chaos that follow at different points:
1. 2320: Kahbya, a military junta
2. 2054: Adanos, an absolute monarchy
3. 2299: Haribad, a confederation of city states
4. 2350: The Republic of Mansur
5. 2276: Hadanbur, a theocracy
Fighting occurs sporadically as each nation does not want to initiate a war in lieu of other nations coming in for an opportunity. They instead engage in a cold war with one another.

Gandia the Lich was responsible for one of the worst atrocities committed in human history. He was once an accomplished mage at the Academy but in his pursuit of knowledge, he went rouge. In 1955 after much preparation, he stole several forbidden tomes and fled into the unknown. Despite the best efforts of The Ravens, they were unable to track him down.

He appears nearly sixty years later as an undead being of immense power becoming the first and only Lich in history. He lead a massive army of undead and orcs. Dominating the Orc Chieftain Mor'guz Blackhand, he uses the orc as his proxy, and directs him to attack human settlements along the borders, using the dead to create undead minions. As the undead themselves have not appeared in the open, the human powers are quick to dismiss these attacks as simple pillaging and raiding.

The Orcs then attack Kahbya. A xenophobic, self absorbed and highly nationalistic nation, they attempt to deal with the problem themselves and keep everything tight lipped, fearing a possible “intervention” from one of the other human powers. The other nations know little of what is happening besides a '”civil war”. The military junta collapses in five months. The few refugees who make it out speak of Orcs wielding dark magic inflicting great harm against their own.

Haribad, closest to Kahbya, sees an oppurtunity to expand their border. Sending a vanguard of 2,500 in to establish a foothold in Kahbya, the vanguard is ambushed and overwhelmed by a combined force of orcs and undead and is utterly decimated. Haribad fears for the worst and begins to reinforce their borders when the vanguard sends no messages for 2 weeks. Gandia secretly makes Kahdya his base.

Hearing the rumors, the Council become suspicious and send Archmage Orlando Barrister to investigate whether the orcs are truly wielding magic and to also track their movements. He and a band of followers trace the Orcs and arrives to see them attack one of Haribad's cities. He aids in the city's defenses and helps repel the invasion. He is alarmed by the presence of undead among the orcs and that the orcs themselves are able to use necromancy.

In a letter to the Council, Orlando deduces that Gandia is the most likely candidate to have taught the orcs necromancy with the books he had stolen sixty years earlier. The Council receives his message and begin to mobilize for war. They also ask the other three powers to aid Haribad against a common foe. Adanos and Mansur agree and send out 30,000 and 24,000 men respectively. Handanbur withholds theirs.

Gandia concocts a plague and infects 30% of the population of Haribad through their water supply. The infected die within 3 days and also act as transmitters of the plague through bodily fluids. The dead eventually rises as one of the undead. The humans learn to take the precaution to burn every dead body so that there is not even a bone left to raise at every possible oppurtunity.

Fighting a now undead Mor'guz Blackhand whose kinsmen are now also undead, Orlando defeats the orc chieftain but not before Blackhand is able to infect him with the plague. Orlando spends what time he has researching the plague. Before immolating himself to ashes, he sends what he knows to the Council.

Dark Wizards are spotted among Gandia's forces. These acolytes prove to be deadly in their own right. Gandia himself also joins several battles in person.

The combined forces of Mansur, Adanos, the Haribad Remnants, the Academy, and Handanbur eventually push the undead back to Kahbya where it has become a toxic wasteland crawling with nefarious creations.

Gandia is eventually cornered in his nercopolis. The lich summons beings from the Nether Region but he is killed. What is left of Gandia's forces scatters and are hunted down.

Total casualties number in the upper hundreds of thousands, the most bloody in recorded history. Haribad holds on to its sovereignty but Hadanbur takes over the hospitable parts of Haribad. Kahdya remains inhospitable.

1743 January-June, Present day
Only Adanos, Hadanbur, and the Republic of Mansur remain.
1. Joan Adanos sires a heir to the throne
2. The Coven, the official religion of Handanbur spreads beyond its home borders.
3. Kari Laguna graduates from the Academy, earning the title of Magus.
Well feel free to contribute something.

Magic is inherent to the world. All living beings have a source of magic inside of them called Mana, some more than others. Through intense training, this mana can be controlled to induce phenomenons. Mana reserves can be increased. There are a variety of ways to replenish mana. The most simplest is food and rest. Another way is to siphon magic from a source. Once mana reserve is depleted, no more magic can be casted.

Magic is casted through a medium. Some may require an invocation. Trinkets can also enhance the potency of certain spells. Reagents may also be needed to perform a spell.

