Day I Night of the third day

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The X-ray shows a protoss bone structure inside of the pods. The pods start to pluses a little bit as the team looks them over. The crystal continues to spin gently as t hovers in the middle of the table seeming to wait for a protoss to touch it.
"There are ... Protoss inside these pods ..." I look around some more trying to figure out what happened.
"Didn't Command report that a Dark Templar team went missing near here earlier?" James said, his rifle aimed solely at the pods now. If it budges in a way I don't like, it's going to be in bits. James thinks, making no efforts to hide intentions as his finger hovers over the trigger.
I holster my rifle, and bring up my knife and pistol, feeling they'd be more useful in these tighter quarters. "I think so... I don't like were this is going... Eyes peeled everyone."
Reaching the light, I start to look it over so I could figure out what it was before commenting on the pods. "Protoss inside them? Well, I don't like the look of 'em, so if nothing else, we need to cut them out."
The wisp looked like a childs robotic bug.. It has two long clear incest wings and looks like a dragonfly with crystal lights attached to it. The pods throb a little bit as the team over looks them.
I frown at the little bug and slowly back up from it, still watching the pods. Now they throbbed as we looked them over. For some reason, I couldn't shake the feeling that this was a trap of some kind. "Hey guys, while I'm thinking about it, where's the thing that put them in the pods?"
"Hmmm ... This sorta reminds me of some things from some really ancient legends ... but there is no way those could be real ... Could they?" I mutter more or less to myself as I examine the pods some more.
"I don't think I want an answer to that question..." I say, looking at one of the pods.
I back back into the room, keeping my rifle up and aimed into the darkness that my light couldn't illuminate. "Something isn't right. Could we maybe speed this up some?"
I walk up to the console cautiously looking for a way to possibly examine what was in the pods remotely.
"What ever is in the pods I am not sure I want to let it out with out being sure of it not being safe."
I keep my rifle leveled with the hall outside where we were all, but make sure to keep an eye on the pods, just in case. "Riala confirmed they were the missing Dark Templar team. Why wait and risk running into whatever creature did that?"
"Because we do not know what may have happened to them. But if you wish for them to be released." I reply placing my hand over the crystal. "Then so be it." I add just before opening the pods.
The memory floods into Jor’s mind showing 5 figures, two of which are hidden in shadows. “When we first met we were enemies, now we join together in the bounds of brotherhood.” A figure says. It looked like a Terran expect for his eyes which glowed similar to that of a Protoss. It was female and had a black cap draped over the left side of its body. “We together drove back the dark tide of our enemy which threated to destroy both of our races. Alone we both would have fell after our war against each other, but our alliance kept us both alive. While we are both weakened we shall continue to work together. The Vos shall watch over your children in honor of our alliance and the aid given to Tel Vos as you enter the rebirth of the Xel’naga.” The memory turns to a figure clouded in shadows, however the figure looks similar to the carvings of the Xel’naga. The woman’s voice is still heard. “May your rest of the Xel’naga be peaceful as we await your return.”

The memory quickly changes to a figure standing on a cliff looking away from the Crystal. At first it looks like Kerrigan the queen of blades standing over a barren world. However the figure is more masculine without the skeletal wings. It has glowing red eyes and small tendrils that flow down its face, which shows a mixture of anguish and anger. Its mouth doesn’t move but the words play out in your mind.

Greetings child of the xel’naga, I bring forth history kept from your eyes. For years the Vos and the Qi-Vos looked after you, shielding you from the dangers of the galaxy while you were young. It was our pact with the xel’naga that we acted as caretaker and watcher of your race, until the time came that you could face the horrors on your own. We carried out our glorious duty until the dark one came. The traitor attacked us without warning or mercy. We had to defend not only ourselves but both children of the Xel’naga, The first born Protoss and the adaptive Zerg. Again we lost too many to watch over you as you grew and we failed in our mission to protect you. The traitor Amon broke through our defensive for the Zerg and created the Over-mind. A creature that was a prisoner of its own flesh when it was created. Raging in a cage of Amon’s creation it spread itself in the form of the Swarm. Its own anguish seeping down into its offspring as they consumed everything in their path. However, we the remaining Qi-Vos were able to use this over-mind to set wheels in motion. We implanted the blue prints of a savior for the zerg and the rest of the galaxy. Crafted in our own image, of the Qi-Vos, this new being can free the zerg from Amon’s plans and save the galaxies from this evil darkness that plans to consume all. Child of the Xel’naga the zerg must infect a being of supreme psionic ability to make this savior. Even then this savior will be under the control of Amon until it reaches the birth pool of the Zerg and free its mind from the shackles of Amon. You must protect this being from any threat for it shall be your only hope against destruction; no matter what crimes it commits against you please protect it for all of our sake. Do not let our sacrifice be in vain, go now and steel yourself for the fight of all life.
As Jor touches the crystal, slots on the side of the table open and crystal like disks pop out.

The pods burst open and four dark templars and a single terran fall out of them. All of them land on their hands and knees as they try to get up.

"By the void we thought it was our time of death... Where are we?" A templar asks looking around the room. "Last thing I remeber where infected attacking us... We were badly wounded and many lights floated out and attacked the infected."

DM NOTE- Maverick this is your time to pop in.

I stand up and flip my rifle around and check the mag. Six slugs left, I look up as I switch it out and drop the used mag into a pocket on my jumpsuit.

"Quite an apocalypse in progress you've all got going here," I say. "I'd make a guess at a stage two infestation."

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I approach one of the Dark Templar and frown as I help him up. "Easy there, you're safe. If I might though," I point to the light that led us here, "did the lights look like that?"
I take the crystal disk and store it in my pack so I could examine it later.
Dark templar- "No these lights here red and much much larger." He says checking his shoulder. "I do not understand I was wounded here, yet it doesn't even look like I was attacked." He says looking over at what appeared to be a female dark templar weilding a sycth psi blade.

She was looking at her leg and what appears to be confusion, horror and relief was evident on her face. "This cannot be... those which you called bloats destoried both of my legs yet here they are fully intacted."

The other two protoss were looking at the pods. "Is this zerg or something else? It doesn't have the feel of zerg taint in it... Do the gods live here?"

The wisp flys up to each templar's face before heading to the door and appears to wait on everyone. The pods pods close up and all the liquids and pod matter that fell on the floor disappear.
James glances between the five individuals that came out of the pods, and frowns. He turns his attention back to the entryway, the lights shining through as he looked down the hall. Hearing the Dark Templar's comments, he shakes his head. 'Gods'..... and here I thought the Protoss were the most pragmatic and rational. He thinks, then turns to look at Jor. What did you see, I wonder..... He absentmindedly thinks, before turning once again to the hallway.

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