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I was briefly part of the Swarm. I thought I'd fit in there, but most of my co-workers were pretty dull. I was seriously overqualified, and I didn't like the healthcare benefits, so I quit.
KO, DH please.
A kunai lashes through the side of the Mutalisk, causing its ear piercing shriek to be released before it flies off. Only for a second kunai, this one on a chain, to pierce through its abdomen. Shrieking more and more as it is pulled to the ground, its bones being shattered upon its hard impact to the ground. Stepping over it I tie the end of the chain onto a table leg, which, due to all the table throwing, had been nailed down. Walking over to the Shadowguard, which is now melting under the acidic blood of the Mutalisk, I simply stare for a few moments, listening to his screams with sadistic joy. "Infestation is primal and outdated, especially in a world where cybernetics and near impossible to convert beings rule. No, technological and Psionic control are far more effective. Think on this. I also suggest the next time you call a pet over, don't choose one who's blood is an acid far more potent than humans can develop. It can only end painfully."
I warp back into the bar, mistlike energies dissipating in my wake.

"You should look into saturating your carapace with micro-sacs of alkaline fluid. That would prevent these... uncomfortable... circumstances. That said, I agree with SF."
I stand in the corner and stare at the back of peoples' heads. Yes... So beautiful. The rears... YES! THE BACK OF THE HEADS! So elegant, so round... Ah the hair... So scrumptious...
"Mmmmm..." I moan, with the lick of my lips. Then inhale deeply, then exhale satisfied.
04/22/2014 05:12 PMPosted by Zarkun
KO, DH please.

Oh, is it waiting on me? I thought I was just a sideplot...

I'll get on it right now.
Well, Zanon's waiting on you and I'm hoping people put two and two together and talk to each other to formulate a plan.

Oops, I gave away the answer.
I have posted. Twice. Took longer than I expected, not to mention I got distracted for awhile.

Ugh, I'm exhausted. I'm looking forward to getting back to work now that Easter's over. Good night, I need my sleep.
Hey, I went in with a plan that would be pretty well communicated to teammates, and you acted like it was complete !@#$. It would have been nice if someone got a hit in, but nope! A rather decent plan is decided to be thrown out the window because... It wasn't communicated verbally? Was that the problem? Sure it was simple, but plans like that are often effective against powerful enemies, 'cause you rarely meet a super powerful enemy that is unaffected by pride.
YOU had a plan and didn't communicate it. Plans don't work if there's no communication.
04/22/2014 10:37 PMPosted by Zarkun
YOU had a plan and didn't communicate it. Plans don't work if there's no communication.

That kind of depends on what you decide "communication" to be.

If you mean everyone gathers around and openly talks about what would work and what wouldn't work, then no, that didn't happen. The problem with that is that everyone is facing a very powerful, and more importantly, very intelligent enemy, who probably has already figured out that at least one character present could be a potential threat to him. He's tried the brute force route, and found someone that, to him at least, it was a no sell. Is he arrogant? Probably. Stupid? I really doubt it. He knows that with Nefas, he's going to need something a little more creative and complex to beat him, and that would reasonably take time to create.

This is something that almost every other character in the arena acknowledges. Everyone knows that if you are dealing with an enemy who possesses both power and intelligence, you do not give them an opportunity to collect their thoughts, to "catch their breath" as it were, because then you're making yourself vulnerable to an attack that actually has purpose and design. The way you prevent this is by keeping said enemy offbalance. Keep them reacting, be aggressive, don't give them a chance to think.

There is no time for a strategy session. If you come up with an idea on the fly, you act on it, and hope that everyone else catches on and helps out. That's what SF did. Arden (can't remember who he belongs to) commented that they needed a way to sneak up on the lich, an valid strategy. Nefas overheard, and provided a means to do so by cloaking Arden (or whomever it was). Kain saw this happen, both Nefas and Kain moved to distract the lich while Arden did the sneaking.

When you have a group that has never worked together before, and are already involved in the action, improvisation is the best that you can do. You get an idea, you put it into action, do your best to let the others know what's going on, and pray to whatever gods you believe in that it works.

And it had a fairly good chance of succeeding, all things considered, at least to inflict some serious damage on the lich, and give the group a chance to come together and think of something more permanent.
What I meant was that something specific needs to be said to a larger group than two or three people. That's about it.
Yeah, keep in mind this is a RP, not real life. Talking is a free action.
Stay alive, bar. Stay alive.

At least until Zanon gets up a correctly-named one, that is...
Traditionally, Zanon does not dispute it when Thundercrash creates a Bar thread, since the original PRP Bar was created by the latter of the two.

Hm... although, an epic battle between the Emperor and his 'mentor' could make for a fantastic fourth episode of Bar Wars.
Well, I found the 'What has happened in my bar' thread, and I like the 'Zanon's PRP Bar' title better anyway.
04/23/2014 03:53 PMPosted by KnarledOne
fantastic fourth episode of Bar Wars.

Bar Wars: A New Drink?

Sounds amusing...
I was thinking

------BAR WARS


04/23/2014 04:11 PMPosted by Maverick
I like the 'Zanon's PRP Bar' title better anyway.

It appears Mav is declaring allegiance early.

On a completely unrelated note, some of you may remember an idea for an Arcade map called LoreCraft, where all unit stats would be modified to reflect the lore (for example, a Battlecruiser would require dozens of Marines to defeat it). I decided to revisit this concept. I will be ready to publish an alpha soon, as I have implemented all base tier 1 units to my near satisfaction. I want to add a couple of non-core t1 units that will make the game larger-scale (as well as design a 2-map pool to test different terrain conditions), but I should be ready very shortly.

Would anyone be interested in assisting with testing?
I'd volunteer if I hadn't just uninstalled SCII for TOR.

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