Present day, mages have much more potential than their predecessors. It is estimated that 25% of the human population can utilize magic at a basic form but only 10% will have the means of utilizing magic to its fullest. There is an estimated human 24,000 mages around the world.

Things of Interest:
The Academy:
Standing for nearly 1900 years, the Academy was the first institution to formally teach magic. Though other institutions of magic were eventually created, the Academy is often seen as the best. From its humble beginnings as a university, it has now become a sprawling magical city. Maintaining a strict policy of neutrality, the Academy body has no allegiance to anyone and instead strives to act in the interest of humanity as a whole.

The Ravens:
An organization created by the Academy, it's members are only identifiable by a hidden sigil inscribed on the left arm ( that can be revealed with a phrase. Its sole purpose is to hunt down renegade wizards dead or alive. Often they work together in small groups to overpower renegades.

The Coven:
A relatively new religion established around the same time Hadanbur formed, it is the official religion of Hadanbur and headed by High Priestess Eliza Reil. The Coven worships a deity called C'zun who is a mysterious sun goddess. In their representations of C'zun, she is depicted as a kind yet fiery haired woman draped in a fine crimson robe.

The religion gained a surge in popularity thanks to its missionaries who are stationed in the war torn region of Haribad.

According to their scriptures, humans were immortal and knew only how to kill to bring pain. Wanting salvation, a man who tired of this life, offered his prayers to the sun. A woman who wanted to find joy also offered her prayers to the sun. In a world filled with turbulence, the pleas of these two people gave life to C'zun.

C'zun went to work giving humans joy and compassion among other things. She removed their immortality to let them know that death is release. As she prepared to create paradise, her strength failed and she collapsed into ground. Slowly fading away, she promised to return to finish her work and bring her followers to paradise.
Holy !@#$.


I assume there is to be an RP behind this shortly?
What else do you need for it?
I need critique on anything. In particular, I need some suggestion for the Coven. I'm not quite sure what I am missing but I feel like I need more to flesh it out. Critique on the following below is welcomed too. Yes, this would be a RP. Heck, if you write a better background of something, I'll take it/incorporate it.

As for sign ups, let's talk about that ship sails by.

Sapient Species:
Humans are a diverse but divisive race. By diverse, many of them have spread throughout Haruyn and established distinct cultures from one another. However, such differences have often lead to bloody human conflict. Throughout history there has been minor skirmishes with other races.

Adanos is the second most populous nation. It was established in 2054 by a nobel called Hanum Adanos. Within three centuries, they have built a number of cities. Among the human powers, the armies of Adanos is the most organized and powerful military power out of necessity. With the threat posed by the Republic of Mansur to the east, Handanbur to the west and northwest, and the Wastelands on what was Kabhya, the people of Adanos are constantly vigilant. Men who turn 17 are conscripted and trained for a period of four years. Those who show promise are kept and trained more, becoming future military leaders. Others will return back to their daily lives, ready at a moment's notice to defend the crown. Joan Adanos is the current King.

The Republic of Mansur:
Consisting primarily of island city states, The Republic, though the smallest nation, has a powerful naval force and controls an important system of tributaries in the mainland that runs through Adanos. Though interested in expanding westward, they are content operating in the shadows, leveraging their naval power whenever necessary.

Hadanbur is the largest nation and also the most populous.. With The Coven woven into their daily lives, the citizens of Hadanbur are fervent defenders are their faith and are eager to convert more to their ranks, especially the downtrodden survivors of Haribad. As a result, they are the most expansionist nation and that is evident in their immediate take over of Haribad. Nonbelievers are sent to churches where they are educated.

Elves generally stand taller over humans. They are a lithe and agile race. The lifespans of the elves are longer than that of the human. Unless a grievous injury or illness take away their lives, an elf can live for nearly three centuries.

They are more attuned to magic and are generally more potent spellcasters than their human counterparts. A consequence of this has resulted in sharper sense, especially in their eyes. Elvish magic is nature based and there is even a type of magic that morphs its user into a fierce animal. Those who are not as skilled in magic typically spend more time developing their physical skills.

Though they do not enjoy war, the Elves will not hesitate to fight and they are by no means pushovers when it comes to battle. The longevity and the experience that comes with such a long life make them quite formidable opponents. In particular, elvish archers are particularly (in)famous, for their mastery of the bow is second to none.

Though once seen in greater numbers in the open, sighting an elf outside of their forests is very uncommon. Many have retreated back to their forests. Those who do wander Haruyn do so for a variety of reason, all of them curious about the world outside their homes.

The Dwarves are a stocky, short but well built race. They have many clans scattered throughout the land. The most powerful and prominent clans of dwarves have all but disappeared from the surface, retreating deep into their cavern homes for reasons unknown. What remains of the dwarves on the surface numbers in the tens of thousands and come from less influential clans.

