Day I Night of the third day

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I quickly put in the disk with the Umojan Message. {Alright disk is in. get ready to move to the roof for resupply.} I radio to the rest of the team while setting the message to send.
The computer processes the disk and sends the message before shutting down and overloading a few of the antenna outside. It would be hard to tell that a message had sent and would instead look like a system failure.


After the team returns to base moral shall be at 25 so will loyality.
I quickly do a gear check as well as start to make sure our path to the roof was clear.
Arty nods a little nervously to everyone, waiting for any sort of directions.
I mentally sigh and try to clear my head since I was picking up on Arty's nervousness. It didn't make keeping calm easier that was for sure.
"Arty check your gear. Make sure you have plenty of ammo, you might be coming with us to the power station."
James heads toward the roof. As he catches up with Jessica, he says "I'll go out and check the roof. We should keep him inside until we can confirm safety, unless you think he can handle himself." He glances at Arty behind the golden glass, then walks away, heading up to the roof, weapon drawn.
Nodding a little spastically, he pulls out his T10 and checks the mag;
"I g-got a full mag and seven m-more.. plus this knife."
He says, pulling out a stun blade.
I stop and turn to look at James.
"I did say might. While I doubt he will be coming with us it is Riala's call. Either way I'd rather him be ready than not. As for him being able to handle himself.... Well I have my doubts when it come to actual combat. He might have use back at base however with setting up defenses." I say quietly s that only James could hear me.

I look over at Arty. "Right.... Keep track of how many rounds you use so you don't run out to soon. Not sure what all is up on the roof for us by the means of supplies."
I watch a side hall that had flickering lights, listening to the sounds of the Infected burning and the others talk. "Well, regardless, we need to head up to the roof soon. I doubt our raging inferno will last forever."
Arty nods, a little more normally this time;
"Y-yes ma'am... I.. I don't s-suppose you people could use a c-computer tech? C-could you?"
"At his moment, probably not. Back at the base I'm sure they would find some use for you." I state but pause in thought for a moment. "Then again it is possible we might need you when we get to the power plant."
Arty bobs his head in acknowledgment, a wry smile crossing his face in an attempt a humor;
"I'll t-try not to g-get myself killed t-then ma'am.."
"Right then... if you stay close enough to Jor-sha there you should be fine."
OOC- Thank you all for keeping this going while I've been having problems irl.

A dropship flys by dropping 4 small crates filled with equipment. The equipment was made to repell tanks down clifts and would easly repell their armored suits down the wall. The infected were quickly leaving the relay statio and headed towards the reactor.

[Umm command the infected are pulling back to the reactor.] (random person radioing)

[We see... Omega team hurry up and get to the reactor they're about to get hit hard by infected. Whatever is controlling the infect just realized that they can't hold the relay and moving to destory the reactor.] (command)
{Omega Squad get to the roof for resupply now.} I call over the comm as I set the comm to send and start climbing the ladder up to the roof.

I nod to myself and tap Saiko. "Lets go." I say before heading to the stairs and up to the roof.
James was already on the roof, taking any shot he can at the infected that were outside. He was waiting for the rest of the team as well.
{Copy that.} I reply as I head up the stairs, with Jor-sha just a few paces behind, and walk across to the supply pods and start to gather a few more clips of ammo and the repell ropes.
After gathering the ropes I begin setting them up for everyone and check several one each time to make sure they where secure.
Arty trails along behind Jor-sha, still obviously nervous, but certainly not panicking.
[Alright the entrance to the tunnel is about 200 meters south. I'm opening it now. Also there is a dark templar team that went missing in there. Keep an eye out.] Command
James secures his rope, and tugs on it, testing it. "I'm ready to go." James says.

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