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i logged in to starcraft and the game asked me to give a name to my character, i tried ''cancel'' but when i logged in again i got the same message. so i gave myself a name and when i came in all of my stat's had reset. is this a bug? or what? please help... and i have my friend next to me that had my ''old'' account as a friend. and if he veiws my profile my stat's are still there
Hey HuskyShadowZ,

What region do you usually play on? Could it be possible that you haved logged on to the wrong region? If so, you can change the region at the login screen (and in the App as well) and try again.
Are you logging onto the same server?

Make sure you are logging in on the correct server. Your achievements and stats do not carry over across servers.

To switch servers you have three options
In the BDA ( Desktop App) right above the play button is a server selection box. You may switch between servers there.

While in the logging in menu you should see a button on the left of your email that says region. Click it and it will switch between server login screens. (They all look the same.)

While logged in at the main menu, press the menu button and in the top right of the menu you will see a globe icon. Click it and you can switch between servers while logged in this way.
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