Living under the surface for so long, the dwarves have acquired an interesting trait known as stoneskin. This trait makes them more resistant to physical blows and offers a small degree of protection against magic.

A race of dragonoids said to be descended from dragons, the average cycian stands over three meters making them the tallest race to roam the lands. Living an average of 140 years, Cycian reach sexual maturity when they are 45 years old. They lay 1 or 2 clutches of eggs whereupon it takes 2 years for it to hatch. Because of this, Cycians are slow to reproduce.
Their scales are naturally resistant to both blades and magic and such protection is supplemented by adding heavy armor that even the strongest man cannot use. However, using such protection removes them of the ability of flight. Thanks to their great bulk, the Cycian can even overpower the normally stoic dwarves.

There is a steely relationship with the humans when the Basil dynasty annexed parts of Haribad and Handanbur were once Cycian lands. the Cycian begrudgingly left willingly when it was clear that could not defend it. From there on, the Cycian kept a careful vigil over their lands

A calamity during the lost age has devastated the Cycian population so greatly that even in present day they are recovering. Their once great empire centering around the Great Sea Sand has been reduced to a fraction of their size and they have recovered half of their lands at their peak. Even for the Cycian, the calamity that wiped them out has been lost to the sands of time.
Frankly, I think this is fine. All you need now is a plot, some RPers & it'll ready to rumble.
Hm, should be up by the end of the week if not earlier.
I don't like being a hater but it seems to be like almost every fantasy RP that popped up here. I know you put time into the lore which I like but something that defines it would be good.
02/11/2014 10:54 AMPosted by KnarledOne

02/11/2014 06:49 PMPosted by Zanon
02/11/2014 10:54 AMPosted by KnarledOne

Exhilaratingly and fascinatingly interesting.
02/11/2014 06:49 PMPosted by Zanon
02/11/2014 10:54 AMPosted by KnarledOne


02/11/2014 05:40 PMPosted by FegelKitteh
I don't like being a hater but it seems to be like almost every fantasy RP that popped up here. I know you put time into the lore which I like but something that defines it would be good.

Go crawl under your rock. You've seen one fantasy RP while you've been here.
02/11/2014 08:57 PMPosted by Zarkun
Go crawl under your rock. You've seen one fantasy RP while you've been here.

Christ you two hate each others guts. & Zarkun, I know he's been around for more than one Fantasy RP. Besides, Fegel has a point; SSS, so far, is your generic fantasy setting. Not that theres anything wrong with that.
No matter what medieval fantasy setting you step into, it's gonna have many of the core elements this has. Magic, war, multiple races, darker magics, cruel rulers at some point in history or another, etc. The first three are pretty much core elements, the other two are options that are usually included. It is the core of Medieval Fantasy, just as much as lasers are a part of Sci-fi Fantasy. Zarkun's response was rude, but not entirely uncalled for. Fegel hates everything Medieval Fantasy that appears here. Hell, these things are found a lot in Sci-fi Fantasy as well.

Starcraft has three races, warring for power. The humans are also in a political struggle with a tyrannic government, which has turned into civil war. The humans have also developed powers, a version of Psychic capabilities that can manifest in more than mind reading and telekinesis, but rather also forming destructive bolts, beams, and explosions of energy. The Protoss are naturally adept with these powers, with strength in them greater than any human even at their lowest manifestation in the Protoss race. They have harnessed these energies not only as weapons and incorporated them in the weapons they have developed, but can also use them as an energy source. Finally, there is the Void. A empty place that the Dark Templar and the minions of Amon can draw energy from to attack.

So, multiple races in the way of the Protoss, humans, and Zerg? Check. Magic in the way of Psionics? Check. Dark magic in the way of the Void? Check. Cruel tyrannic leader in the way of the Dominion/Confederacy/QoB? Check. War in the way of inter species and civil? Check. Most fantasy, especially medieval though, follow these core elements. The second you drop magic and/or races, people don't immediately call it Fantasy. Or when you move it to a Sci-fi scene. However, it still is, they just have these core elements that almost all Fantasy follows.
I do not hate every fantasy RP I have tried to apply for some though was respectfully rejected. This one just has no features that are eye popping, just the generic fantasy tropes. Maybe the plot will make it unique but until I see that it interests me I do not join.
02/12/2014 03:20 PMPosted by ShadowFury
No matter what medieval fantasy setting you step into, it's gonna have many of the core elements this has. Magic, war, multiple races, darker magics, cruel rulers at some point in history or another, etc.

