Crew Roster (LVH)

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Application format:

<Participant Name>
Character’s Name: ___________(Every character needs a name!)
Characteristics:_____________(Put appearance, personality and, if desired, age here.)
Role:__________(Your char’s job aboard the team’s battlecruiser. Each RPer can make one char with a Major Role and as many as they like with a Minor Role. Roles are listed below.)
Attributes:_____________(Listed below.)
Backstory (pre-interbellum):____________(Where on Earth is your char from? What did he do during the Brood War? This part is optional.)
Backstory(post-interbellum):_____________(NOT optional. What has your char been doing these last years?)

Major Roles:

Chief Engineer - taken. The chief engineer is responsible for overseeing the maintenance and operation of the ship. He works primarily in the ship’s engineering bay. He directs the ship’s engineers in repairing the craft, manages power allocation, and can make improvements to the ship at certain points. There can be only one Chief Engineer.

Science Officer - one taken. Think Stettman. Analyzes aliens, performs experiments, and sometimes unlocks valuable new tech for the ship. There can be two Science Officers.

Weapons Master - taken. This individual manages the ship’s supply of weaponry, vehicles, mechs, etc. He sometimes can unlock new weapons systems. The items he manages are primarily used for excursions onto planets or “other such things.” Only one Weapons Master is allowed.

Navigator - taken. Steers the ship. Extraordinarily important, but there isn’t really much to say. Only one is allowed.

Head of Security - taken. Manages everything to do with security aboard the ship. Keeps everyone in line, puts people in the brig, and defends the ship if necessary. Also may lead offensive excursions. Only one allowed.

Minor Roles.

Engineer. Answers to the Chief Engineer. Skilled with repairs, innovation, and basically anything involving a wrench. If the Chief Engineer dies, an Engineer will have to take his place.

Pilot. Controls a small craft such as a Wraith or dropship. May have to take the Navigator’s place in an emergency.

Marine. Well… a Marine. May operate a Goliath or other ground vehicle. Answers to the Head of Security, and may be promoted to that office of the old Head is incapacitated.

Quartermaster - taken. Catalogues and manages ship supplies such as food and sometimes ammo. Only one permitted.

Medical Officer. Keeps people alive. May accompany ground excursions as a medic.


Psychic. Has psionics equivalent to those of a ghost, and the accompanying training. Few UED psychics have escaped Terran eyes, so only one Psychic per player is allowed.

Expert. Very talented at his job. One per player.

Dumb luck. These characters aren’t very skilled, but are strangely good at surviving. You can have an additional Expert if one of your chars has this. One per player.

I'll post a list of all chars here. Down below will be all char profiles.


Ian Aspen, Captain.
Dale Kerns, ???.
E. Malcolm Carter, Science Officer.

James Watkins, First Officer -

Michael Harvard Jackson, Chief Engineer -

Christopher Wamer, Navigator -

Jacob Isaac Moore, Weapons Master -

Joseph Cronus, Flight Chief -

Daniel Flint, Head of Security -

Kiki Vena, Chief Medical Officer -

Barry Valentine, Science Officer -


Rodrick Vandelas -

Dilan Kalen Bonsel -

Sam Roos -

Medical Staff:

Kelly Diana Beller -

Sarah Wood -


Kelly Scott Icarus, Pilot -

Ivan Henry Volkov, Marine -

Sasha Wood, Pilot -
Natasha Kale, Marine -
Kevin Peters, Pilot -

Stellara Pierce, Pilot/Marine -
Kor Morin, Marine -

A lot of random NPCs -


Jamie Rundran -

Jamie Rundran.
Characteristics: A tan man of average height. Has long black hair that is tied into a ponytail. Has brown eyes, and wears protective glasses when working.
Role: Quartermaster
Attribute: Dumb luck
Backstory: After the fall of the UED fleet, Jamie quickly blended into the general populace, finding work as a supply manager at the shipyard. Pretty average life.

Rodrick Vandelas
Characteristics: Tall, pale man with bright blue eyes and short, dark hair.
Role: Engineer
Attribute: None
Backstory: Sucessfully blending in with local townspeople, Vandelas avoided discovery and founded a garage which he works most of his days in.[/quote]

Character’s Name: Kelly Scott Icarus
Characteristics: Person of few words, little idle chatter. 5' 9", medium/small build. Unseen tattoo between shoulder-blades and stomach. Brown hair with the few odd strands of hair that are different colors, sometimes forming a rainbow if looked at from the correct angle. Clean white flight suit with a small amount of armor, with a helmet that allows her to operate in space for a few hours. Hip holster visible with a Needle Gun for self defense. Dimples on her cheeks and heterochromia eyes. (Left eye blue, right eye hazel)
Role: Pilot
Backstory (pre-interbellum): Cronus Wing during the Brood War. Fought extensively against both the Dominion and Zerg fliers. Earned medal for combat over Korhal. but otherwise unremarkable.
Backstory(post-interbellum): Kelly spent most of her years as a mercenary, first in a Wraith, then in a hijacked and modified Viking (Will change if necessary, but no exact year was specified.). She remained in contact with some of the other members of the UED, and upon hearing of a chance to return home, she met up with the others.

