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Sager np9150EM
CPU: i7 -3630QM (2.4ghz, can boost up to around 3.4)
GTX: nvidia gtx 670mx
RAM: 12 GB ram DDR3
Windows 8,1

I can not seem to get a proper GPU/CPU usage when playing starcraft 2. My total CPU usage is generally under 10%, and my GPU usage hovers around 50%. When i first got the laptop I was able to run this game on ultra flawlessly. Nvidia GeForce Experience recommends that I play the game on full Ultra settings. Now, when I go into SC2, the game recommends that I put ALL my settings on low. This cannot be correct as my CPU and GPU should beable to handle this game just fine. I am making sure that the game is using my dedicated card(670MX) over my integrated one. I am getting roughly 30 FPS maxed and 60-70 on LOW.

Any help?
Dear unholyfox
This is a very common issue

Many people are having this issue on Laptops with windows 8.1 64bit.
The issue got introduced with windows update: KB2887595 in Novemver 2013.
Since this windows patch my fps have been cut in half and star craft 2 is not the only game affected.

I don't know weather blizzard is unaware of the issue or unable to fix it.
I really hope this can be sorted out as the bug has been around for more than half a year now.

my specs are:

CPU: i5 -3210M (2.5ghz)
GTX: nvidia gtx 640le
RAM: 6 GB ram DDR3
Windows 8,1 64 bit

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