Starcraft 2 lock on play in matchmaking

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Hey guys,

My problem is that my matchmaking screen locked the play button.

When I hover my cursor over the mouse, it says "To access this content, you must upgrade your version of Starcraft 2"

I can not select a race, or mode of play. I can play training, campaign, and custom but matchmaking is not working.

Anyone else with this problem?

Thanks in advance guys!

quoted from someone else with the same issue please help
same here :/
Yes, I am having the same issue today. Yesterday it was fine.

I noticed a minor auto - update to the game today when I first fired it up... that is probably the issue.
Having this issue as well

hepl hepl
Same :(
I'm having the same problem! but it says that i'm playing heart of the swarm, It's been happening since last night!
I cant get in on multiplayer either! there is a lock on the "play" icon. so sad!!! fix it!!!!!
Same issue here.
Same problem. Was working few days ago. Only able to play Custom game.
Same here ... ? very odd
It's working now. Just finished a 4v4 :)

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