Character’s Name: Mike Harvard Jackson.
Characteristics: Dirty White engineering bodysuit, with welders, screwdrivers, pilers and almost everything that would be needed for his job. Holster for a Torrent Shotgun on back and a holster on his chest with a slightly modified P30 Pistol. Pair of goggles on his forehead, below a mess of blonde hair, and above a pair of eyes, with a scar on his lip. Tends to run his mouth under stress, isn't very sensitive to the plight of others, and eagerly accepts any engineering challenge.
Role:Chief Engineer
Backstory (pre-interbellum): Nothing of importance to note. Worked as ship engineer on-board Battlecruisers, also repaired fighter ships.
Backstory(post-interbellum): Inactive for the most part after the war, working in a back-water planet, repairing mining vehicles, transports, irrigation vehicles...... Generally everything and anything that came to his workshop. Getting bored with where he was, he planet-hopped, helping with engineering projects on several planets. He heard of a way to return home with some of his former comrades, and set off almost immediately to meet up.

Character’s Name: Nolan Gary Bellum
(False, characters can be referred to that guy in the corner, or the drunkard that was murdered last night when he went home to his wife)

Dr. Bellum is Deceased.

Characteristics: A tall white man with jet black hair that is kept at a neat and short length. His eyes are cheery and always seem as if they are curious about something, their colour being hazelnut brown. He is a happy, determined, and hard working of a man. He is at the age of thirty-seven.

Role: Science Officer

Attributes: Expert (I feel as if Dumb Luck wouldn't allow for a Science Officer to get to where (s)he is.)

Backstory (pre-interbellum): Nolan Gary Beller was born to an academically inclined family in northern Ontario Canada. Always being pushed into academics, and being scolded when he got anything less than an 85%, the young Mr. Beller never entered extracurricular sports, although he did exercise regularly to keep healthy. The boy would grow up to have PhD. in Biology and Masters in engineering as his notable, and job-assisting degrees. each able to be applied to each other when he joined the UED in the Brood War. Dr. Beller would be a lead researcher in the biology of the Zerg, and to a lesser in Protoss. He would have preferred the latter to study more, but it was damn near impossible to prevent a Protoss from warping out without blowing them to bits. He put a bit of study into the mechanics of the Protoss machines, and even analyzed what he could of the Koprulu Terran society.

Backstory(post-interbellum): Nolan entered a day job of teaching, providing enough money to sustain himself and a newly found wife, one who he is to return to Earth with. At nights however, he works on his own little projects, but due to lack of funds, they often times will blow up in his face, or go limp, and then shoot urine and blood at his eyes. He always pained to go back home, to a place where he recognizes, to see his sisters, brothers, nieces, and nephews.To get back to a job he enjoyed, and allowed him to be recognized as more than just some teacher. He had met a few times with some others he had worked around from time to time. He had eventually convinced his wife to come to Earth, where there is a lack of war against alien civilizations, and peculiarly well funded rebels. He lives on Umoja currently.

Character’s Name: Kelly Diana Beller

Characteristics: A taller brown haired woman with hair falling down to the small of her back, usually kept into a ponytail. She has green eyes which seem to be filled with concern and love. She is thirty-four years old.

Role: Medical Officer
Attributes: None

Backstory (pre-interbellum): Kelly was not born on Earth, but on the mining world of Mar Sara. She grew up there, her father having gotten sick and injured while working in the mines, and she felt helpless to save him as he passed away, Due to this she pursued a career as a doctor, She had left Mar Sara for her post-secondary education at the age of nineteen, coming back when she could afford it to visit her mother. But by the time she had finished her schooling at twenty-six, Kelly's mother had also passed away, leaving nothing for her on Mar Sara, except memories of pain. She had been working at a hospital on Umoja upon the time of the Great War and Brood War, luckily not drafted as a medic to help defend Umoja just in case. Her maiden name was Mellow.

Backstory(post-interbellum): Ms. Mellow worked as an unmarried female doctor until 2503, getting flirted with many times over, each time denying. Upon meeting her husband after a particularly nasty accident of one of his experiments biting his finger. The two of them began to form a relationship until a marriage in 2503, now Mrs. Beller. Kelly would continue to work in the hospital, and whenever her husband had a mishap, try and see if she could deal with his wounds at home. Taking lots of convincing due to her home being in Koprulu, Kelly Diana Beller eventually agreed to come with her husband back to Earth.

Character’s Name: Ivan Henry Volkov

Characteristics: A rather large looking man, although average in height, Ivan is rather bulky. He has a long scraggy beard and medium length hair, also sharing the ungroomed look. His eyes are blue and cruel looking. He is forty-two.

Role: Marine
Attributes Psychic

Backstory (pre-interbellum): Ivan was born in Russia, raised as an athlete, Ivan was rather brutal and unforgiving, as well as an awfully good marksman when he first started going to shooting ranges with his father at age ten. Impossible for it to be beginners luck, his father soon found it to be through Psychic aiding that Ivan was so capable of shooting like that. His reassurance was from a soon development of telepathic abilities, and eventually even telekinesis for smaller objects. Ivan went into the armed forces for the UPL as a marksman, and special forces soldiers, as the witch hunt had ended long ago. This was during 2497.

Backstory(post-interbellum): Volkov spent the time he has had after the UED failure as a mercenary, selling himself out to people who need an extra hand, making his primary home and place of business being Dead Man's Port. But no matter the money he made, Ivan Volkov always would have a glass of vodka at the end of the day, think about Earth and all that has been left behind there, and then gulp down the bottle before stumbling into a wall and passing out.

