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You are one of a new group of 'Pups', as the recruits are called, for the WOLF's Head Commando's. You've spent the last three weeks aboard the Battlecruiser Defiance a Hurricane-class variant Battlecruiser. Three good square meals a day, none of those old MRE's, and decent camping arrangements in the main hangar and cargo hold of the Cruiser. There was a decent parade field in the middle of the hold that you have spent countless hours on learning military drill and basic squad maneuvers. Basic hand to hand and CQC has also been taught. Sometimes the M3A5 Courier and the Apollo would be brought out and groups would be shown basic operation and maintenance of the two vehicles. The field would also be modified to provide various terrain for 'laser tag' exercises where participants were given modified CMC Light suits and modified versions of the WHC standard weapons.

Out the port side hangar door you can see the Romulus and out the starboard the Remus is visible. Both are Behemoth-class Battlecruisers and positioned slightly behind the Defiance. Ahead of the three ships is a small blue-green world with a space platform and two more battlecruisers in orbit. The three battlecruisers proceed to the station and dock in a large open hangar. from there you are directed to a Sergeant. you don't know most if any of the other people that come to the Sergeant(PC's. will let you lot decide who knows who). He is wearing a WarWOLF suit with the helmet off and clipped to his waist as he reads from a data pad calling off your names to make sure you're all there. "Alright everyone load up on the Hermes." He says gesturing to the dropship behind him. You all file into the dropship and stow your duffle bags before taking a seat. The sergeant walks to the front of the ship and turns to check that everyone is strapped in. After everyone is strapped in, he bangs on the door to the cockpit with an armored fist. As the ramp closes a woman in full ShadowWOLF armor runs up and onto the dropship. "Sorry I'm hitching a ride." She says with a soft but experienced voice as she removes her helmet to reveal a cute but scared face with shoulder length orange-red hair. The sergeant only nods to the woman before addressing the rest of you. "That was Neema Station. You'll probably end up going there for the majority of your R&R. Of course your CO might also authorize a group sojourn to Dominion or Umojan space for some leave. Next stop is Olympus Base and then off to the firebase your squad is stationed at." He says over the growl of the dropships engines as it lifts off and exits the hangar heading down to the planet below.

ShadowWolves are not a part of this intro due to their extensive training. Any ShadowWOLF characters will be waiting at Olympus Base for the rest of the group to arrive. I'm restricting the number of ShadowWOLF characters to one per squad. so if we have 7 other characters that means one ShadowWOLF. 12-16 characters will mean 2 ShadowWOLF characters(They count as part of the 12-16 total characters). I would like at least 8 characters and 4 RPer's for a nice sized squad. Available races are Terran, Protoss and Mozan. I may allow some other humanoid custom races but I would need a good reason for why/how they are a part of the WOLF's Head Commandos. Also please keep it to mostly Terran Characters if possible please. Except for some fatigues, jumpsuits and the standard pistol you do NOT have any of the gear for your class yet. you will be issued it at Fire Base ColdHarbor. which is where your squad will be based out of. Most of what you have with you is anything you brought with you from home.

Link to PRP:
Character sheets:
Name: Johnathan Flint/Coleburn Jr (Prefers Johnathan Flint Jr)
Race: Terran
Age: 20
Appearance: Stands 6'0" weighs approximately 200 pounds. Rather lean build but still muscular. Hair color is brown and eye color is green. Maintains a neatly trimmed beard and a short hair cut. Few tattoos, Celtic is design mostly.
Class: TechWolf
Weapons: Vintage Earth revolver (Very limited rounds. No more than 24 shots), 'BlackWOLF' Pistol, MT-8 Xane, F-173 'Mauler' Shotgun,
Abilities: Set Gauss turret, HE grenade, Flashbang Grenade, Anti-Light Vehicle mine (ALV for short.)
Name: Leah Flint/Coleburn
Race: Terran
Age: 20
Appearance: Stands at 5'9" and weighs approximately 145 pounds. Lean build though some muscle tone is apparent. Hair is kept neck length and is normally kept in a pony tail when working. Hair color is black and eye color is blue. No defining marks or tattoos.
Class: OmegaWolf
Weapons: 'BlackWOLF' Pistol, UED combat knife (slightly larger than normal combat knifes and has the UED emblem on the hilt), MSW-5, M-114 'Seeker' DMR,
Abilities: Adv. heal, Mini psi-blast (Does more of a stun than anything), Minor telepathy,
Name: Quarah Harven
Race: Mozan
Age: 20
Appearance: Quarah stands about 5'5" and weighs about 115 pounds. She has lean build. Her skin color is lightly tanned with her hair and fur both being red. In full wolf form she appears as red wolf
Class: DireWolf
Weapons: MT-8 Xane, P-5173 'Hot Momma' Plasma AR, 'BlackWOLF' Pistol
Abilities: Feral form, Leaping strike, Suppressive fire,

