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What do you need? This still open to new applicants?
Certainly. I will put the app format in the OP.

EDIT - done. If you decide to take Science Officer, you will initially be subordinate to my char Carter. Since he's not liked by the captain, you'll probably be able to turn the tables if you try.

Just mentioning that since SO is the only Major Role left.
I'll do it. I'll probably stick to one character anyway.

Now, I gotta read everything from the beginning starting tomorrow afternoon. I'll also have an application up by then.
OK, cool. Glad to have you!

I'm going to bed now.

Barry Valentine
Characteristic: At a height of 5'7", Barry is less than the average height for a man. Despite his relatively short stature, he finds time to exercise so he is physically fit. A man approaching his forties, Barry has been the victim of baldness and wears a beret to compensate for the lack of hair (though it does not bother him as much now). Barry also has a goatee. Articulate, thoughtful, and good natured, Barry has no trouble interacting with others but he also doesn't mind being alone for periods of time. He is fond of chess and dabbles in all genres of music.
Role: Science Officer
Pre-Interbellum: Growing up in a poor neighborhood was tough. Growing up in a crowded apartment with three other younger siblings that looked up to him was tougher. As the eldest son, Barry had to set an example for his three siblings. His parents spent what precious time they had (for they worked long hours) to teach their children, especially Barry, the values of handwork, responsibility, and respect. Attending college with a scholarship, Barry was fond of Xenology and also astronomy.

At the age of 26, he earned his PhD and travelled across the vast space. He saw many curious and exciting things on his visits to different parents. In addition to cataloging the different species he came across, he also dabbled in identifying their genome among other things. During his travels, he met his girlfriend Eliza Summers.

For the UED expedition who were looking for xenobiologists at the time, Barry was encouraged by his friends and family to go despite his reluctance to. It wasn't that he didn't want to go. On the contrary, it was an opportunity of a lifetime, to study new species from so far away! Yet the thought that he may never return home was something that scared him and it was only with their words that he found the resolve to join.

As part of the UED expedition, Barry has studied the various Zerg and Protoss specimens as well as flora native to the Koprulu sector. He was on the ground when the Overmind was first pacified and he has also made attempts to study the tissues and cell structure of the First Overmind (that proved nearly impossible to do so).

For his own safety, he was given basic marksmen training with a pistol. He also made fake IDs for himself in the event he would ever need it.

Post-Interbellum: As one of the few who was not with the main fleet when it attempted to flee the sector after suffering losses to Kerrigan, Barry spent the rest of his time resigned to the fact that he would not go back home. He was devastated when he later heard the news that Kerrigan obliterated the main fleet as no one home would get the news. He turned to drinking for at least a year, before finding a teaching post at a moderate sized college in the outer worlds. He still browses his notes on the occasion.

The Dominion once approached him for a job but he refused it, content at teaching at a college. Surprisingly, they left Barry alone without any hassle. At the eve of the third year, the planet was partially glassed by the Protoss as the Zerg infected the city's water supply. He was able to escape with his life. He found passage to the newly remade Augustgard where he spent the rest of his days on its great library until a certain message reached him.
Accepted. Welcome to the party.
Should we use this as the OCC thread? We could continue the argument here instead of clustering the main thread.
YEs. This is the new OOC thread. I should have been more clear on that.

The thing is that he's the responsibility of the Head of Security. He's an extra target and makes it a bit harder on the military team. Ultimately you're in charge and could just say "This is what it going to happen"
I just need to figure out how to get back into this and whether or not I should make a new individual. Stuff has been starting to slow down at school in the terms of work I hope... So yeah, gonna hop back in this once I know what I'm doing.
@Jester: like I said, these people don't know they're in a RP. They aren't expecting any serious danger.

If you absolutely don't want to make the decision, though, just say the word and I'll do it myself.

@CrymsonRaven: SP pointed out that we need our Chief Medical Officer to be done by someone who posts regularly. Keep that in mind. If you don't think you have enough time to devote to a major role like that, let me know so I can figure out a way to make a change without killing anyone.
04/15/2014 05:03 PMPosted by KnarledOne
@Jester: like I said, these people don't know they're in a RP. They aren't expecting any serious danger.

If you absolutely don't want to make the decision, though, just say the word and I'll do it myself.

Do whatever.
Knarled, okiedokey.
Markus can take my spot as Senior Medical Officer. I read through and I do not know how to post in it. I just don't seem to know what to do anymore regarding it.

Are you still interested in playing Kiki? If so, you could have her tender her resignation to the captain, out of fear her psychological issues will interfere with her duties. He could be all reluctant and it could provide interesting character development and blah blah blah.
I could do that. She could even fall under a different role. Plus if one has psychological issues as you 'pointed out' via note, I wonder if you would truly want that person sticking you with needles. Wink wink. But anyway, yeah, I can do that. Let me come up with a quick idea and then I'll try and post it in.
Ok KO out of curiosity I am wondering how long after the invasion this is taking place.
I believe the date of departure was sometime in April 2503, so... three years? Not super long, basically just long enough for people to settle down a little.

Something just occurred to me... is everyone waiting on me?
Little bit yes

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