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Joeyray's Bar
04/26/2014 07:14 AMPosted by Maverick
I blatantly and unabashedly-yes, even patently- stand outside the windows of the storefront and write insulting phrases on them. I then disappear before anyone's wrath falls upon me.

I exist in whatever wonderland you whisked yourself away to. Don't count on escaping.
I am in this reality... Good luck finding me...
Luckily I have InterDimensional Programmable Missiles.

...Set Target to Maverick...


...Have I nice day.
Why interdimensional? I am still in this dimension.

And they still need a target. They cannot find me, so they cannot hit me.
04/26/2014 03:36 PMPosted by Maverick
Why interdimensional? I am still in this dimension.

And they still need a target. They cannot find me, so they cannot hit me.

It can hit across any dimension.

It tracks you.
04/26/2014 03:36 PMPosted by Maverick
They cannot find me, so they cannot hit me.

Flawed. They don't need you, just your radiant energy signature.
Sigh... as I explained earlier, my ship and bases are shielded through every energy spectrum-even the gravitational signal is damped.
That does not make you impossible to find or hit. Your radiant energy signature, your NATURAL energy signal, is still traceable, and therefore you are not impossible to find. You cannot make an energy signal disappear completely, simply conceal it to the best of your ability and even then it is imperfect.
It is simply redirected inward, so that no energy or traceable signal escapes outward.
Inaccurate again. Redirecting energy inward doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Therefore, it can still be traced. Just not as quickly.
It cannot be traced, since none of it is leaked to detect. That is the beauty of my system, all outgoing energy is redirected inward to a single spot, both protecting from detection and powering my structures/ships partially. The most streamlined system I can think of, at least until I come up with another.
Again inaccurate. It is impossible for nothing to be leaking if it is being used to power items. That does not keep it from being detected, it lowers it's density and the likely hood of being detected. Therefore, you can still be detected and still be found.
Not inaccurate. The powered items are within the radius of the energy redirector, so there is no leaked energy at all. The energy is redirected inward to a collector, where it powers things, and escaping energy is once again redirected. A closed circuit.
Oh for god's sake....

Zarkun, could I have one of those Slipspace Bullets?
The technology he speaks of, if it existed, would have the effect he describes.

The only way to detect energy within that field would b to use some sort of radar-like device. It's possible that the field would draw in the signals fired by your radar, but then you would know where he was simply because your readings would indicate the presence of a 'black hole' in that spot.
True. However, the field does not create a black hole. It notes the light patterns prior to the employment of the shield, and lets those continue, preventing a black hole effect. You do have a point, though, in that an alien signal would get a black hole effect unless my systems detect it in time.
Ongoing Sale:
Excessively crazy hats and "Classic" Weapons (Weapons that use regular bullets, traditional Earth weapons)
I purchase a hat shaped like a lion that appears to be eating the wearer's head, which is also being eaten by a variety of other creature's heads, and periodically displays a chart of biological classification for a random creature. I then disappear back to my base, where my latest superweapon is under construction, which may be aided by my new hat. With an incongruently small pop, a large number of minerals appears and buries the checkout line under a deluge of crystalline blue, paying the price of the hat.

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