Name: Kiba Zarkesh
Race: Mozan
Age: 21
Appearance: Stands six foot three inches tall while in human form with brown hair and ice blue eyes. Black furred ears and tail. Is a large, Canadian Grey Wolf-type wolf in feral form, with black fur.
Class: NightWOLF
Weapons: BOSUN FN98 Sniper Rifle, F-173 'Mauler' Shotgun, 'BlackWOLF' Pistol, MT-8 Xane Combat Blade
Abilities: Silent Movement (Passive)- Has learned to move quietly through extensive training, Sleeping rounds (Passive)-Darts filled with a powerful sleeping solution, used for situations requiring non-lethal take downs or to capture key targets alive, Stunning howl (Feral form only)- Let's out a ferocious howl that stuns weaker enemies with fear and makes stronger willed enemies uneasy, Magnetic Visor- Shifts the visor vision from standard to a magnetic view that allows the identification of weaponized metals.
Name: Kira Zarkesh
Race: Mozan
Age: 21
Appearance: Stands five foot five inches tall in human form with a caucasion complexion and nearly all black hair. The front right bang tends to cover her eye and is white. Black furred ears and tail. Similar in appearance to Kiba in Feral form but with a white stripe crossing over her right eye, the rest of her body is all black fur.
Class: DireWOLF
Weapons: F-173 'Mauler' Shotgun, P-5173 'Hot Momma' Plasma AR, 'BlackWOLF' Pistol, MT-8 Xane Combat Blade
Abilities: Heavy Strike (Passive)- Melee blows from Kira while she's in armor pack more power, Inferno Grenade- Lobs a grenade that splits into four more on detonation and then explodes into a searing inferno, Hamstring (Feral Form Only)- Clamps down on an opponents hamstring muscle and rips it off, leaving the opponent vulnerable and unable to move quickly (Incredibly difficult to heal even for an OmegaWOLF because of the amount of muscle missing)
Name: Terra Corven
Race: Terran
Age: 22
Appearance: 5' 4" tall, with bright red hair and emerald green eyes. Her HES is violet in color and her mask consists of a pair of goggles that have various HUD displays and view modes.
Class: Rogue Ghost
Weapons: Modified C-20a, Brace of throwing knives, Twin silenced P45 pistols, Twin combat knives
Abilities: Psionic Reversal, Huntress' Grace (Passive), Advanced Cloak, Mind Shredder

Name: Vilhelm Choskiev
Race: Terran
Age: 18
Appearance: 5' 10", lithe, short blond hair, piercing blue eyes and boyish good looks.
Class: NightWOLF
- M-114 'Seeker' DMR
- Mk. 8 'Fang' SMG
- 'BlackWOLF' Pistol
- MT-8 Xane Combat Blade
- Marksman (passive)
- Tactical Analysis (active): Vilhelm can size up a situation with a glance and pick the best way forward.
- Lethal Grace (passive): Vilhelm has the natural grace & lethal efficiency of a cold-blooded killer.

Name: Echo Nagaru
Race: Human
Age: 22, fresh out of a Technical College, majoring in robotics engineering
Appearance: 6'10", skinny but still muscularly fit. Echo has a somewhat pale skin color,
Class: TechWOLF
Weapons: M-114 'Seeker' DMR, Mk. 8 'Fang', Black Wolf Pistol and modified MT-8 Xane Combat Blade: has a small battery connected to it (must be changed after a while) when a button is held down on the handle of the knife, sending 100 Amps of electricity through the blade, and anything touching it.
Abilities: Fabrication Turret and Point-Defense drones[2 separate abilities]
Hack - Shoots a program that can hack computers and robotics that use any form of AI
Volt-Grenade- Acts as an EMP, but also electrocutes any biological targets in a 10 meter radius as well.
Name: Jason "Three" Crey
Race: Terran
Age: 20
Appearance: 6"7', tan skin, rarely shows his face from behind his mask. Tall, muscular build but not bulky. He has decent strength, easily passing as above average, but is more agile than he is strong. Although his hair can be seen because he does not wear a helmet or accessory covering the top of his head, it is naturally spikey and black. Wears a black long tailed leather coat(not shiny leather, it is matte) with a secondary color of red in the upper chest areas and bands around the elbow.
Class: ShadowWOLF
Weapons: 2 'BlackWOLF' Pistols, modified with suppressors, P-5173 'Hot Momma' Plasma AR(only uses this when he truly needs to), M-7015 'Mosquito LBR' modified with a longer, heavy barrel to accommodate longer distances, and also a suppressor. 3 knives (one in boot)
Abilities: Telepathy, Mind Shroud, Ending Force

Name: Alfr Astrid
Race: Human
Age: 19
Weapons: P-517, Blackwolf, Combat Knife
Abilities- Berserker’s rage – Able to go into a rage and charge at enemies, He is also able to take increased damage for as long as it lasts. The down side of this ability is the fatigue that hits after his rage.
Menacing presents- Alfr is a large muscular man with and his presents can send fear into his enemies causing them to either flee or fight harder. (Will flip a coin or roll a die.)