Character’s Name: Dilan Kalen Bonsel

Characteristics: A large, clumsy man without much height to him, he holds no hair (not even eyebrows) on his face and a buzz cut of blonde hair atop his head He has dark brown eyes and white skin. He is thirty-nine years old.

Role: Engineer
Attributes Dumb Luck
Backstory (pre-interbellum) Mr. Bonsel originates from Montana, having spent his days fixing up old vehicles with his father as well as a newer ATV he accidentally crashed every three weeks, every time he got something done right, it was by blind luck. Dilan joined up the UED as a Engineer, although with only a bachelors, he was still trusted enough to work with them from how well he was able to fix an old tank.

Backstory(post-interbellum): Dilan worked as a machinist is backwater shops, occasionally blowing up a Vulture, forcing him to pay for the damage done, and the vulture, and sometimes getting the job done so well that whatever brought in was working at a greater efficiency than before. However, he still missed the ability to ride around an ATV and quad close to his home without fear of being attacked by a bunch of aliens.

Characters Name: Jacob Issac Moore
Characteristics: Stands about 6'3" and stocky. He is well muscled but not overly so. He is only 23 years old and very interested in making it back to Earth.
Role: Weapons Master
Attributes: Expert
Backstory (pre-interbellum): Before he joined the UED he was a decent student with a lovely girlfirend. They had agreed to wait for each other while he went off to the Koprulu Sector. He quickly became known for his attention to detail when it came to the armory. He watches and double and triple checks everything that comes in or out of his armory.
Backstory(post-interbellum): After the Fall he got a job for Cirion Munitions Corporation as a stock manager. He lived a very low end life working as much as he could. Every credit he earned that didn't go into the very basic necessities of life he invested back into CMC, other companies and other forms of investment like real estate. He amassed a small fortune over the four years between the end of the Brood Wars and present day. A few weeks ago he liquidated all of his investments and bought as many supplies for the voyage as he could.

Character’s Name: Stellara "Star" Pierce
Characteristics: Short, slender and delicate looking. She stands only 5 foot even. Her hair is a soft natural auburn that she has let grow out to about her mid-back. Her eyes are a lovely deep emerald green though she is often shy around others. She has highly toned muscles, if a fully armored marine fell on her she likely would be unable to move it without help from her psionics, but retains an extremely delicate look even up close. She prefers to be alone and away from others since she never learned to really block out others or keep her own mind from other telepaths. She loves to spend time in/around her wraith but is equally comfortable on the ground in her stealth suit and with her newly acquired C-20a. Stellara is 29.
Role: Pilot, Marine(if dual roles are not allowed will remove the Marine)
Attributes: Expert, Psychic
Backstory (pre-interbellum): Stellara was a ghost attached to Cronus Wing during the Brood Wars. She took on missions most other pilots couldn't handle and has had her fair share of combat with Dominion, Zerg and Protoss fliers. Her old trusty Wraith which has been modified to include a Planethoppers warpdrive has gotten her out of more than a few scrapes. During the Fall she barely managed to escape with her wraith. She had been from the area once known as 'Ohio' in 'The United States'.
Backstory(post-interbellum): After the Fall she turned to a life of Piracy and mercenary work. She kept to herself and only took low-end jobs so as to stay under the dominion radar. She has kept her wraith in good repair thanks to the help of a few anti-Dominion groups and even, only when she had too, Dead Mans Port. She jumped at the chance to go home and is now heading to the port to meet with her compatriots.

Character’s Name: Kor Morin
Characteristics: Long mid back length blonde hair usually tied up into a ponytail. Her eyes are a lovely amber. She stands about 5'8" with a slender almost boyish figure. She's always wished she had a better figure and is often self conscious about it.
Role: Marine/Goliath Pilot
Attributes: none
Backstory (pre-interbellum): She served in Cronus wing and fought heavily against the Zerg and Dominion forces.
Backstory(post-interbellum): After the fall she fled to the fringe worlds of the Terran Dominion and made a living by serving in Colonial militia. She never really stayed in one place for long until she went to Mar Sara after it had been recolonized. She stayed on Mar Sara for a while until she heard about the opportunity to go home and instantly decided to go.

Character’s Name: Dan flint.
Characteristics: Stands 6'0". Short neat brown hair and green eyes. 25 years old. Several scars across his face and body as he was presumed dead on Char when the UED took control of the young Overmind. Tends to be paranoid about people following him or possibly being a threat to himself, partly due to the training he had and the experience he has as a Ghost.
Role: Head of Security?
Backstory :Dan Flint is originally from the Mid-western parts of what would be the United States of America. His role during the Great War/Brood war was infiltration and information gathering of enemies as well as taking out priority targets.
Backstory: After being presumed dead by the UED and managing to survive Char long enough to stow away on a vessel belonging to a daring pirate group and slipping off the grid. He has been staying away from heavy populations for fear of someone noticing he is a psionic as well as avoiding areas where someone might be able to pinpoint him directly as a psionic. For work he works as security for a small private mining operation as he does admit that he has prior training in the military. He has also been trying to keep track of his brother, John Flint, where abouts to attempt to reunite with his brother.

