Zerg Overmind meets Tyranid Hivemind

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What would happen if, by chance and/or coincidence, the Zerg Overmind gained a psychic connection with the Tyranid Hivemind? Would they

A. Talk about the most effective way to consume worlds and assimilate species

B. Go to war, considering that there can only be one Hivemind


C. merge their 2 species into an even greater, more terrifying swarm.
Plain and simple: They'd kill each other, and the Tyranids would win.
I have a feeling that it would end in D. Other, with the Flood Gravemind, a big war, and then they settle their differences, and somehow, they'd all get together and have D&D every other saturday...

But realistically, B, with the survivors forming C.
sorry for my ignorance but i will asking you anyways what s is tyranid?
Look up Tyranid Bestiary in any search engine. Enough said.

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