Name: Epsilon 22-7
Race: Machine
Age: Unknown.
Appearance: Pointed helmet similar in design to a Spartan SCOUT helmet, minus the visor. A small antenna points up to the side of his head, and four small slants are visible on both the upper and lower ‘points’. Shoulders also has a box with an antenna on each side of the base. Body design gives it a vaguely humanoid design, with some parts of it, like pistons and servos, visible up close. Dark grey color scheme with five-finger hands with two thumbs, and the bottom thumbs on each hand closes below the pinky. Large, two toe feet give it a decent surface area, more than a human’s foot. Large attachment frame on back closed off, plus on forearms, thighs, head and chest, allowing for more spots to add parts. Walks strangely sometimes due to missing parts.
Class: WarWOLF
Weapons: M-114 'Seeker' DMR, Mk. 8 'Fang' SMG, BlackWOLF pistol, MT-8 Xane Combat Blade
Abilities: Hyper-sensor Network (Passive), Wraith Combat Fiber (passive), Impact (Active)
Characters continued:
Name: Alex Black
Race: Terran
Age: 19
Appearance: Dark hair, red eyes, standard build and height.
Class: WarWOLF
Weapons: Hot Mamma Plasma AR, Mk. 8 'Fang' SMG, 'BlackWOLF' Pistol, M-8 Xane Combat Blade
Abilities: Vortex Shield(Active), Clot foam and stim (passive), PowerDizer(passive)

Name: Morrigan "Gale" Hellviti
Race: Mozan
Age: 19
Appearance: A tall 6' woman with an intimidatingly bulky build, making extreme use of every bit of muscle. She has a pale white skin colour with short cut white hair. Her ears and tail are grey colour, with white insides. Her eyes are hazel coloured. Upon transformation she is a Kenai Peninsula wolf of the same colour as her canine features, and even large for that extinct species.
Class: DireWOLF
-Primary: Chain Gun
-Secondary: Shoulder Mounted Rocket launchers
-Just gonna say her fists and energy shield could be very dangerous weapons.
-The pistol
Abilities: Mozan Form, Bulldoze, Overcharge
Name: Rhys Ryfel
Race: Terran
Age: 19
Appearance: Unkempt black hair that looks like its due date to be cut is about a year late. Ocean blue eyes peak out from within the mess of hair that covers his face. Adorning his body are quite a few scars from his reckless behavior. He is an athletic and skinny build. His canines have been filed as well to make them sharper.
Class: WarWOLF
Weapons: The F-173 'Mauler' Shotgun and a P-5173 'Hot Momma' Plasma AR, and strapped to his side is a nice foot and a half long dagger, with a very sharp blade. The pistol as well.
Abilities: Bloodlust, Unearthly Screams, Tear 'em Up!

Name: Syra Var
Age: 28
Race: Terran
Appearance: Stands at 5' with bright orange-red hair that floats about her slender shoulders. a single scar running from where her left eyebrow should be down the side of her face and neck wrapping around to her back and down along her spine. Her body is slender and lithe with heavily toned muscles. She looks about 20 years old with very little to 'flaunt.'
Class: ShadowWOLF
Weapons: BOSUN FN98, two Mk. 8 Fang, BlackWOLF, Psi-blades .3472964
Abilities: Electro-Magne-kinetic, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Fracture Effect(Passive, thanks zark for name), Ion Shield, Kinetic Booster,

I look over each person in the drop ship with Kira and I, making a mental note of who looked worth getting to know once we were off while working on my carving. The shape was that of a Mozan warrior preparing to charge an opponent, another Mozan, who Kira was working on. Looking up from my work at the Terran with odd colored eyes, I snort. Leaning over to Kira, I whisper, "What's your take on Captain Red-Eyes over there?"

Kira looks up lazily and shrugs, returning to work at the same time I do. "He'll certainly be different. Must be stable though, otherwise he wouldn't be here." I shrug and focus on the carving. We'd been working on the pair for a couple years now, putting excruciating amounts of focus into getting each detail right, not just physically but anatomically as well. We both wore our jumpsuits with the pistols holstered on our right thighs. I had reached the point of working on the sword my warrior was wielding. Still, I continues a subtle observation of everyone as I carved.


