Unable to play WOL and certain HOTS games

Technical Support
When I try to play WOL online, it tells me I need to upgrade when I already have HOTS. Even if I didnt have HOTS, I should not be forced to buy the expansion to play WOL.

When I play HOTS online, I can only play 3v3 games. 1v1, 2v2, and 4v4 are not options.

What is going on?

PS/rant: Blizzard/Battle.net, you guys really need to step it up. It shouldn't be this hard for us to play a game. This is one of my many complaints about what Blizzard has become. I've been playing Blizzard games since 96. You guys are no longer anywhere near the reputable company before Activision took over. Good companies listen to their fans. If you guys care about your customers and fans, you would do something about it. Apparently, you guys don't care about us, especially with the large fraction of us complaining. They should all be fairly easy fixes.
Now I cant even play HOTS... unbelievable
And now I can play WOL (except 3s and 4s) but not HOTS.

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