Character’s Name: Sasha Wood
Characteristics: Saha has brown hair that comes down to her mid-shoulder blade area. It surrounds a beautifully crafted face and brown eyes. Sasha is stubborn, sweet, immature at times, reserved but social if necessary, some consider her funny. Mildly sarcastic in a private setting. Most of Sasha's time is spent in her head. She's always thinking about the people around her, the situation she's in, her thoughts on life, etc. Sasha enjoys music, company that knows when to shut up, and flying more than anything. She dislikes reading and heated arguments. Her love languages are physical touch and gifts. Sasha is twenty-five.
Role: Pilot
Attributes: Expert
Backstory (pre-interbellum): Sasha lived in the suburbs with her mother and younger sister while her father was a fighter pilot for the UED. (Her mother worked as a nurse.) Sasha and her sister grew up with a passion for flying and her father loved how his daughters wanted to follow in his footsteps. They would often spend day and night talking about how fighter crafts worked, how to fly them, different models of Wraiths, ancient Jet fighters, and even how to repair and maintain a craft.

When Sasha was only sixteen, her father was killed in an accident during a training session. This devastated the family, obviously. Sasha and her sister's dreams of becoming a pilot were shattered. Her mother simply couldn't allow them to have the same fate. The sisters would often secretly talk about flying or have dreams about being a pilot, but neither ever dared to speak of them in front of their mother. Sasha's dream of flying was never extinguished, however.

Sasha then entered a serious relationship with a boy from school. Mother didn't approve of this boy, but Sasha didn't care. The relationship lasted until Sasha was eighteen. The boy had grown to hate Sasha's mother back and eventually broke up with Sasha for it. Destroyed and betrayed, Sasha decided to take eye for an eye. She enlisted with the UED Air and Space force following in her father's footsteps strictly against her mother's will.

After a few years of training and small basic missions, she joined the expeditionary force headed for the Korprulu sector. Sasha had put her past behind her and had minor relations with her sister. Although they kept in touch a little, she had no idea they both signed up for the same crusade!

During the expeditionary force's imminent defeat, Sasha changed greatly. Some would say she witnessed one too many near-death experiences and lived even more. She reflected greatly on herself and her family. She would often times cry alone every night, re-mourning her father. She also felt bitter towards how she treated her mother. She has since lied to herself about her true reasons for joining the military. Guilt has played a role in her imaginary relationship with her mother. If she ever returned to earth, she thought, she would make amends.

Personal communication between fleets was difficult, but managable. Sasha reconnected with her sister, who was working as a field medic, before the UED fleet crumbled.

Backstory(post-interbellum): Sasha was in the cockpit when she escaped the swarm. She went AWOL and stole a shuttle, taking her and a squadron of marines with her. Rumor was around the ship that zerg had been in pursuit even after giving the UED a head start. As soon as it was confirmed, she deserted to a small colony where she stayed until joining up with Hel's Angels, a mercenary group of Vikings a few years later.

Sasha lived bitterly and scarred, knowing her sister was dead and her mother now thought she, too, was dead. Sasha knew she could never come back to her mother. After what she did and all this time, it would be insulting.

Through the next few years, she began developing a relationship with Kevin, a fellow Hel's Angel's pilot. When Sasha heard of the opportunity to go back, she was again distraught. She new she would never forgive herself if she didn't go back. Kevin held Sasha tight and decided to go with her on the journey. It would be, after all, a long one.

Character's Name: Sarah Wood

Characteristics: Sarah has blonde hair that cuts off halfway down her neck and ocean-blue eyes. She has a signature freckle under her right eye. Sarah is kind, sensitive, caring, determined, loyal, funny and smart. She is socially awkward when emotionally excited or spurred. She can't stand being flirted with because she always reacts strangely and unpredictably. Sarah is more introverted and prefers to be alone with a book, but also enjoys company in small doses. She likes Poetry and literature, but often regards music as 'noise'. She is also adventurous. Dancing and singing are out of her comfort zone, but she secretly has a passion for it. Her love languages are Acts of Service and Gifts. Sarah is twenty-three

Role: Medical Officer (Unofficial Pilot)
Attributes: None

Backstory (pre-interbellum): Sarah lived in the suburbs with her mother and older sister while her father was a fighter pilot for the UED. (Her mother worked as a nurse.) Sarah and her sister grew up with a passion for flying and her father loved how his daughters wanted to follow in his footsteps. They would often spend day and night talking about how fighter crafts worked, how to fly them, different models of Wraiths, ancient Jet fighters, and even how to repair and maintain a craft.

When Sarah was only fourteen, her father was killed in an accident during a training session. This devastated the family, obviously. Sarah and her sister's dreams of becoming a pilot were shattered. Her mother simply couldn't allow them to have the same fate. The sisters would often secretly talk about flying or have dreams about being a pilot, but neither ever dared to speak of them in front of their mother. Sarah's dream of flying was never extinguished, however.

Sarah's sister, Sasha, graduated school and enlisted in the UED space program to become a pilot simply out of spite. Sasha was angry at her mother for not liking her boyfriend, who broke up with her because of it. Feeling bad for her mother, Sarah decided she wanted to be a nurse and follow in her mother's footsteps. Sasha followed Dad. Sarah followed Mom. Even though Sarah secretly wanted to learn to fly, she refused to cross the boundary line her sister had crossed.

Graduating medical school to become a nurse, Sarah decided she, too, wanted to work in space. Sarah's relationship with her mother was still going strong, but Sarah felt empty... Alone. She signed up for the expedition to the Korprulu sector as a nurse thinking it as a sense of adventure. She thought she'd come back a true woman. Little did she know her sister was in the same boat!

