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Renamed the ability 'Inhuman Grace'. Hope that works.
would you give a description of what inhuman grace and tactical analysis do please. just so I don't have my own idea that differs from yours
Descriptions added. (pg 2 post #23)
Hmmm. looks good War though I have a question. Would you be willing to do a ShadowWOLF? his sign up age would need to be pushed back about 2 years or his deployment age returned to 20 idrc which. but it would explain the inhuman grace ability a little bit. if you don't want to do a ShadowWOLF that is fine.
Hmm... Nah. He's not a psionic, and I don't what him to be one. He's just an unnervingly cold-blooded SOB.
lol. ok.
DP I know but what ever. tis a bump and a bit of info.

OK. just waiting on steel to post and finish his char. koro needs to finish his char. and zark needs to finish his one char and any others he might bring in ...

Would like some WarWOLF chars and at least one ShadowWOLF. if we end up with enough chars I'll open up a second ShadowWOLF slot. Would enjoy a couple more rpers too but not necessary.
Alfr Astrid
Race- Human
Age- 19
Weapon- P-5173
Combat Knife
Abilities- Berserker’s rage – Able to go into a rage and charge at enemies, He is also able to take increased damage for as long as it lasts. The down side of this ability is the fatigue that hits after his rage.
Menacing presents- Alfr is a large muscular man with and his presents can send fear into his enemies causing them to either flee or fight harder. (Will flip a coin or roll a die.)
Explosive fantic- Passive- Alfr grew up loving things that go boom and has learn how to use explosives from a simple m-80 to nuclear charges effecently
Background- Alfr grew up on space stations moving from one station to another with his parents. He didn’t want to become some grunt in some governmental army but instead looked for higher paying jobs. At 19 he left to join the WHC and make a living for himself as a merc. The rest is work in progress which means I will work on it as the RP progresses
Kira's backstory will be posted in the next few days. I'm giving my brain a break.
Backstory complete. Production of Second Character is underway.
So is this gonna start soonish?
maybe friday maybe not. I know Koro is making another char and would like for him to finish it before starting. though if you have any more characters to add zark go ahead and do so.
Well, I have one that's slowly writing herself out in my head, but she's not...well, merc type. In fact, she's a rogue Ghost.
ooook ... not sure she'd be right for this rp but might be wrong ... though not likely to have enough characters for another psionic on the team ...
Well, wait and see if anyone throws down the ShadowWOLF and if not, I'll try and get her finished.
Koro asked about what kinds of characters I could use and I told him ShadowWOLF and WarWOLF but ShadowWOLF a bit more and he said he'd make a ShadowWOLF. so you'll have to chat with him about that.
Nah, all good. She's writing herself rather slowly anyways, so it would end up being a few days any how.
Name: Morrigan "Gale" Hellviti
Race: Mozan
Age: 19
Appearance: A tall 6' woman with an intimidatingly bulky build, making extreme use of every bit of muscle. She has a pale white skin colour with short cut white hair. Her ears and tail are grey colour, with white insides. Her eyes are hazel coloured. Upon transformation she is a Kenai Peninsula wolf of the same colour as her canine features, and even large for that extinct species.
Class: DireWOLF
-Primary: Chain Gun
-Secondary: Shoulder Mounted Rocket launchers. Check out the picture of Jim, Tychus, and their Guild War Pals. IT HAS BEEN DONE! Kind of. But Gauss Cannons have got to be about as heavy as Chain Gun,
-Just gonna say her fists and energy shield could be very dangerous weapons.
-The pistol

Abilities: (2-4 for starters)
Mozan Form- Switch to the massive Kenai Peninsula Wolf that she is also.

Morrigan charges, stampeding anybody in her way with massive blows and shoves and stomping on them if they are underfoot.

