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I think it'd be cool to have a Protoss War-Wolf.

A protoss who is a proficient fighter and while not high enough psionic power to make psi storms or sustain a psi-blade long enough for a full mission, but he uses his telepathy to mark covered targets for the team, act as a "Detector" and whatnot. And maybe even teek bullets or explosives. OR HE CAN MAKE PSI WALLS FOR PORTABLE COVER. And have psi-blade as an ability.

Eff it this is my character, making an OmegaWOLF because that actually seems more fitting. CONSTRUCTION UNDERWAY!
Name: Na'Resaa
Race: Protoss, Nerazim
Age: 223 (about 20-23 in Human years)
Appearance: 7'6", dark purple-bluish skin, a bit more slender and lanky than other Protoss. Wears long dark robes with a hood and long face-mask like the Lenassa tribe portrait, but head and face looks like the Zer'atai portrait but female.
Class: OmegaWOLF
Weapons: 2 BlackWOLF pistols, M7015 'Mosquito' LBR, MT-8 Xane Combat Blade
Warp-Blade - Uses void energy to make a warp blade that coats her hand and forearm. The energy is black with some red on the inside and looks identical to a Dark Templar warp blade. The blade is still stronger that a Zealot psi-blade by a good margin, but weaker than a regular DT Warp Blade.

Shroud of the Void - Creates a dome of void energy with a 4 meter radius and a 5 meter height. The shroud can be used as excellent camouflage in the right conditions, but is not a barrier. Anything can pass in and out of it. It does, however heal wounds to whoever is inside. It cannot heal major wounds like compound fractures, large body cavities, detached body parts, etc.

Psi-Wall - Uses a mix of void and psionic energy to make a durable cover of varying shapes and sizes. The shape and size determines how much energy she expends to make it. The wall can absorb a lot, it can even take a tank round before dissipating. Only one though.

Telepathic Spot - Uses telepathy to spot targets for her allies. She can relay the positions of the enemies telepathically for safe, quick transmission. This ability is great for countering ambushes and locating High Value Targets.

Backstory: Born on a lost Refugee ship, Na'Resaa was always a helpful and kind soul. She helped those who were injured from scavenging, gave her rations to those who were hungry, and really just helped anyone she could. About 5 years ago, the ship encountered Terrans, an unknown faction who, luckily, they mutually presumed as friendly. The WHC took in the refugees and cared for them, enlisting some into their ranks, and the rest were sent to Shakurus for sanctuary. Na'Resaa was one of the few who stayed with the WHC to become and OmegaWOLF. She learned her abilities from her Grandfather, an old protoss who lived during the days before the Protoss split. Na'Resaa had further developed her abilities through the help of other Protoss, and psionic Terrans, making them not just passed on abilities, but her own.

EDIT: name now Na'Ressa
Character is now female.
Accepted Koro. though you need to change several remaining his/he's to her/she's
Probably missed some.

Okay I think I got em all.
Dropping out.

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