new system install - reinstall starcraft?

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I'm looking into upgrading my system to Window 7 with a clean install (not upgrade). Since SC2 is only supposed to be installed on 1 computer per CD key, will I be able to install and use SC2 if I do this?

It will be the same computer, but how will Blizzard know that I haven't tried to install it on multiple computers?
You can install SC2 on as many computers as you want. Your cdkey is tied to your battlenet account.
Ok, good to know, thanks.
No problem :)
So if I get a new laptop, all I have to do is log in to and download the game again?
That's right, PCJAV. You can also just copy over the entire StarCraft II folder from your old computer to your new laptop.
Technical Support
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I do not have the old computer antmore
I have the disc and keycode will that do?
Yes, you can install from disc or use the online installer.
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