When ever i try to install Starcraft 2 Heart

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When ever i try to install Starcraft 2 Heart of the swarm i always get this message how to fix it?
Could not install.
Invalid installation options. Please try again.
Can you try running in selective startup mode?

If that doesn't work then I'd look at this and make sure you remove anything listed on your computer that is related to sc2 and retrying.
Hey Nuttawet,

If you are fully patched up the current version (2.1.2) then Heart of the Swarm is already installed on your computer; it's just locked out. When you then try to install Hots from the Hots disk, it errors out because it's already there and a much newer version.

All you need to do is enter the Hots license key into your battlenet account, and the next time you log into the game, Hots will be unlocked and ready to play. There's no downloads and no disk needed.

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