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I've known this problem to exist since Beta and I have yet to see any resolution or Blizzard writing it as a reported issue.

What happens is when people with ATI cards(I have 5850) alt+tab, and then try to reload the game you are stuck for 30-45 seconds staring at a black screen where people see you as dropping.

This used to be an issue before because I kept misclicking the windows key instead of alt. I did a work around by disabling the windows key so I would never alt tab by the key however I sometimes forget to turn off msn messenger when I am appear offline and when I do get a message it forcefully alt+Tabs me and it takes forever to reload the game. I have a really good PC so I doubt it is that and I alt+tab of other games just fine. I've noticed with Cata though that the alt+tab times are a bit longer but nothing near the times of sc2. Any resolution?
When you're alt+tabbing back into the game, everyone has to wait until your computer finishes reloading the things you need in order to render your screen. If you have higher settings, you might have a longer wait time. Your best bet would be to play StarCraft II in Windowed (Full Screen) mode where it doesn't spend any time in a minimized state or having to reload anything when something jumps in front of it.

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