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This thread is simple. You will be given a prompt and you will attempt to complete it to the best of your writing ability. The prompt stays for one week. Once a week has passed, a new prompt will be given and the process will begin anew. In the event I do not issue a prompt, anyone is free to do so. For now, the prompts will be Starcraft related.

Length at a maximum of 500 words (but can go a little longer) If you really want to write a longer piece, feel free to...

You are a Dominion general in command of a fleet. Victory is at hand; the Protoss fleet is warping away. You order your fleet to follow the retreating Protoss. What happens after?
I realize the error of my order as we emerge from warp on the other side. The fleet we had been engaging was nothing more than a small scout fleet. Now we faced the full fleet and I realize our ships may be too damaged to win this battle.
The fleet warped to a seemingly empty fringe planet, an Ash-World. We pursue the Protoss towards the planet, destroying the main ships as they try to flee to the planet's surface. My forces decimate them without hesitation, and we prepare to go home, when our scanners pick up that the Protoss had escaped via cloaked escape pods. The main batteries will be too large to do anything to the small pods, and sending Vikings will do little, as the pods are nearly to the planet's surface. We know not what is on that planet, and we now prepare for a full-scale planetary assault...
With a simple command, the Terran fleet fired first in a surprise salvo. Taking advantage, the Terran fleet continued their onslaught. The Protoss retaliated but their efforts were for naught. Within half a hour, victory was assured. A lone carrier along with its handful of escorts were warping away from the battle.

With four battlecruisers at his disposal in good order, the general gave the signal to give chase to the fleeing Protoss. It wasn't enough that the general beat back at the trespassers. No, he needed to utterly destroy them. He had to see the fleeing carrier be obliterated by the power of the battlecruiser's Yamato cannons. He closed his eyes as a distant voice began to say, "Warp generators activiating in 3...2...1..."

He felt the pull of the warp drive distort space and time around him. It was an odd sensation and time always seemed to pass slowly for him in that state. Few things boiled the general's blood like the Protoss. During the Brood Wars, he lost everything because of the Protoss. Everything.

"Why can't I go with you? Well, we all have jobs here and your job is to get to safety. C'mon, don't dally now! I'll see you really soon. Listen to your mother okay?"

He came back to and looked outside the bridge. There it was, the lone single carrier floating away in deep space. In but a few short minutes, there would be nothing that indicated it was ever there. A small beeping came from the console and the general took a quick glance at it. His fleet was just outside of firing range.

"General, we're picking up warp signatures! There's Protoss reinforcement abound!"

He scowled, "How many and where?"

"From their signatures three capital sized ships coming through behind the carrier."

He cracked his knuckles. "So, that will even the odds. Captains, form up on me. All men to battle stations! Fire at will when the Protoss reinforcement arrive!"

The reinforcements arrived and they were not carriers. All three were of unknown classification. They appeared to look like crescent moons and at the very center was a ball of energy.

"What the hell is that?" the general remarked.
Too tired to finish. I'll finish this post tomorrow
05/13/2014 06:54 PMPosted by Animus
Length at a maximum of 500 words (but can go a little longer) If you really want to write a longer piece, feel free to...

500 words is a good goal. If you encourage 500 words, you'll get less three-sentence-posts and more three-paragraph posts.

I've thought about doing something like this for so long. I was always worried it would never take off and I'd end up writing my own prompt though. Hopefully we can all produce quality writing.

@Smylez: It's looking really good so far. Don't rush it though, flesh out this general of yours. He's got a lot of potential.

Guh. I simply don't have the patience to write something from scratch right now... :(
Everything explodes. :)

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