During the expeditionary force's imminent defeat, Sarah became a little homesick. She missed her sister and her mother -- the only good things in her life. Luckily, she had made a good friend during this time to be with. Natasha Kale was instrumental in Sarah's life. Even though she wasn't a pleasant shoulder to cry on, she kept Sarah sane. Natasha, called "Tasha" by Sarah, also had family back home. The only difference was the Tasha's family was hoping she died. The bonds between the two grew as crisis hit the fleet.

As things began going south for the UED, Sarah was implemented as a field medic. She was assigned the same unit as Tasha (Who was a Marine) and Sarah saw some mentally scarring things while she was on the field. While most people change without knowing it, Sarah changed on the inside, but her facade remained the same. She has kept all her fears, scars and emotions bottled up inside her, with no-one to turn to.

Backstory(post-interbellum): When the fleet was destroyed, Sarah (and Natasha's) unit was abandoned. It turned out to be a blessing, when they heard about the fleet's destruction later, but nonetheless, it was emotionally scarring. Being left behind in unknown lands taught Sarah a thing or two about being tough, though she continues to bottle it up inside -- refusing to admit her circumstances have changed her.

Sarah's unit survived on it's own as a small mercenary group working for a local town to keep the peace. Sarah put her CMC suit to the side and resumed being a nurse/medic/doctor, as she was the best the small colony had. Her experience in the field grew immensely during this time.

When Natasha and Sarah heard about the opportunity to go back, Natasha's attitude disheartened Sarah. Although Sarah was ecstatic, Tasha was just loathing the thought of going back to her family, who think's she's dead. Sarah dragged Tasha along and here they are.

Character's Name: Natasha "Tasha" Kale
Characteristics: Natasha has black hair reaching to the bottom of her neck and brown eyes. She likes to keep her hair in a ponytail while trying to keep focus. Natasha retains a sweet, smooth face. Tasha is blunt and can come across as rude. She's extremely sarcastically optimistic, complicated, and secretly just wants to be loved for who she is. She wants to be recognized as a sensitive girl, but continues to act like a tough roughian. Tasha is definitely introverted. But at the same time, she can't stand being lonely. She has found that being alone and occupied is the best way to pass the time. Cleaning her gun or equipment is usually what she resorts to. Tasha dislikes reading, music, and social gatherings. Her love languages are Touch and Words of Affirmation, not that anyone has ever cared to find out for themselves.

Role: Marine
Attribute: None.

Backstory (pre-interbellum): Natasha grew up in the city as an only child. Her father worked as a doctor and her mother worked as a secretary in a corporate building. As Natasha grew older, she was often bullied or pushed around. She was never really taught how to stand up for herself. As a result, she took a lot of slander from other kids all through school. She was "That weird kid"

When Natasha began growing older, she began sinking into depression. She felt like there was nothing good in this life to live for. She had little friends and her parents were always busy. To add insult to injury, her father was extremely disappointed that she wasn't excelling in school. Her dad really wanted her to be a doctor, but she couldn't do that if with her grades being as low as they were.

Natasha barely graduated high-school and refused to go to collage like her father kept pushing. To escape depression, her father, and really, her life, she joined the military to become a marine. No matter where she was stationed, she knew her parents would follow and try to communicate. To escape them, she made sure to enlist in a space program. The Korprulu sector expedition was perfect.

While in the marine corps, she often would get in fights with fellow marines. At this point in her life, she felt she was capable to punish anyone who made fun of her. Instead, she ended up in the infirmary for most of the expedition.

The heat of battle taught her to get over several old grudges. Watching people she used to loath get killed played a role in Tasha's attitude and aggressiveness.

One day, she was feeling down. Her depression was running strong and she was especially angry with a man in her unit who continued to call her a clown. This was sarcasm, obviously, as she carries the exact opposite traits as a clown. She snapped and the two ended up in a fight. Although Tasha fared well, she couldn't compete with the burly man. She ended up in the infirmary, once again, where she met Sarah, who was taking care of her.

The two hit it off and became close. Even though they have nearly nothing in common, Sarah continued to show Natasha love. Love that Tasha couldn't find anywhere else in her life. She was attracted to that, and the two became close friends.

Backstory(post-interbellum): When the fleet was destroyed, Natasha (and Sarah's) unit was abandoned. It turned out to be a blessing, when they heard about the fleet's destruction later. Tasha didn't mind being left behind. She was interested in a new home and what better way to do it then being on a different planet than her parents?

Natasha's unit survived on it's own as a small mercenary group working for a local town to keep the peace. Natasha enjoyed hunting down the scum of the colony. She enjoyed getting in brawls with fellow soldiers. Her experience as a soldier grew immensely during this time.

When Natasha and Sarah heard about the opportunity to go back, Natasha thought it was a joke. There was no way someone out there actually was trying to go back. Why would they want to anyways? Although Natasha didn't want to go back to Earth, she felt like she would sink back into depression if she didn't follow Sarah, so she did.

