i lost my key but i want to download it my pc

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I lost the starcraft 2 game case as well as the download key needed to install it. I would like to download it into my pc but I seem to be unable to do so. it will not allow me to download past 48 percent and im kinda lost as to what else to do. I don't know if you do this but if you could help me out in any way it would be appreciated.
Hey DavidBrony,

Are you using security software such as a firewall or anti-virus? Could you temporarily uninstall them to see if that helps and reinstall them again once the game is fully installed?

To eliminate any 3rd party program as the source of the problem, I'd also try booting your computer into Selective Startup mode as described here:

Selective Startup

Finally, I'd also try running the game in Administrator Mode or on another user account (with administrator privileges). Instructions are here:

Administrator Mode
06/02/2014 11:21 AMPosted by DavidBrony
I lost the starcraft 2 game case as well as the download key needed to install it.

You don't need your gamekey to install starcraft 2. So long as the game is attached to your account you can login and play. I'd do what Deanx said and see if that fixes the download at all.
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