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Mozan not Morzan ... there is NO r in Mozan ... also what about a last name?
Will edit he mozan part soonish and last name stil haven't figured out.
Name: Vilhelm Choskiev
Race: Terran
Age: 18
Appearance: 5' 10", lithe, short blond hair, piercing blue eyes and boyish good looks.
Class: NightWOLF
- M-114 'Seeker' DMR
- Mk. 8 'Fang' SMG
- 'BlackWOLF' Pistol
- MT-8 Xane Combat Blade
- Marksman (passive)
- Tactical Analysis (active): Vilhelm can size up a situation with a glance and pick the best way forward.
- Lethal Grace (passive): Vilhelm has the natural grace & lethal efficiency of a cold-blooded killer.
Backstory: Vilhelm's past before he showed in a WHC recruiting center at the age of 16 is completely unknown. Aside from the almost immaculate dress clothes on the starving young man's back, he had no money and no ID. Even the name he gave, Vilhelm Choskiev, showed up on no records anywhere. A complete and total ghost.
03/07/2014 03:10 PMPosted by TheLostMorph
Mozan not Morzan ... there is NO r in Mozan ...
seriously where the hell are you people getting an r from?
Name: Kiba Zarkesh
Race: Mozan
Age: 21
Appearance: Stands six foot three inches tall while in human form with brown hair and ice blue eyes. Black furred ears and tail. Is a large, Canadian Grey Wolf-type wolf in feral form, with black fur.
Class: NightWOLF
Weapons: BOSUN FN98 Sniper Rifle, F-173 'Mauler' Shotgun, 'BlackWOLF' Pistol, MT-8 Xane Combat Blade
Abilities: Silent Movement (Passive)- Has learned to move quietly through extensive training, Sleeping rounds (Passive)-Darts filled with a powerful sleeping solution, used for situations requiring non-lethal take downs or to capture key targets alive, Stunning howl (Feral form only)- Let's out a ferocious howl that stuns weaker enemies with fear and makes stronger willed enemies uneasy, Magnetic Visor- Shifts the visor vision from standard to a magnetic view that allows the identification of weaponized metals.
Backstory: Kiba was born on the Mozan homeworld of Moz in a litter with two brothers and three sisters. With there being three boys and three girls, Kiba was never lonely and he always had a play mate. However, despite this, Kiba only really got along well with one of his sisters, his 'twin', as they came to be called. Kira looked almost identical to him, albeit with a single stripe of white fur down the right side of her face while in feral form, a white colored bang in her human, and was nearly inseparable from him, even when they started school at the age of four. However, that's where their differences showed strongest.

Kiba had an intense interest in more tactical and silent approaches to a combat situation, or even high stress, while his sister liked the big things that went boom. As school went on, Kiba showed more and more interest in joining the WHC as a NightWOLF when he finally came of age. The day he graduated from school he started a customized training regime, focusing on improving stealth and intimidation when necessary, until he was old enough to enlist with the WHC.

EDIT: I will also introduce Kira but I think I'll work on her at a more leisurely pace.

Name: Kira Zarkesh
Race: Mozan
Age: 21
Appearance: Stands five foot five inches tall in human form with a caucasion complexion and nearly all black hair. The front right bang tends to cover her eye and is white. Black furred ears and tail. Similar in appearance to Kiba in Feral form but with a white stripe crossing over her right eye, the rest of her body is all black fur.
Class: DireWOLF
Weapons: F-173 'Mauler' Shotgun, P-5173 'Hot Momma' Plasma AR, 'BlackWOLF' Pistol, MT-8 Xane Combat Blade
Abilities: Heavy Strike (Passive)- Melee blows from Kira while she's in armor pack more power, Inferno Grenade- Lobs a grenade that splits into four more on detonation and then explodes into a searing inferno, Hamstring (Feral Form Only)- Clamps down on an opponents hamstring muscle and rips it off, leaving the opponent vulnerable and unable to move quickly (Incredibly difficult to heal even for an OmegaWOLF because of the amount of muscle missing)
Backstory: WIP

I guess it sounds a little better with the "R" in there.
Before I write up a backstory, I need to know when this is set in relation to the lore, thanks.

Also, hope the custom armor isn't a problem. Doesn't add much.
I would like to point out that armor suits don't generally have long range comms. At most they can reach outer atmo.
2521 as for the armor. just go with standard NightWOLF for now. you can always upgrade and customize it later.
Finished. Ready for critique.
only thing I really have a problem with is the age War. showing up at 16 would likely end up with first deployment around 18. NightWOLVES don't have the long training of ShadowWOLVES.

Zark: looks pretty good. just waiting for Kira's backstory. also might want to make them a bit younger since Mozan age at the same rate as humans but they do have slightly longer life spans.
So what should I change? Is signing up a 18 or 20 good?

Actually, kept signup age the same, but he's 18 now.
looks good War. will add in a little bit
Name: Echo Nagaru

Race: Human

Age: 22, fresh out of a Technical College, majoring in robotics engineering

Appearance: 6'10", skinny but still muscularly fit. Echo has a somewhat pale skin color,

Class: TechWOLF

Weapons: M-114 'Seeker' DMR, Mk. 8 'Fang', Black Wolf Pistol and modified MT-8 Xane Combat Blade: has a small battery connected to it (must be changed after a while) when a button is held down on the handle of the knife, sending 100 Amps of electricity through the blade, and anything touching it.

Abilities: Fabrication Turret and Point-Defense drones[2 separate abilities]
Hack - Shoots a program that can hack computers and robotics that use any form of AI
Volt-Grenade- Acts as an EMP, but also electrocutes any biological targets in a 10 meter radius as well.

Backstory: As a child, Echo was always interested with technology, specifically computers and robotics. He was somehow able to understand machines on a personal level, understanding what they need to improve and used resourcefulness to fulfill what is needed of it. When he was 13 he learned about the WHC and saw they had a class of soldiers known as "TechWOLFs" and he knew what his calling was. When he graduated high school at the age of 17, he went to the Vexel Academy of Technology where he majored in Robotics Engineering. Upon graduation he enlisted into the WHC, as a TechWOLF.
Morph, I think you should explain that everyone needs to have a primary, secondary, sidearm and melee in their weapons. It's what you told me we had.
Oh, War, thought I'd give my opinion. We're new arrivals, says that in the OP. Fresh out of high school, possible college. I know you like your ghost history, but at least line it up with the OP.

EDIT: I realize how much of an @ss I sound, so let me say it like this: What has he done for the last two years? Getting training is an unfair advantage over the rest of us.
03/08/2014 11:32 PMPosted by Zarkun
Getting training is an unfair advantage over the rest of us.

that would actually put him about on par with a Mozan. but the WHC likely would have put him in a school for two years. maybe with at least some physical training.
How is mine so far, Morph?
looks good so far Koro. trying to decide on the volt grenade.

War: you need to remove Lupine Grace since your character is human and not Mozan

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