Character's Name: James Watkins
Characteristics: James has jet black short hair along with a clean, short goatee. His brown eyes complement his intricately crafted face. James is a bit cold, only social when necessary, has dry humor, and has rather a dull outlook on life. James is perfectly social as long as he approves of those he's with. He can be a real @$$ if he doesn't like someone. At the same time, he can act strangely kind to those he does approve of. James enjoys some reading if it has to do with space-travel. James enjoys jazz music and oldies rock. Pretty much anything that's relaxing. James' love languages are Words of Affirmation and Acts of Service.
Role: First Mate
Attributes: None.
Backstory (pre-interbellum):James was born into a low-class family of four; his mother, father, sister and him. His father kept the family afloat with steady income as a dock worker in one of the many star stations covering Earth. When James was seven years old, his father was killed in an accident involving several crates that weren't strapped in properly. They shifted when the ship took off and poured onto the landing pad where his father was standing.

Obviously, this effected James' childhood and life thereafter. The family received compensations, which carried them until James could graduate. His sister, however, was not so lucky. She began mixing with the wrong crowds and ended up addicted to every imaginable nasty drug. When James was nineteen, his sister died of overdose. The remaining family members grieved and mourned.

James wanted to be a sailor in the military and work in space - but his mother forbid it. She couldn't bear to lose James, too. So, he joined a corporate shipping company fresh out of trade-school. This was a step up in the eyes of his mother, but still, she worried for him. He graduated and worked for several corporations as a simple monitor watcher or deck hand.

A few years later, James was drafted into the military for an expedition to the Korprulu sector. He received basic training, but passed that, he barely knows how to hold a gun.

Backstory(post-interbellum): Just before the fleet fell, James ordered his ship to turn the opposite direction and warp back to the Korprulu sector. He did this off gut feeling. He had learned enough about the zerg to know they wouldn't let them escape. He knew they were simply giving them a head start. Or at least he hoped he knew. The action caused mutiny when they got back to safety. It was only weeks later when the crew realized that James had saved their life.

Still, marooning him on Mar Sara turned out to be a blessing when the frigate was attacked and destroyed by a Dominion patrol only weeks later.

In the meantime, James lingered. He worked as a dock worker following in his father's footsteps. There, he met Michelle. The supervisor working at the docks. She always admired James for his knack for ships and technology as well as his work ethic and know-how. The two ended up falling in love after they continually bumped into each other at every turn. They discovered how much they had in common and a beautiful relationship began.

After a year into the relationship, James was looking for the right moment to propose. He decided to sneak into her house before she got home from and surprise her with flowers and a diamond ring. Instead, he found her in bed with another man. Completely and utterly destroyed, James left. Just upped and left. Started walking.

His long walk ended in a hotel on the other side of the city. The next day, James visited a bar for the first time with a friend of his. His friend convinced him to go with him to visit his brother in a desert colony in the !@#-end of nowhere. James then found himself at yet another bar when he arrived.

Listening to some patrons bicker out of the side of his head, James could hear comments about the old UED fleet. Turns out they were some survivors. They were talking about going home. Although it wasn't necessarily a better option than staying, his options were growing slim. He confronted them and ended up enlisting.

Character’s Name: Kevin Peters
Characteristics: Kevin has a medium build and isn't incredibly muscular, although has definition in his muscles. He has light brown hair combed forward that builds to a point and a goatee of the same color. Kevin's face is quite soft looking with no scars or noticeable blemishes. Kevin is witty, smart, thoughtful and caring. He also has a rogue feeling about him. Being a mercenary for five years has left him with a dark side. He has almost a split personality between being merciful, compassionate and kind to sinister, dark and ruthless. Kevin's true passion is flying and he loves interacting with those who share the passion. He describes flying as freedom in a metal box and almost loathes those who are ignorant of it's power. Kevin is used to being a pact leader in Hel's Angels and knows the chain of command well. Unfortunately, he is also rebellious and likes to do things his way. This is what got him discharged from the military. Kevin's love languages are physical touch and Words of Affirmation. Kevin is twenty-seven.
Role: Pilot
Attributes: None
Backstory: Kevin was born a colony kid to two parents, who were farmers. His uncle was a wraith pilot in the small militia guarding the colony. This inspired Kevin to fly. Kevin would often fly with his uncle and he enjoyed the experience. This is where Kevin learned what true freedom was.

When Kevin was still young, the brood wars hit. He was drafted into the military and thrusted into the cockpit. He left his home behind and everything he loved dear to fight multiple enemies on multiple fronts. Now he only had one love: Flying. He learned the art well and loved every second of the freedom he experienced.

During the Brood wars, his family's colony was burned and destroyed. By who, though? The Sons of Korhal? The UED? The Zerg? Nobody knew for sure and Kevin couldn't find answers. It was then when he realized he was a slave to the Confederacy. He realized, even though flying gave him unlimited freedom, the Confederacy enslaved him to their will. Him and his whole squadron began talking about deserting in private. When the confederacy fell, he and his squadron were already gone. They began a mercenary group, which preyed on several trade routes in the area. Their favorite targets? The newly erected Dominion - especially Confederacy troops who merged with the new tyrannical government.

Though Kevin had been a founding member, he wasn't a leader. It took five years for him to finally rise to be a ring leader. At this point, he had met Sasha, a recruit to the mercenary team. She was ex-UED and gave Kevin a new perspective on life. As their relationship grew, so did their love for each other. When Sasha was given the opportunity to return to her homeland - Earth - she was going to turn it down. Kevin could see how badly she truly wanted this and wasn't stupid. She wanted to stay because of him. He ended up dragging her onto the crew and joining himself.

