A Space Odyssey (PRP)

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April 14, 25XX

There is a man, a very powerful man whose influence has moved along slowly, steadily across the Koprulu sector. He rules from his monolithic tower that is so far away from many of his subjects and yet it is so close to home. "The Great Emperor, Our Glorious Benevolent Emperor"-such epithets have been generously and loving attributed to this man by his adoring subjects.

Or so they say. There is only one face of truth: that is a violent contradiction. And a violent contradiction I have seen. For in all of my travels, I have seen nothing that exemplifies the qualities of our benevolent Emperor. He speaks honeyed words-"Band of Brothers!", "United as One!" yet those under him indulge in selfishness and violence with impunity. If you want a picture of the future, the future that beholds all those that live under the reign of the Emperor, it is an image of a boot stamping on a human face, forever.

The Empire is vast to put it bluntly and its forces a dominating juggernaut. Even so, I refuse to live in a future that where fear is freedom, control is release, and contradiction is truth. Such a way of living is beyond inhumane.

But no more! The Empire's abuse of the townsfolk has gone on long enough! They may take our land wantonly, they may beat us up for no good reason, falsely accuse us of a crime but no more! We will not suffer these injustices any longer! Whatever they are doing snatching people off the streets in broad daylight and bringing them to their installation, only to never be seen again by their loved ones is the last straw!

Tonight...tonight, we fight to right this wrong. And I have a plan to do so.

-Mark Tamil, a speech on Rebel's hideout on Planent Crua, Koralville

Human only


*There is vary levels of familiarity among the rebels. How familiar is up for discussion between you and said RPer's character.
Name: Mark Tamil
Age: 27
Occupation: Miner, Rebel Leader
Background: An aficionado for books and perhaps an idealist, Mark Tamil came from a poor family yet attended a core world university, an unlikely feat for someone living so far away. Through a series of unfortunate events, was forced to give up his dreams of graduating and instead, continue his family heritage as miners. The life and work of a miner was hard on Mark at first, but over time the hard labor strengthened his body and the pay was decent enough. However there was always a gnawing sensation eating away at his heart of what could have been.

When the government took control of the mines and began to flaunt their power, Mark was among the first to protest such actions. That earned him a week in jail and he emerged from it bloodied and bruised, but that only made his resolve stronger. Though a few saw it as foolish, many others were sympathetic. Mark is no brawler, but he is determined and outspoken and that makes him a fighter in his own way.

Five years of mining has given Mark knowledge of mining tools and a SCV pilot license.
Name: Werner Teuber.
Age: 25.
Occupation: Technician/photographer.
Background: Werner was raised on rye bread, sausage, and machinery. His father was a adept engineer, and his mother a master homesteader. He knows his way around both professions, and knows how to do something useful with any tool placed in his hands. He's been one who obeys orders from childhood; he started out with a pair of industrious parents with a strong belief in the 'carrot, stick' philosophy, and moved on to mine supervisors and the Empire. He doesn't usually question his superiors or speak out against tyranny, but he's easily inspired to action by the eloquent, even if his own thinking wouldn't ordinarily lead him to their conclusions. He loves cameras, and always imagined himself as a famous photographer or filmmaker. He is clever with his hands, but extremely gullible by nature. He is so gullible, in fact, that a lifetime of being tricked has made him less trusting than the average person. Still, he is easily manipulated by anyone who gains his trust.

He knows how to operate an SCV and other heavy mining equipment, but is usually tasked with maintenance duties. He is skilled at repairing many systems, and can fix both the SCV shell and the computer that runs it with ease.

He is strong and dextrous, but not a skilled fighter.

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