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-Each person is their own mech pilot.

-Each mech is fully customizable, and parts would be based off of those from SCII units.

-Each pilot belongs to a faction/corporation. I want a good number of these, possibly six.

>Mobius: Specialize in Energy weaponry and efficiency. Mechs belonging to this company would have prolonged flight capabilities and enhanced energy weapon usage. Missions would generally include working alongside the Dominion and scientific research.

> Umojans: Good balanced mech types, favoring Armor over Agility. They have very good short-range weapons, ranging from short range explosives to energy swords and titanium shields.

> Dominion: Provide heavy, bulky, armored mechs. Large and intimidating, these guys will screw you over if you get within firing range. Slow as hell though, mainly rely on using their power to their advantage. Mainly use bazookas and missiles.

> Spectres: The Mercenary class of the group, they were hired out by the Umojans to lend a hand. This doesn't mean that they won't fight for others if they can offer a better price. The main exporter of Snipers and all other kinds of highly accurate weaponry. Lightly Armored Mechs, but high damage and high range.

>Raynor's Raiders: No one is really sure how they got involved in this, but they are a force to be reckoned with. Lacking expertise in mechs, they made up for it with ingenuity and a good deal of spying. The jack-at-all-trades, they do not have the infrastructure needed to support mech weaponry. Hence, weapons received for the Raiders will be stolen from others and gained through missions. This comes at the tradeoff of being extremely versatile in weapon choice.

-Parts would be unlocked from other factions as you progressed through the story, on basis of affiliations from other companies. For the independent factions (Raiders) parts would come in from all but total enemies (Dominion for Raiders) and would be in lesser quantities.

-Currency would be given for completion of a mission, and funds will be distributed equally, although total costs for repairs and ammunition would be deducted automatically.

The drill instructor paces in front of you and your comrades. Today is the big day, you are getting your CORE mechs.

“Understand this. You have been chosen by your government to preform missions that conventional methods of warfare will not work with. In the situations where they would work, the costs would exceed the operational gains.”

He doesn’t shout, but his low, powerful voice carries to all corners of the room.
“That is where you come in. You are a CORE pilot. These are advanced warfare robotics controlled by a single Terran within. You have completed your simulator training, and your mech is being assembled as we speak. You will be given a selection of weapons to choose from and, if you have another mech pilot you know in your faction, coordinate your weapons choices. No use rushing off to battle with the same weapon.”

He stops, turns and begins walking down the line again.

“After you receive your mechs and weapons, your C.O. will brief you on your first deployment. Proceed to enter your personal data into the terminals over there in the following format:”


Mech Name:
Appearance: (MUST BE HUMAN)
Weapons on hand:
Ties to other factions: (This is something where, even though one is affiliated with one faction, they can get missions/parts from a single other faction)
Fighting Style:

DO NOT PICK YOUR MECH WEAPONS! You will be provided with a list.
Weapons availability is determined by your faction choice. Same goes for armor and speed.
Low End Weapons (All factions have access to these, but you may want something more advanced if you are in Mobius you might want a high end weapon instead.

-Mech Pistols- This one is unique. It is the only ‘side arm’ class of weapon available. While it is obviously less powerful than any other projectile weapon the mechs will have, you can carry up to 4 of them. (One in each hand, and two extras on the legs in the event your first two break/ you are disarmed.)

-Neosteel Sword- Sturdy blade. Can withstand multiple strikes from an energy blades before being destroyed. If this happens, you have to get a new one.

-EMP Gun- Support weapon. Does ZERO damage. Disables energy weapons and shields. Low rate of fire. Excelent for combat with advanced mechs like Mobius and the Protoss. But be mindful, not to fire at point blank, it will disrupt YOUR communications with command just as much as the enemies. (1.5 hands. ALSO- If a weapon requires 1.5 hands, you can hold it with one, but need two to fire it. This means you can only equip two pistols [total of 3.5], as you only have 2 hands, and two leg slots for your side arms. You can hold the EMP Gun and a pistol at the same time, but only the pistol will shoot.)

-Strafing rifle- A glorified gassus rifle. Requires 1.5 hands. (see EMP Gun) The projectiles this thing putts out are nothing to scoff at. Designed to take out mechs with low armor ratings, but it does ok against medium mechs and meh-ish against Heavy mechs.

-Rockets- Self guided missiles that go boom. Equipped on your mech’s back. (Since they are light weight, you can have quite a few)

Repeating Cannon (1 Hand)- A weapon with an extremely high rate of fire but low damage.

Ceres (1.5 Hands)- Fires concussive grenades that deal terrible terrible damage.

