Rock the Cabinet: Impossible Bosses

Map Showcase
Up to 6 players fight as a team to take down dynamic and varied bosses in a fantasy setting. Avoid dangerous boss attacks and support your allies. Purchase from a wide range of powerups and items to aid you in battle.


This game has just been released! You can play it here:

Americas: starcraft://map/1/103156​
Europe: starcraft://map/2/155208
Korea: starcraft://map/3/77147
SE Asia: starcraft://map/6/20505


  • No SC2 unit models are used; game is completely fantasy themed.
  • High replayability; each boss has a large set of abilities (including an ultimate) and does not act predictably.
  • Currently 7 bosses are playable. You can fight 5 of them on Easy. Each difficulty you move up will allow you to fight an additional boss.
  • 7 heros to choose from. Each hero brings unique utility. Some heros have the ability to Interupt powerful boss abilities or prevent them from being cast.
  • Hero Selection:
  • Purchase from a wide-range of items; Potions, Enchantments, Scrolls and Souls. Your options are many and resource is limited, so you'll have to make some hard decisions.
  • Shop Area:
  • Souls are permanent upgrades with unique effects that can be leveled. At the start you can choose from 3 Basic Souls, however bosses will drop several random unique Souls on defeat that you can save your Karma for.
  • 4 Difficulty settings. Easy and Normal are intended for public games and new players, while for Hard and Impossible you'll want experienced teams. You will have to start on Easy and unlock the other difficulties.
  • Custom music for every boss.

  • Bosses

  • Bosses have a wide selection of abilities, target heros intelligently, and some will gain either additional mechanics, phases, or abilities on higher difficulties.
  • The vast majority of boss attacks are avoidable.
  • Just barely avoided Vale's SURGE:
  • Bosses can be Interrupted by some classes, preventing or stopping their current cast. Some abilities will have devastating effects if not stopped!
  • ROOT is being cast by the boss:
    Interupted ROOT which would have immobilized the team:

  • Every boss has a powerful ultimate attack that is cast when they have full energy. Players can prevent or greatly delay an ultimate in most cases by managing the bosses energy. In each fight, this involves doing different things.
  • Rayel using her Ultimate:
    Vale's about to restore energy if the orbs just above him make contact:

  • Players get to decide as a team on what order to play the first 3 bosses.

  • Starting Out

  • All heros have “Mystic Guard”, a very important defensive ability; learn to time it well to avoid heavy damage.
  • On Easy difficulty, you can get away with basically any kind of team composition. Moving onto higher difficulties, you'll want to start to balance out the team so you have enough Interupt, AOE, damage, and utility.
  • If you are wondering what items to take, you can't go wrong with a few Health potions.

  • Look forward to more content coming soon!

    Looking for an organized game? Join the “Impossible Bosses” group on either the Americas or Europe region.
    Patch Notes

    •Fixed site link in map description
    •Shop Area time is now 120 sec after hero selection and 60 sec down from 120 after a boss fight
    •Bosses will cast spells more frequently on Easy
    •Easy bonus hero life lowered to 750 from 1750
    •Easy lives now cap at 2 down from 3
    •Various tooltips fixed

    Bug Fixes
    •Charmed Demon will no longer remain permanently invisible
    Patch Notes

    •Hero Selection: You can now see the hero's your allies are viewing
    •Shop UI: Several items are now hidden by default on Easy and Normal, but unlocked as you defeat bosses.
    All items will be unlocked after the 2nd boss.
    •Shop time on Easy and Normal increased to 90s from 60s after a boss fight
    •Easy bonus life reverted 1750 up from 750
    •Easy: Bosses have more health, however Vulnerability kicks in quicker and can stack higher
    •Added tooltips to difficulty selection
    •Fixed overlapping names for ally inventory view

    Rayel, Hellfire Succubus
    •Easy: Charmed Demon will teleport less
    •Easy: DEMONCALL will cast less
    •FIRETRAP orbs made more noticeable

    Battle Master
    •Assault damage lowered to 90 from 125 and from 200 to 160 against targets under 20%
    •Slaughter damage lowered to 650 from 750
    This map is fantastic. Great work.
    Thanks! Shooting for a big patch soon.

    Patch Notes 1.2

    •Game will now reset to difficulty selection after a Victory or Defeat endlessly
    •Can no longer select more than 1 hero
    •Heros will no longer sometimes play standing animation after dying
    •Player name tag no longer displays if a player leaves
    •Arcane Soul now shows a visible icon when active

    •Sinner's Soul now always has highest target priority

    Vale, Lord of the Depths
    •Wall impact stun duration lowered to 1.5s from 2s
    •ULT: Boss will not target heros recently slammed aganist a wall
    •OVERFLOW; rotating orbs no longer killable, channel time lowered to 3s from 4s, and will now restore 20% energy per sec
    •Hard: Energy orb creation rate increased

    Rayel, Hellfire Succubus
    •Charmed Demon will no longer sometimes phase into the arena while Rayel is in it
    •Rare bug that caused a double ultimate should be fixed

    Ancient Spirit
    •Ancient's Spirit can no longer link trees
    Decent sized patch this time and a new boss! Let me know what you guys think.

    For the first time a team has beaten Hard! Check out the replay:

    Patch Notes 1.3

    •A new boss has been added! He is the 5th boss and is playable on all difficulties, making for a total of 7 playable bosses!
    •Skull now appears above dead heros with no lives
    •Warlock's self-damage is no longer increased by Entranced debuff
    •Difficulty selection: Unused votes now default to highest difficulty that person has unlocked (was previously always Easy)
    •Bosses are now in tiers. After reaching a tier, you can play bosses within it in any order
    Tier 1: Ancient Spirit / Lord of Depths
    Tier 2: Hellfire Succubus / Gravelord
    More tiers will be added later

    •2 new Souls have been added
    •Brave Soul and Gaven's Fortitude have swapped effects
    •Resourceful Soul cooldown rate increase now caps at 200% down from 300%
    •Prophet's Foresight increase per level now matches its tooltip

    •Now passively regenerates 2% energy per sec
    •Chains now restore 2% energy per sec

    Dream Eater
    •Move speed increased while in NIGHTMARE form

    Phantom Dragon
    •PHANTOMLANCE should now deal damage
    •Fixed bug that prevented end-phase ability RUIN from being cast

    Battle Master
    •Slaughter damage lowered to 540 from 660
    That Hard mode run last night was crazy with Kavaru and his Molten Soul dying his way to near victory. I can't help but imagine the looks on the faces of the fools who claimed that the Gravelord couldn't lose a battle of attrition.

    Alas, we suffered a complete and fatal lack of experience with the final boss. At least it was a hell of a struggle getting there. F rank all the way through!

    Some feedback:
    Guardian's Soul seems a little underwhelming, doesn't it? It's hard to pick over a more reliable survivability soul such as Radiant or Alchemist's. It does have great synergy with the other Mystic Guard related souls, but without them it just feels kind of weak.
    Omg. It's finally out?! This map is the reason I'm reinstalling SC2. Hope it's as good as the WC3 version!

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