Having network and ladder issues

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I have been using FixMyLag proxy tunneling service to play on the NA servers from Australia. For the most part of the last 12 months it has been good. recenetly the lag has been getting worse. So i have been frantically trying different proxy servers from FixMyLag. I swictched from Layer 1 to Layer 2, I don;t know what they are.

But anyways, now ingame, when I search on ladder, it finds a game and says "Game Ready!" but it does not go past this point, and the only way i can get out of it is by 'logging out' and then signing back in. But each time this happens, I lose ladder points, but the game does not count as a loss nor does ti show in my match history.

So I have been losing lots of points because the game is stuck on " Game Ready!" screen but does not count as a loss!

Will blizzard give me my points back for these lost games? Why is it getting stuck on this screen?

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