Obstreperizer (1 Hand)- Fires an electrical blast that temporarily disables one weapon from firing.

Athenian Rifle (1.5 Hands)- Similiar to the Gauss Rifle, the Athenian fires long range steel spikes that penetrate most armor. Highest range out of all the beginning Arm weapons.

Standard Weapons (Your faction has these unless your faction’s weapons have been rated sub-par)
-Assault Rifle- Very similar to the strafing rifle, except that you only need 1 hand to hold and fire this weapon.

XT4-Scatter: A short range weapon that fires 16 small pellets that by themselves do little damage, but at close range can decimate enemy armor.

-Nano Sword- Melee. This is a very sharp neo-steel sword with properties that allow it to subtly repair itself. (but don’t expect a new blade within the hour if your opponent snaps it in half.)

-Flame thrower- If you like firebats, you are going to love this. Mid-range attack & requires two hands, but melts all armor types. (time taken may vary)

-Sniper Rifle- Specter only. Requires two hands and 1.5 second reload, but has twice the effective range of standard Rifles.

-Combat shield- Umojans only. Requires ½ hands (so you can still use EMP Gun or Strafing Rifle while equipped). Sturdy neosteel shields designed to defend the main body of the mech, even when firing weapons you would normally require 1.5 hands for.

-Missile Rack- More destructive and accurate than Rockets, they must be equipped in smaller amounts.

Biosteel Net (1.5 Hands)- Fires a biosteel net that slows an opposing mech down. Limited use however. (3 uses, recharged when you return to base.)

Needlessly Large Gun (2.5 Hands)- Shoots what resembles a shot from a 250 MM cannon. Deals high damage and knocks target back. Requires Helper Arm to wield.

Gatling Cannon- Similiar to the Repeater, the Gatling Cannon fires bullets with a little more oomph.

Helper Arm- Holds one half of a weapon, meaning you can wield a 1.5 handed weapon and a 1 handed weapon at the same time.
Takes up both shoulder slots.

Aileron- Increases the speed of your mech. Takes up both shoulder slots.

Tesla Coil- Fires a lightning bolt that arcs around the mech, preventing it from moving for a short time. Extremely slow rate of fire.

High End Weapons (your faction’s weapons must be listed as above average)
-Sgt. Pepper- Requires two hands. Med-Low rate of fire, but is excellent at penetrating all armor types.

-Energy Blade- Think Protoss Zealot blade on a larger scale. Cuts through all armor types, and knicks nano Swords.

-Phase cannon- Mobius only. It’s a wave cannon. Terrible-Terrible damage, but the recharge takes forever. Don’t miss.

- Mengsk’s Wrath- Dominion only. One hand. Fires 120 rounds a minute, and each is a low velocity explosive round. Damage to your opponent’s mech builds up very fast.

-DaBooma- Dominion only. One hand. Radar guided bazooka round. So long as you keep the red dot on the enemy you can’t miss.

-Harbinger Missiles- Even more accurate and explosive, but you only get 4.

-HAHA Missiles- Dominion only. MAX OF 2. Flies in a very strait line and makes a VERY big boom.

Low end- Thor speed
Standard speed- Marine
Agile/high speed- Stimed marine
Armor is self-explanatory. High > normal > Low

There's a note to be had. Each faction will start separately from each other.
And, if you're interested, post.
Would love to join, but I'm too busy right now to take on yet another RP. If you try again in a month or so, I'll probably hop in.
This is really more of an interest check. Wonder if Zanon remembers this...
I'm gonna give this a few bumps over the next couple weeks. If there's still no interest by then, I'll let it die.
What is the type of mechs?

Like Marine suit or more of a goliath?
Try Armored Core. My character's mechs in the original incarnation of this RP were directly from Armored Core's Earth.
hmmm. could be fun was actually thinking of a raiders/mobius or spectre/mobius or spectre/umojan. though like war I'm a bit busy atm. though will be finding a bit more free time soonish.
Can I make like an Umojan/Spectre mech? If not I'd still join this, I'd have posted sooner but I just didn't see it until now.
Well, if memory serves, the factions are allied as follows. Dominion/Mobius, Raiders, Umojan/Spectre. That's how it was last time anyways. HotS lore might force some minor adjustments...
Okay, I'll take that as a yes. Character production is underway.
Glad to hear it. I'm still gonna try and get some of the old StarCore lore to work out, but...unless SB and Zanon or at least Zanon come back, I'll need to make some adjustments.
04/17/2014 09:21 PMPosted by Zarkun
Wonder if Zanon remembers this...

Indeed I do.
Well, that's an unexpected surprise. XD
Okay, going to be a persistent !@#$er, and ask again:


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