Day I Night of the third day

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Currently the Team is still in the Dominion Com Relay Station battleing hords of infescted while other teams try to stop a reactor from blowing up. Note any new players are welcome to join.

Will post char stuff down here.
"No stealth gear right now but I could probably get past them ... might be rather hard though." I say sizing up what it would take to get past the bloats and the infected. The four grenades I had left would deal some serious damage to the infect but not so much the bloats and would also damage the equipment.

I drop the wall I had on the outside and look around. Jessica and Jor-sha could finish patching up the few weak spots and Saiko was busy fiddling with her little contraption. "hmmm not a lot to do here right now ... and it wouldn't be hard for me to keep any infected bottled up on the stairway so long as I have a breather between waves ..."

just cause. and so people will know to post here.
"I can provide logistical support. I don't have A-Grade stealth aside from my own feet, but that probably won't hide me from the infected. But I'll do what I can." I say, swiping and tapping a few times. "Commencing short range scan."
The short scan shows a large amount of infected bottled necks at the bottom of the stairs. They were all trying to climb up the stairs but were having trouble. "See anything?" dave asks looking at his own gun.
"Some trying to get up the stairs but they haven't figured it out... Yet... We should move while we have the chance."
"Someone wanna throw rocks? I'm sure loud noises will get their attention and move them elsewhere. Otherwise, we may need to start firing and lead them to the hallway." James says. He turns his attention to the motion tracker to see if there was anything moving out-of-sight.
"That will help out a lot probably. Just give us a heads up when you take that breather." I say as I finish up one last patch job.
Ok I am at a lost of where everyone one is.. The mass of zombies in the stairs are still in the guards area its the same steps you came down. The control room zombies are mostly bloats who are with zombies and just wondering around. This area also has the zerg classic creep webbing.
Jester is with Riala, as am myself and...I think Koro...not sure on that one. I forget how Morph split us. Anyways, Jester, me and Riala are for sure near the bloats.
James(Jester's), Riala and zark are on one team heading to deal with sending the message. Saiko, both of lekrogs and Kirk are back at the guard station.
Oook Well then its still on you all. The bloats are walking around and the zombies are trying to climb up the stairs and getting closer to the team.
I growl softly and click my rifle to single fire. I shoulder it and level the barrel with the head of the first bloat. "You two move back a bit. Going to try and lure them into the hall for a slaughter fest." I say right before pulling the trigger and watching the first bloats head explode in a nice shower of gore. "Boom, Headshot." I whisper to myself before slowly starting to move backwards while keeping my rifle level.
Yo, where's the sign up?

Nevermind, found it. Working on a char sheet now.

Char sheet finished.
Hiding behind a nearby pillar, I chuckle as the body hits the ground then frown. "Wait a moment, don't those things explode in a shower of acid?"
Since the bullet didn't hit the boils the bloat falls down onto a zombie crushing it with sear weight; acid starts to drip from the head slowly burning the floor. A few zombies start to climb the stairs freely and head to the guard team.


Just got home from geology club and really tired. Will continue to post till I pass out.
I grin and shift my aim shooting another Bloat in the head. "Just don't hit the boils." I say keeping up my aim and blow up head being very careful about not hitting the boils of any still in the comm room.

I knock the group off the stairs with a psi-wall and drop a grenade after them. "Looks like their starting to figure out how to climb right now.
James readies his rifle, aiming for the normal zombies and firing.
"Easy for you to say when you have a more accurate weapon." Firing on some of the regular infested, I frown as they die. "Poor sods. They didn't ask for this."
{They're moving through the stairs, keep them suppressed, decent sized wave incoming.} I say watching the scanner.
Most of the zombies near the relay control are now dead. The zombies at the stairs slowly start to bend the metal open allowing more and more zombies to pass and climb up the stairs snarling and groaning with a bloodlust hunger even the gernade that was dropped down only slowed them down and helped to widing the bulk heads.

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