Character’s Name: Kiki Vena
Appearance - Rich dark brown hair that just touches her shoulders and has a curved groove scar in her nose from during the War. She has amber colored eyes and appears to be of Asian descent.
Personality – Sarcastic and can be incredibly cruel at times but she means well and cares for the precious lives of her friends.
Age - 37
Role: Medical Officer
Attributes: Expert
Backstory (pre-interbellum): Kiki is from the island of Japan and was a prestigious student that barely got in trouble for she believed that studies were more important than rebelling against her elders and in fact it was the truth of the matter. Not only did she complete her primary education, she got accepted into a college/university but lacked the funds to enter so she joined the military instead in order to gain said money to further her education.

It was several years later and she managed to get a degree or two with the main one being in Biotechnology. Once her education had been taken care of she then continued her military life as it suited her well and could provide her with the resources needed to conduct research and experiments that could better maintain humanity in the upcoming years.

The day arises when the UED creates the Expedition Fleet to head off towards the emptiness of space in order to liberate the Koprulu Sector and she was one of the Medical Officers that went with them into the abyss that would end up leading to their defeat which did happen.

Backstory(post-interbellum): Kiki destroyed all ties of her UED past after the defeat they suffered though she did keep a couple of contacts that she barely knew though they managed to keep in touch. After that was all settled she ended up serving a hospital as one of the doctors on staff. It was an interesting life and there didn’t seem to be much worry in the world and there were barely any Zerg siting’s if none at all!

Then she collected the call and just packed up shop and left.

Character’s Name: Sam Roos

Characteristics: Black hair, average height and not very strong. The kind of person you would see once in a crowd and never remember. He has a European facial style and no facial hair. No scars or anything else notable. Never went to college after High School due to family needs. Personality is the kind of person who gets along with almost everyone and keeps no grudges. Great at using creativity and ingenuity to fix a problem. Age - 21

Role - Engineer, specializes in conventional engines and warp drive but can fix anything if need be

Attributes - Expert in ship engineering especially engines and drives.
Backstory(pre-interbellum - From San Francisco left because of family debts. The UED offered to erase all debts for his family if he or his father did 2 years of service. Sam volunteered and ended up here after the disaster of the brood wars.
Backstory(post-interbellum) - Working on Mar Sara for a living as a engineer making a living but hoping to return to Earth. Never found a lover so no problems there. When he heard a ship was leaving Sam decided to go all or nothing and see what is left of Earth. Years of work on Mar Sara has taught Sam how to repair pretty much everything on a ship or at least make it work.

Character’s Name: Joseph Cronus.

Characteristics: Joseph is a strong, outspoken man who stands about 6'11", has shocking blue eyes and a scar on his left cheek from an attack from a Zergling during the defense of the new Overmind. People like to call him muscle bound, which isn't far from the truth, but to call him a brute or stupid is a gross mistake. He weighs 250 pounds and most of it is toned muscle. He's got platinum blonde hair and is clean shaven, unable to grow facial hair like his father. Out of armor he wears a tan muscle shirt, digital green camo army pants and black, steel toed combat boots. He carries a bowie knife on him at all times, even out of armor. His armor is painted black with red flames on the shoulders and chest, and is the CMC-330 armor he picked up during his time as a mercenary (It's description is in the War Pigs PRP, but if it isn't allowed, I'll just use the 400) and the visor has a dragon's head (or would it be face?). Uses an augmented C-141 Gauss rifle he'd been working on to resemble his skill. Now it looks more like a sniper rifle, longer barrel, adjustable zoom scope, only burst and semi-auto firing functions, than the gauss rifle he was issued before leaving for Koprulu. Also uses a modified C-150 pistol, featuring an extended magazine and laser targeting system. Flies a Valkyrie with a lowered ammo count in order to allow for rapid deployment and the addition of gauss turrets to act as air to air weapons and an adjusted targeting system to allow for missile targeting air to air and a warp drive.

Role: Marine, Pilot

Attributes: Expert

Backstory (pre-interbellum): Joseph was born in an area that at one time was known as Boise, Idaho to a pair of loving parents, albeit middle class ones. Jim and Tammy Cronus gave Joseph anything and everything he wanted, as during his birth, the doctor discovered scar tissue that would keep his mother from having more kids. Growing up, he'd always had an obsession with the military, specifically the sniper infantry division. He spent days at the range after he turned ten, practicing to earn the degree of accuracy needed to get him into a sniper squad.

The day he turned eighteen, he enlisted and was sent to standard boot camp. During the weapons training, he excelled, but was overlooked for the Base Commander's nephew for the sniper squad. Embittered by this favoritism, he spent the rest of basic training his body and mind, practicing hand to hand combat with a Bowie knife his Drill Sergeant had given him so he'd have a second skill set to rely on rather than just his personal sniper regimen. He'd get a second chance, some day.

Backstory(post-interbellum): After the Fall of the UED, Joseph was lucky to get off of Char alive. Borrowing an abandoned Valkyrie, he fled Char and flew to the nearest hospitable planet, then Agria. When he arrived, the colonists took him in and helped bandage his wounds. Once he was recovered, he set to repairing his CMC-400, replacing all the damaged parts with spares brought to him by the colonists. Once it was done, he repainted it to remove any obvious trace he was once UED then he set out to find the first mercenary job he could. For years he spent his credits on upgrades to both armor and weapons, his pistol and rifle soon showed what his specialty was, long range support and assassination. His armor upgrade came after a botched job involving the unexpected arrival of the Zerg on the planet, who not only killed his target, but nearly killed him.