Oh ho ho ho. I'll take that as a challenge.
02/12/2014 07:18 PMPosted by KnarledOne
Oh ho ho ho. I'll take that as a challenge.

Please do and enlighten me. Maybe I can use it to spice this up.

Waiiiiiiit...we can have a feudal Europe setting minus everything fantasy.
02/12/2014 07:18 PMPosted by KnarledOne
02/12/2014 03:20 PMPosted by ShadowFury
No matter what medieval fantasy setting you step into, it's gonna have many of the core elements this has. Magic, war, multiple races, darker magics, cruel rulers at some point in history or another, etc.

Oh ho ho ho. I'll take that as a challenge.
It's possible, just usually isn't quite as intriguing as one with it is what I mean. The tradition Medieval Fantasy has that, but say a game like Age of Empires series, in a sense, it is a Medieval/Renaissance Fantasy RTS with only one of those elements. Well, as long as you discount priests/shaman from the first one, and perhaps something from the second, I had never played that one passed an hour or two.

But look at it, the intriguing ones have war. Hell, even Romeo and Juliet had war. Not saying that I fully support the concept of the 'true love through anything' theme it has, but still, it had war and can be considered Fantasy in a way due to it being fiction. And what is fiction but people's imaginations, their fantasies.

However, this is Wikipedia's definition.
Fantasy is a genre of fiction that commonly uses magic and other supernatural phenomena as a primary plot element, theme, or setting. Many works within the genre take place in imaginary worlds where magic and magical creatures are common. Fantasy is generally distinguished from the genres of science fiction and horror by the expectation that it steers clear of scientific and macabre themes, respectively, though there is a great deal of overlap between the three, all of which are subgenres of speculative fiction.

And this is Google's dictionary definition of the Fantasy genre.
a genre of imaginative fiction involving magic and adventure, esp. in a setting other than the real world.

I don't fully agree with either them, as I see Fantasy as just almost any fictional/imaginative work with concepts that are pretty much out there.

Name: Malkyre (pronounced mal-ki-air)
Gender: Male
Age: early 20s
Race: Half elf
Character Description: 5' 8"; Lean and heavily tanned with a number of scars partially visible from around his clothes; A dirty mat of black hair; Shifty bright green eyes; semi-pointed ears; Appears jaded and wary.

- Rogue's Bracers; a pair of 'multi-tool' gauntlets/bracers (retractable katars, wrist crossbows, climbing gear)
- Boltshot; a cross between a high-powered slingshot and a compound bow.
- Cloak of shadows
- Thieves tools
- Basic clothing (cloth/leather armor)
- Assorted equipment and other gear.


Notes & Details:
Cloak of shadows: A simple cloak that when imbued with shadow magic makes the wearer go unnoticed. It doesn't work if the wearer is being watched or against the strong minded.

Rogue's Bracers: Mounted on the back of the arm, the katars are 9" long and a good 3" wide at the base. The wrist crossbows fire a trio of metal spikes; not very accurate but highly effective at close range. The Climbing gear consists of climbing claws (think like what Jango Fett uses to keep from falling off the edge of the landing pad on Kamino after he fights Obi-Wan) and a retractable grappling gun. The bracers are magically imbued, allowing their wearer to control their functions without the use of buttons, switches and the like.

Untrained magic: While Malkyre has innate magical power, he has never had any formal training with them. As a result, his powers are a little unwieldy and don't always work as he intended.

I know this is supposed to be a less formal RP, but I don't have the time for super long winded posts, so I'm going with a tradition app. Let me know if there's any issues with him.
03/17/2014 09:23 PMPosted by Warhawk
Race: Half elf

Interesting choice. It'll be something to see how your character struggles with his lineage, if he does.

03/17/2014 09:23 PMPosted by Warhawk
Cloak of shadows: A simple cloak that when imbued with shadow magic makes the wearer go unnoticed. It doesn't work if the wearer is being watched or against the strong minded.

Sorry but this will have to go for now. Perhaps later on, you will be able to access it.

03/17/2014 09:23 PMPosted by Warhawk
Boltshot; a cross between a high-powered slingshot and a compound bow.

I'm not picturing this one bit. Pick the high power slingshot or the compound bow. If you insist on this weapon, what aspects of the weapons are you trying to incorporate from both weapons because they both use projectiles as a means of harm. Both items are deadly in the right hands.
As for DMing, I intend the beginning to be an exposition of your character(s). So, it is mostly YOU making the story for your character. Think of it as a prologue. I might weave a NPC or two into your character's lives but that will probably be the extent of it.

So long as your character doesn't end up a god or something outrageous, I'm cool.

When does the exposition end? That's on you to decide. Good posting!

Good application Warhawk.

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