Darkest Heart Redux

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A single man stood outside the darkened windows of the old asylum, his hands in his duster, a deep and faded brown, with an old, black warlock's hat resting on his head, the brim pulled low to hide his face and single sword strapped across his back. Rumor had it that a Necromancer and a Vampire had taken up residence in the old building and between the two, the town would soon see more Undead and Nightwalkers than had ever been in the same place at one time. Of course, the two, who had worked together to secure ownership of the supposedly haunted building, now tore at each other, their forces turning the halls into a battle ground.

"If you can, spare the building, many of it's spirits are kind and helpful." The man laughed at the mayor's request inwardly but nodded to his face.

"I can give no promises, but I will do my best." The contract was simple once the townspeople realized who had really bought ownership. Go in, clear both armies and leaders and be out. Any simpler would have been insulting. "Anything special I should know about the spirits who already resided there or it's new residents?" The mayor wiped his sweaty brow and thought for a moment before replying.

"Yes, the necromancer has Undead Knights of all kinds and Abominations. And the Vampire is a pureblood. She has summoned several wolf packs, not werewolves of course, and one of the militia reported sighting a Shadow Walker among her followers." The man nodded without another word and left, leaving the mayor to sigh in relief and grab a drink of wine.

Now the man stood outside the building and waited for the nightly blood shed to begin, listening to moans of the Zombies and Ghouls and then the replying shrieks and growls of the Vampires. Even as he stood there, he could feel the spirits cowering in the places they had determined the safest and the taint of Dark Magic. Grimacing under his brim, he started walking towards the door. Deus misereátur.
Perched on a nearby rooftop, for no other reason than a better view of the chaos, a nondescript young man watched dark forces tear away at each other with wild abandon. With a bored look of distaste on his hooded face, the young man considered the situation several blocks away as the cloak to which his hood was attached billowed slightly in the wind;
...No reason to get involved, much better to let them send each other to hell and gone... But it's best to keep an eye on the place... Once the fighting dies down, I'l move in and clean things up a bit... That, and make sure to pick up any artifacts that would be best kept out of innocent hands...
Nodding at his own mental decision, Malek curled up on the corner of the roof, pulling his cloak tight around him for protection against the wind and any wandering eyes.
OOC: So we're going to clearly label IC and OOC this time around. SF. Good War, but you don't need to be near me.
Assuming you char is either Alistair or Tobi, so it'll be a good way to introduce them to Malek as he's the type who tends to fly under the radar so to speak.
OOC: Well, who wears a duster in the previous incarnations of this?
That t'would be Alistair... Shall we do a bit of RPing? Providing that you're up for it of course.
OOC: ....Well...OK, better question. Who wears the Warlock's hat? That would be Tobi. Anyways, let's let the others get their stuff going.
Actually... I checked the first redux, and it's Alistair...
Whatev' I can wait. I guess I'll also unfold Seraphim & Elisabeth's past throughout the RP, Really can't think of how to write it down... :/
OOC: Couldn't figure out a good OP, so I went with this.
Arden walked along the street, following the directions given to him by the man who wrote the letter. He did not yet know who wrote it, nor what their intentions were. In any case, he was prepared for anything that may happen. He had civilian clothing on with his weapons concealed, should he need them in a sudden fight. As he went through a dark alley, he saw some glowing red eyes. He knew instantly that it was a lesser demon, hiding in the darkness away from those who would seek to harm it. "One less demon in the world." He quickly drew his pistol, with the silencer already built in, and fired a couple shots. The lesser demon was killed in a split second. "Well. That's done and done...wait what was that?" Arden had heard the sounds of small footsteps, somewhere to the side. He knew that he was not alone. With an instant, many shimmering red eyes of lesser demons were glaring at him. "Well this is just peachy." Arden drew Aureola, and battle broke out. However, the lesser demons were uncoordinated, and clumsy, unable to land any blow on Arden, who was swiftly cutting down the demons. Within 2 minutes, the fight was over, Arden leaving with only a small scratch on his arm. He set off again to Helsing Manor, which could be seen in the distance, a silhouette in the shadows of the night sky.

Part 2:
As he heads towards the manor, he hears some nearby commotion and battle sounds. Arden listens for a while, noticing the distinct battle cries. He comes upon an abandoned building, with horrific sounds emanation from inside. "Sounds like something is going on in there...I should stay out of that." After about 15 minutes of listening, he can discern that there appear to be two sides, one mostly undead, the other....something . "I should probably find a better vantage point to get a closer look at what in the world is happening inside there." He finds a nearby building and ascends it onto the roof for a better vantage point. Upon reaching the roof, he finds a silhouetted figure who appears to have the same interests as him...
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Also...yes its that building Warhawk.
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OOC: not sure how to start honestly ...
Ahh... I doubt the manor is anywhere near the action. Just sayin'.
OOC: War would be correct. And I'd rather no one arrive at the manor until after I do.
"Free me from this damnable cage, priest! I have done no evil!" yelled the demon-armed boy, trapped within a cage.

"Bull!@#$! You were preparing to kill something when I found you, wolf-succubus spawn," the young man leading the caged replied, followed by a quiet, "oh snap, he just called you a son of a demon %^-*!!" coming from the same man, as if it had been someone else speaking.

"You are mad... I was about to kill a wolf. You went and murdered it yourself after subduing me yourself!" Obviously angry the half-demon named Nefas retorted, "you even gave it a more torturous death, having provided it with false hope before burning it to death!"

"You have a problem with that? I'm a holier-than-thou priest who calls you demon! @#$% you! I can do whatever the ^-*! I want whether it is hypocritical or not! As long as I don't party with the devil, I am fine!"

Nefas sighed as he looked at the ground, quietly uttering, "perhaps if I had chosen atheism I would not be in this situation..."
So, if you can Luma, throw some more detail into that first post. Morph, just have something interesting happen while on your way to the manor.
mmk will put post together as I can. currently in class and chatting on da but can work with what I had sort of wanted to do with Destiny in the last reboot but didn't fully explain cause I came in a little late.
Having spotted the newcomer from half a block away, Malek gives him a measured look;
"Who are you and what do you want?"
He asks without emotion, tensing beneath his cloak.
IC: "Well I was on my way to a place, saw what was happening, decided to go find a better look, and then I found you. Nothing that I want really, just wanted to get a better view of what's happening. I assume you want the same?"
OOC:...Can we please, for the love of Gaia, have someone not in the vicinity of the bust.
working on it geeze

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