Day I Night of the third day

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I turn to the firebat and nod.
"Light em up."
"So our two choices are go outside and get snatched, or go outside and do what we've been doing for the past portion of our lives. Fight more infected than we can count."
The Firebat doses the stairs in naplam and burns the infected who are trying to climb up the stairs. Other guards begin to fire into the infereno, taking down any who surive the blaze.
The glowing red line works it's way around in a square, leaving one 'side' of it uncut. With the sound of bending metal, the newly cut flap in the vent is pushed outward, a man in a HE suit carefully peers out, a fusion cutter in hand.
"Come on down. Take a spot up near the barricade and help us keep these infected at bay." I say as I fire down towards the burning infected.
The young man nods a little jerkily, and starts climbing out. Halfway down, he seems to get stuck on something for a moment before falling the rest of the way, landing with an embarrassing thump.
I walk over to the young man and pick him up off the ground setting him on his feet.
"Are you hurt?"
"Go help the team at the guard post. Ask Jessica to try and move some people down a level to help clear it if she can otherwise I guess I'll deal with it myself." deciding to not do my idea with the bloats I head to the outer edge of the facility to find a way down.
Their is a metal ladder that leads down a level to a balcony. The balcony has enough creepy webbing to protect from air attacks. There are glass windows and door leading to the main control relay room and would be an easy way in. The only draw back is the large amount of infected in the room itself.
I climb down as quickly and quietly as I can. I take whatever cover I can and look inside. I grumble in my head as I look at the huge amount of infected. Damn it I wish I had my cloak right now. I only had four more grenades and about 4 and half clips left. Guess I could go feral. but then I'd be in striking distance and I couldn't use my fangs ... just as a precaution.
He shakes his head;
"N-nah. I'm fine. Name's A-Arty."
Arty says, offer a slightly shaking hand.
"I'm Jor-sha." I say as I shake his hand. "Stay close we should be getting out of here soon."
James returns to the other team, and looks at the fire. "I think needing us here is unnecessary." He turns to Jor-sha, and comments "Found a new friend, it looks like."
I follow James, checking the side corridors more out of habit than worry and then look at the inferno. "Ouch, bad day to be Zerg."
The zombies shuffle around in the room not noticing anyone on the outside. The guard post continues to burn the infected.

DM NOTE- Idk what to post really. need you all to hurry up and clear it..
I sigh quietly. Just do it. they're just like a bunch of the basic drones you fought in training. but remember don't use the teeth. I say to myself while replacing the clip in my rifle and hooking it to its spot on my back. And go! I stand up open the door and leap into the room. I shift as I go and land on top of three infected knocking them down like dominoes. My plasma claws ignite and rip into the just long enough to kill before I leap at the next group. My rifle pops up and starts to target infected that get within arms reach but mostly those behind me. I continue to rip apart and shot the infected until the room is clear. Panting I shift back to my human form and head over to the console to finish the mission.
"More or less. He was hiding in the ducts before Jessica heard him moving around in there."

I look over at Jake.
"Well that was the point." I say in reference to the firebat torching the hall with the infected.
I shrug and take up a spot on a wall watching the burning infected, firing a shot off now and then to put one of them out of their misery. "It's sad how this all happened. Though, " I stop and think for a moment, "how did a pod full of infectious spores get through biohazard scans unnoticed? Even if it was for study."
Because we have spent pretty much 2 weeks on this mission I am going to now speed things along which means a lost of some lore I had wrote for this mission.

The console opens up waiting for either the dominion message or the umojan message. Over the teams radio beta team coms in. [This is Beta team we have a large force of infected incoming, We won't be able to hold them off. We need back up.]

[Omega team this is Cain, we can't let that reactor blow; finish your mission and get to the landing pad on the roof. We can't fly you to the reactor the Zerg AA is too strong near there, so you will have to take the tunnels to reach the reactor. I've ordered a drop ship to drop off supplies on the roof of the com system. Alpha team will protect the com relay and evac the staff as needed. One you repale down the com relay I'll radio you with access codes.]
{Copy that Cain. We are just waiting on Riala to finish up now.}

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