Day I Night of the third day

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[Good now move it. The entrance is open now. Look for the glowing UV lights. Once you are in the doors are gonna close to keep zerg out, I don't know how good the radio contact going to be afterwards.]
As the groups starts repelling down the wall, Arty quickly makes his way to the Guard Post, eager to get out of the danger zone.
James rappels down the side, firing with his Wrist Cannon at something. He lands and disconnects the line, search for more infected targets.
Hitting the ground I unhook and head to the tunnel entrance drawing my rifle as I do so.

I unhook and follow Riala.
Once I get to the ground I unhook from the line and draw my rifle. Jor lands few seconds after me and also unhooks from his line. We both then fall in behind Riala.
Unhooking from the line a couple of feet higher, I hit the ground and roll, coming up with my rifle ready and following the others. The silk worm had almost fallen, but I'd caught him half way down. Putting him in a more secure place, I keep up my pace.
The air in the tunnel was very dense and stale giving it a ghostly feel. The lights were dim and the sound of water dripping echo in the tunnels. Still the walls were made of the same stone as the first tunnel that Arton lead them through.

[Transmission ..... low.... contact.... repeat.] Command
"Could anyone else understand what command just said?"
I shake my head as my helmet appears and covers my head. "No didn't get a lot of it and this tunnel is killing all Comm bands you use. Also I suggest using whatever facemasks or rebreathers you might have. This air doesn't smell like it'll be good to breath much of it." I say leading the group further down the tunnels.

I pull my ghost mask down and place a second part over my nose and mouth that acted as both an environmental seal and rebreather.
I secure my helmet making sure to not breath any of the air from the tunnel.
"Could have been trying to tell us that there are possible contacts in the tunnel."

I create a small psionic barrier to keep myself from absorbing any toxins that may be in the air.
"I think we should proceed carefully."
Having lowered my visor, I flip on my shoulder lights and look around a bit. "Interesting architecture. Certainly not Terran." Refocusing, I continue my sweep. "Odds of there being contacts though?"
James sweeps his rifle in the tunnels at the back of the group. "We'd be hard-pressed not to find something before we get there." His suit lights blaze on, lighting the tunnel behind him.
"Always expect hostile merc. Didn't they teach you that back when you where in boot camp?" I reply slightly harshly.
"We don't know what has access to the other exit, or exits for that matter, of this tunnel. For all we know there could be something in here that we have yet to have yet to know anything about."
"Well, let's start with any other tunnels you all have seen before. How many entrances in and out were there?" I shake my head and keep sweeping side to side. I do the only thing i know for a living and I don't have morals or knowledge. Shove it up your @sses. Continuing the irritated train of thought, I look over the architecture while looking for enemies.
Never said you didn't have any morals or knowledge Jake. And watch what you thinking. Never know who is around that might hear your thoughts.
I look around the area mostly trying to keep an eye for any hostiles.
Shooting a glare Jessica's way, I flip on the psi screen I'd built to keep her and any other psionics out of my head and keep searching.
I look back at Jake and shake my head. That thing he had built was probably going to fry his brain sooner than some of the more standardized ones since he probably didn't have all the supplies to make it properly. His loss I suppose...
There is a loud expolsion heard above the team as the tunnel shakes. The lights flicker and then dies. Red lights kick on and cover the tunnel in a blood red glow. Ahead of them is a round stone door blocking them from the rest of the tunnel.
James stops as he hears the explosion above. He turns himself in order to look down another tunnel, and looks to the front of the group, killing the lights while he looks ahead. "Red lights, stone doors. I think our Zerg have accidentally tried to make a Gate to hell." He chuckles at his own humor, turning himself to face behind the group and turning the lights back on.
I look at the roof warily and then turn my attention to the door. "Anyone know how to open that thing?"

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