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I need a dossier entry. The explanation I believe is most accurate was that I was new here at time of its creation. Therefore, I had no established persona.

Perhaps... The Essence of Logical Destruction?

Source: A PRP in which I was told that I logic everything to death.

I lol'd.
That's not how your Dossier is written. Trust me.
I can voice act, I have a pretty deep majestic voice. Kinda, I can be rather monotonous at times, I could do a kind of evil character if you'd like, or narration. Not sure, probably wont get a part anyways. Wait what are we talking about?
05/16/2014 04:35 PMPosted by Zarkun
That's not how your Dossier is written. Trust me.

Really? Seems... like the other's dossiers were similarly structured. This comment, however, has now allowed me to air an opinion which I think will be supported by your reaction to just about every other opinion I have aired-which is that I feel you have made it your mission in JRB to set yourself against my every statement, and belittle my every attempt at joviality.

EDIT: I can voice act, but only a battlecruiser... Or the Russian sub commander in Hunt for the Red October. Long story.
No, dossiers were written on bar actions. In the bar. What happens in the PRPs aren't related. I think.
Dangit, you ruined my chance for my carefully prepared retort! lol.

Bar actions? Hmmm.... Essence of Leroy Jenkins? :)
When you Leroy Jenkins it repeatedly, maybe XD
Yeah well, I was referring to my being usually the only one who dies when he is supposed to, rather than verbally sidestepping it in an unfair manner. Although some people's personages somewhat preclude death, such as Animus's as an Immortal.
Is this still happening? I believe I was away when it was announced. The concept intrigues me.

And I might as well jump on the VOLUNTEER!! bandwagon.
Here's a much closer to finished clip I rendered recently, should give you a decent idea of how these would look if I did them.

Looks pretty good.
Not too shabby. Pity it's become an if though.
had fun making this.

Going to pull a few legs with it in some of the forum sections for a little.

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