The shield mounted on Morrigan's arm charges up greatly, increasing its size to be that of a tower shield compared to her massive armour, allowing it to block more easily with less effort. Additionally, any enemy to close to it, or slammed, have jolts of plasma shield jump out at them. The shield shuts off entirely afterwards until her armour has provided enough energy to the battery to sustain the shield. For safety reasons the shield cannot be overcharged again until the battery is filled up.

Morrigan spent her life training in several different CQC techniques, building up strength, playing athletics, and just overall, being pushed hard, as she was the one who showed the most possible chance of survival through years of combat over her sisters and one brother. Morrigan has been pushed to extremes,making her a powerful foe. Due to this same strength that she has gained from these extremes, she has also shown a preference to heavy weaponry, in which she uses with deadly efficiency. Through everything but strategy, in which they prepared a scenario she had never considered before, she showed flying colours, bringing her into the DireWOLF regiment of the WHC.

Name: Rhys Ryfel
Race: Terran
Age: 19
Appearance: Unkempt black hair that looks like its due date to be cut is about a year late. Ocean blue eyes peak out from within the mess of hair that covers his face. Adorning his body are quite a few scars from his reckless behavior. He is an athletic and skinny build. His canines have been filed as well to make them sharper.

Class: WarWOLF
Weapons: The F-173 'Mauler' Shotgun and a P-5173 'Hot Momma' Plasma AR, and strapped to his side is a nice foot and a half long dagger, with a very sharp blade. The pistol as well.

Abilities: (2-4 for starters)
Rhys Ryfel is masochistic and sadistic, and all pain inflicted upon others and himself only bolsters him, making him fight harder and harder in a trigger happy fit of laughter and gunfire. Oh, and the occasional decapitation, You knew the risks to not have that helmet on, Joe! Don't give me that look!

Unearthly Screams-
Hear those poor souls? Well, the paranormal do. And so will you when your hear this sonic boom. The power of sound knocks those within a two meter radius off their feet and reverberates through the metal of the next eight. If you are unlucky enough to be standing on it, well, you didn't need your legs, did you?

Tear 'em Up!-
What else do I have in my bag of magic tricks. Oh, here's my nice little Shredder Grenades, now with twice the fragments at 150% of the velocity! Nice. More powerful, more shards, and more chaotic rampages! !@#$, where's the husband? I don't want them to get to Heaven without him!

There once was a little boy named Timmy... Wait no. His name was Rhys. Rhys Ryfel. Yeah, he was an aggressive young boy, considered one of the meanest bullies in his schools, all except for one year. That summer the usurper and his family seemed to just up and disappear. The boy always expressed a love for violence, and on more than one occasion was taking out hunting with his father, always volunteering to skin the animals, usually whistling a tune as he did so. Damn, what a helpful boy, eh?

Anyways, upon the legal age to join the military, he began searching through military organizations. None stuck out except for the WHC. The reasons:
Dominion: Too boring and mainstream.
Umojan: Too guard operation based.
Raynor's Raiders: Too righteous.
Kel-Morians: They were behind the curve.
Diablo's Armies of Hell: They aren't even in this universe. Don't know where he found the flyer. We should blame Knarled and his blasted company. All in favor of suing?
Zerg; Would rip him apart.
Protoss: Too righteous.
WOLF's Head Commandos: Damn son. These guys high tech military that is filled with a bunch of vicious mutts! Count him in.

Luckily the first two tests were strategy and fighting. The former being about how to best remove a threat, in which he said destroy, scar the land with blood and salt, leave the bodies of POWs to rot on their own land, and draw a Zerg force to the capital city. That way even if some do survive, they will be too busy pissing their pants to ever rise up again, and their allies will be the same.

The other was passed with flying colours from brutal efficiency. But this led to the psychological test. Did you know psychiatrists accept bribes? And besides, the way Rhys acted was no worse than if he were to be a completely feral animal. So there he was, accepted and ready to take on any challenge, with his happy trigger finger.
so i'm guessing shadowWolf is off limits?
Currently yes. Koro is making one and if I get enough characters(at least two more after sf's two) zark may end up with the other slot.

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