Shaking my head at my brother's typical worries and habits, I continue carving my half of our work, the axe my own warrior was wielding just starting to come into a rough shape. I myself had noticed that other than me, only one other DireWOLF had appeared to enlist with our unit. Still, I didn't mind. That meant I got plenty of the fun weaponry to myself, the big boomers specifically. Looking around at the others myself, I make a mental note to talk to one of the Terrans who'd been working on learning the TechWOLF stuff. After all, they'd be helping to maintain my gear.
Humming aimlessly, Vilhelm leans back in his seat with crossed legs outstretched. Pulling out his handgun, he begins taking the gun apart and putting it back together with quick and fluid motions, much like someone would would do tricks with a butterfly knife.

Right before it gets annoying enough for somebody to speak up about it, Vilhelm stops, double checks the safety and gives the pistol a quick spin before slipping it neatly into its holster with hardly a sound. Stretching with a slight yawn, Vilhelm curls up in his seat, eyes resting closed, his youthful looks making him seem far too young to be a soldier.
[John Jr]
I feel Leah nudge me as I look over the schematics for a few modifications to my vulture bike that I had in mind.
"I see they let you in then huh?" I say to her with out looking up.

"Well they had to let someone in who knew how to keep you in line. Besides who else would heal your stubborn !@#?" I reply without missing a beat causing to John to laugh some. While he was working on his schematics I look over the rest of the recruits that were here. So far many of them seemed to be rather quiet except for two of the Mozan that might be related. I also take note of the rather odd ma that had red eyes. It was slightly disturbing but then again there is stranger than him in the galaxy.

I quietly sit in my seat looking over the rest of those that were in the room. I note the couple other Mozan that where carving figures. There seemed to be only a few of us Mozan and a lot of terran here. I didn't know much about the terran aside from they tended to fight each other for what ever reason.

While Kiba continued carving, I yawned and stretched, part of me yearning to go Feral and go for a run around the ship, even if it was just here. Looking around again, I notice the other Mozan DireWOLF looking around and looking for someone to talk to so I unstrap and walk over, taking a seat next to her. "Name's Kira, what's yours?"
"My name is Quarah." I say rather bluntly. "Need something?"

I chuckle lightly. "Thought you'd like someone to talk to is all. Noticed we're both DireWOLVES."
"Yes. yes we are. As for someone to talk to... Well I've become adapt of being isolated." I say with out much of a friendly tone.

"Well, in a military unit, there is no isolated."
03/26/2014 07:34 PMPosted by LeKroger
"Yes. yes we are. As for someone to talk to... Well I've become adapt of being isolated." I say with out much of a friendly tone.

This earns a tittering laugh out of Vilhelm, who cracks open one eye, a lazy half-smile on his lips;
"Well, aren't we the social bunch."
He says, amused.
I shoot a glare over towards the man who was laughing before looking back towards Kira.
"And your point is?" I say in a slightly mocking tone.

I let a low growl out. "I don't recall including you in this conversation, Terran." Kiba glances up and shoots me a withering look. Sighing, I look at the Terran eye to eye. "I apologize for my approach, but if I don't talk to you, I don't want you shoving your nose in my business." Kiba lets out a sigh.

"She's rather strong on AB conversations." Adjusting my attention back to Quarah, I smile.

"I figure I'd get to know you and vice versa."
[John Jr]
I look up from my schematics having heard the growling. I raise an eyebrow but say nothing before I set my schematics to the side.

"Not much to know about me besides the fact I was the runt of my siblings and was always picked on for being smaller than them."
A ghost of a smile on his lips, Vilhelm bobs his head in acknowledgment;
"Apology accepted."

"Come now, there's got to be more to it than that. Sounds like someone who had a hard time finding the good in all that bad."
"Nope not much else to it." I say flattening my ears as well trying to hint that I didn't want to continue talking about myself.

"Come on, I know you want to talk about it. Nothing's ever so simple as 'I was the smallest and most picked on.' If it were, Kiba and I would be a lot different."
Arching an eyebrow at Quarah's response, Vilhelm shakes his head and uncurls in his seat, turning to face Kiba. Giving him a careful look for a few moments, Vilhelm speaks up;
"So... before I do something stupid and put myself in the line of fire of their little chat, what about you? You seem like the grounding presence for your friend there, as well as a proponent of multi-person conversations... As a fellow NightWOLF, I think we aught to get to know one another.. Vilhelm Choskiev."
He says, carefully stretching out across the aisle to offer a handshake.

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