Day I Night of the third day

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"No but I can at least try." I say as I get to work examining the door for how to open it.
The door has a needle on the right side that seems to be a type of sensor. The door also has a very odd hand print in the middle of it clearly not human and more protoss than anything else. There are a few more thuds and the tunnel shakes but the red glow lights stay on.
Checking my ammo count, I turn and face the direction we'd come from. "I'm not liking the sounds of that. All in favor of trying to fortify this some while Riala figures out the door?"
I examine the door and rapidly go through what lore I knew on how this door might work and who made it.

"That might not be a bad idea." I say as I scan the area from where we came making sure that I was using my psionic sight.
"If the door doesn't open, then we can go about letting the CMC suits break the door down." James says, alternating between the various entry-ways to the main tunnel.
I bring my hand up to the handprint craving and placing my fingers where they need to go I press against the indentation.
The Door doesn't do anything but Riala can feel a warmth from the stone like it was alive.

DM NOTE- The door requires a protoss handprint. The needle will take a blood sample and do something.
"Hmmm ... Hey Jor will you come see if this does anything please?" She backs away from the door but keeps looking right at the hand print.
I look around the tunnel we'd come down and glance back. "I'm with Riala. You try it, Jor."
I give the equivalent of a nod and step up to the door placing my hand onto the hand print on it and still examine the door for any markings that might tel wht made the door and how to open it.
The door starts to glow before opening. On the other side a glowing light floats in the middle of the open tunnel. It appearance is simliar to a wisp and its glow is a bright white but not too bright to hurt their eyes. It bobs for a second before floating to a side tunnel and waiting there like it was leading them.
Glancing over my shoulder at the sound of the door opening, I look at the light suspiciously before slowly backing through it. "Creepy. Just down right creepy." Going towards the light, still watching the way we came, I stop near it. "Well, let's get this over with if we can."
The light continues down the hall stopping every once in awhile to see if people are following. The whole tunnel is still lit by the glowing red lights that seem to be emergancy lighting.
"Sounds like someone's scared." I say with a smart-arsey tone. But I do understand what he means though.

This sh!t is pretty... Yeah...
I follow the Wisp not entirely sure if we should be following it but it might also be the best bet we have.

I keep up with Riala watching the walls and glancing down every side passage I could.
Keeping pace with the light, I check each hall we cross as far as I can without wandering off. "Scared? No. But definitely wondering how wise this is." I glanced at the light again and wonder to myself where it could have come from. Command had never said anything about this sort of thing being in the tunnel. Of course, in retrospect, they'd never said if they'd been in the tunnels themselves. Shaking my head, I sweep another side hall, my flashlights illuminating the long hall as far as they could.

Dropping the psi screen, I send a thought to Jessica. You're Psionic, and probably the only one of the two here I trust further than my pinky can reach. You getting any kind of brain waves from this thing? Sure it was a dumb thing to do, it wasn't something that was overly worrisome. Hell, we're the only two with anything to really hide, though I've got less to hide than her, especially with the Dominion controlling the base. On the subject of the Dominion, it still bothered me that, even knowing what those spores had been, they put them in the middle of a civilian area? That made about as much sense to me as using slingshots to kill Zerglings. Maybe the base commander knew something. Would have to ask him later.

Crossing another hall, I shine my light down it as well, this time coming shorter cause of a turn off in another direction. This was growing ridiculous. We'd been following this thing for five minutes and, since we were technically lost the moment we crossed the doorway, we were more lost than was reasonable. "Here's hoping none of us wander off," I mutter, checking another side hall before moving on.
The wisp lands on a door frame leading to a very bright white room. Shockingly the walls have giant blister like sacs that are an orange, tanish red and zergish. The top of the sacs have a vein like appendage leading to the top of ceiling of the room. Inside of the five sacs are single shadow figures like something was inside of them. In the middle of the room is a black metal crystal simliar to a protoss memory crystal on a white round table with odd symbols flashing on the sides. There is no clear source for the rooms light as it seems to be appearing from no where. The light is a bright sterile white.
I ponder on what Jake had asked for a few minutes having been contemplating that matter as well before.
What ever it was it didn't seem like anything I've heard about before. I open my mind just enough to see if there was any kind of psionics coming from the wisp.

As I follow beside Jessica I ponder more on what this thing was and as to why the door opened when I placed my hand on it. This was tech that I was very unfamiliar with which felt very odd being from the Furinax tribe.
"I also find this thing to be unsettling. Some of this appears to be protoss but none of it looks familiar to me. That in itself is also very unsettling.
"See? Even the Protoss is on edge. If tha-" Then I saw the sacs and immediately brought my rifle around while lowering my voice, exercising my better judgement in not knowing what else is down here. "NOW I'm beyond worried." This was insane. Some kind of ancient Protoss tech and now Zerg sacks? In the same complex? If we didn't decide to shoot them up right off the bat, I'd be mad. And that crystal..."Jor, do you think you could interface with that crystal in the middle of the room?"

It made sense to me that if it was Protoss tech, why couldn't the Protoss interface with it. Slowly moving towards the light, I decide it's time to see what exactly we were following this whole time. On top of that, I was curious anyways.
I move over to one of the pod-things. I flip my visor to an x-ray like scanner mode as I look one of the lower pods over. I quietly mutter an ancient prayer in my own tongue as I look the pod over.

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