His armor beyond repair and barely usable, he started asking contacts if they knew any one who could get him a new suit. After months of asking, a contact in Dead Man's Port offered him a suit of the CMC-330 series, an offer he didn't pass up. Once he'd learned the pros and cons of the armor, he went back to work, even helping Raynor's Raiders on occasion. When word reached him of the gathering to go home, he didn't hesitate to head there. The Valkyrie, now fairly modified as well, had served him well and he couldn't stand to let it go, and so he flew it to the station.

Character name: Barry Valentine.
Characteristic: At a height of 5'7", Barry is less than the average height for a man. Despite his relatively short stature, he finds time to exercise so he is physically fit. A man approaching his forties, Barry has been the victim of baldness and wears a beret to compensate for the lack of hair (though it does not bother him as much now). Barry also has a goatee. Articulate, thoughtful, and good natured, Barry has no trouble interacting with others but he also doesn't mind being alone for periods of time. He is fond of chess and dabbles in all genres of music.
Role: Science Officer
Pre-Interbellum: Growing up in a poor neighborhood was tough. Growing up in a crowded apartment with three other younger siblings that looked up to him was tougher. As the eldest son, Barry had to set an example for his three siblings. His parents spent what precious time they had (for they worked long hours) to teach their children, especially Barry, the values of handwork, responsibility, and respect. Attending college with a scholarship, Barry was fond of Xenology and also astronomy.

At the age of 26, he earned his PhD and travelled across the vast space. He saw many curious and exciting things on his visits to different parents. In addition to cataloging the different species he came across, he also dabbled in identifying their genome among other things. During his travels, he met his girlfriend Eliza Summers.

For the UED expedition who were looking for xenobiologists at the time, Barry was encouraged by his friends and family to go despite his reluctance to. It wasn't that he didn't want to go. On the contrary, it was an opportunity of a lifetime, to study new species from so far away! Yet the thought that he may never return home was something that scared him and it was only with their words that he found the resolve to join.

As part of the UED expedition, Barry has studied the various Zerg and Protoss specimens as well as flora native to the Koprulu sector. He was on the ground when the Overmind was first pacified and he has also made attempts to study the tissues and cell structure of the First Overmind (that proved nearly impossible to do so).

For his own safety, he was given basic marksmen training with a pistol. He also made fake IDs for himself in the event he would ever need it.

Post-Interbellum: As one of the few who was not with the main fleet when it attempted to flee the sector after suffering losses to Kerrigan, Barry spent the rest of his time resigned to the fact that he would not go back home. He was devastated when he later heard the news that Kerrigan obliterated the main fleet as no one home would get the news. He turned to drinking for at least a year, before finding a teaching post at a moderate sized college in the outer worlds. He still browses his notes on the occasion.

The Dominion once approached him for a job but he refused it, content at teaching at a college. Surprisingly, they left Barry alone without any hassle. At the eve of the third year, the planet was partially glassed by the Protoss as the Zerg infected the city's water supply. He was able to escape with his life. He found passage to the newly remade Augustgard where he spent the rest of his days on its great library until a certain message reached him.
List of minor NPCs. They can be RPed by me or their immediate superiors. They are subject to character promotion should either of the aforementioned parties feel the need to enlarge their roles.

Clarice Metcalf, Engineer. Clarice has always been interested in the worlds of both machinery and nature. She can identify nearly any Earth-origin plant, and loves insects (she brought an ant farm with her). Her red hair is long and wavy, and her brown eyes are somewhat wide-set in a rounded face. She is short, with an average build and fair skin.

Matt Schuester, Engineer. Matt is particularly skilled with computers, and is very interested in cryptography. He tends to be forgetful. He looks very young for his age. His hair is brown and curly, and his skin is tan. His height is slightly below average, and his build is somewhat narrow.

Justin Brent, Engineer. Justin is the oldest engineer aboard, and has learned a great deal about his trade over the years. He has an infectious smile, a love of art, and talent with the flute. He is somewhat of a nerd, often spouting references to obscure works of fiction. He wears his greying brown hair in a short ponytail. His eyes are hazel. He is very short, broad, and heavy.

Caleb Logan, Engineer.
Caleb''s knowledge of engineering is surprising for someone so young. He adapted quite naturally to the Koprulu Sector, and knows a great deal about it. He would have stayed behind were it not for the family he left on Earth. He's attractive, but his cynical attitude keeps most girls clear of him. He can be very diplomatic when necessary, and is an adept fencer. His blond hair is short and wavy, and his skin is pale. He is tall and narrowly built, but has put on quite a bit of muscle working on UED machinery.

Garrett O'Brien, Corporal.
This Marine is skilled with math and has higher education in his background. He's a little odd, though, as he's spent too much time in a Firebat suit. He tends to go of on random tangents. He has excellent vision and is very aware of his surroundings. He's short and scrawny, with tanned skin and short red hair. His eyes are hazel.

Pamela Novak, Private. Pamela is fascinated by alien life forms and has studied every bit of material on the Zerg and Protoss she could get her hands on. She is fearless and skilled in melee combat, but isn't a particularly good shot. She has dark brown skin, eyes and hair. Her hair is curly and goes down to her shoulders. Her build and height are average. Her face is slightly rounded.

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