all achievements lost *NOT REGION ISSUE*

Technical Support
I haven't played SC2 in a while and today when I logged on all my achievements, ranks and progress have been lost. I have always logged into US region, but after checking other forums I tried deleting my app cache and changing regions, nothing is bringing my data back.

Any ideas?
Uhh... ok.
I just tried going through the other regions and found my data in the South East Asia region...
I have NEVER used that region, how did my data get moved to that region? Is there any way to move it back?

All my online friends that I clearly collected on the US region are obviously not showing up on the SEA region... what the heck am I supposed to do?

The US region on the website shows the US region as also being the Oceania region (I am in Australia, probably should've mentioned that part before), so I am right in saying that I would've never logged into the SEA region.

Can someone please tell me how to move my data back to the US/AU region... because it has clearly been moved once already...

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